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All Blacks Dont Cry John Kirwan was one of the most devastating wingers New Zealand and world rugby had ever seen A prominent and revered figure at the dawn of the professional age of rugby he seemed to live a charmed life Nobody knew though that behind closed doors 'JK' was living a life of tormented fear Afflicted with depression for many years including those as a high profile sportsman Kirwan was able to survive by reaching out seeking help from those closest to him All Blacks Don't Cry is John Kirwan's story of hope of working through the pain and living a full life a poignant inspirational and helpful example for anybody battling depression 'I've been to hell and I'm back If you're in that same place then I understand what you're going through'^ top

About the Author: John Kirwan

Sir John James Patrick Kirwan KNZM MBE is a New Zealand rugby union coach and former player of both rugby union and rugby leagueHe scored 35 tries in 63 tests for New Zealand making him one of the highest try scorers in international rugby union history and was part of the New Zealand team that won the first Rugby World Cup in 1987 He also played rugby league for the Auckland Warriors in their

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  1. Thomas Edmund Thomas Edmund says:

    My initial thoughts of Kirwan's Depression campaign were favourable although I must confess an aspect of me took it for granted that such a project was a symptom of famous people syndrome where popular well known folks get shoulder tapped to engage in such 'good works' only to increase their popularity and so forthThis couldn't be further from the truth Kirwan did the project out of good will and genuine desire to help It was also a struggle to decide to engage in the project even as world renowned sportsperson Kirwan's family were concerned about the negative perception of othersSo anyway the actual book was a surprise for me Far from an autobiographical or self help seminar the book really just contains a a straight forward and down to earth description of what Kirwan went through and a few pieces of advice especially for other 'manly' men The book doesn't try to cover everything re depression nor does is dramatize or over celebrate Kirwan's life and career It really is a simple succinct summary of Kirwan's experience with depression and panic attacks what helped what didn't help and few pointers of adviceIn short an excellent read for anyone

  2. Ben Ben says:

    As someone just going through early stages of anxiety and depression this book gave me real hope and helped me understand what I was going through It's very hard to explain to someone when you cannot understand the problem yourself but reading this in the language and style it's written has helped me immensely Should be readily available in the UK

  3. Ben Ben says:

    JK is hero to an entire generation of New Zealanders His ethic is incredible as evidenced by and in this bookHis story was shared at a precipice of New Zealand culture a turning point in the way we view mental health This book is at its best while JK his friends and family are struggling through the process of understanding mental health

  4. Kate Kate says:

    This is an excellent book not in the sit down and escape kind of way but in the I can do something for myself or loved one Here in New Zealand this guy is a famous sports hero and to publish such a book is outstanding It is very revealing but incredibly useful for somebody who is dealing with depression either themselves or as a support person The language is appropriate but the type set big with nice pictures so a non reader will not be put offAs a health professional there was nothing new or surprising for me however he demystifies the realities of mental health beautifully and deals with much of the stereotypical perceptions well So much so I have recommended it to several patients within a day of completing itA well constructed thought provoking self help book I hope he is the next coach of the All Blacks it would do much to empower the best in men

  5. palomino palomino says:

    I was IN AWE when a Legendary All Black Rugby Player John Kirwan came forward and spoke of major anxiety issues and depression at the height of his career some years ago issues he delicately called ‘freaking out’ I enjoyed this book specifically for men dealing with anxiety andor depression Rugby in New Zealand IS New Zealand and unfortunately that makes these mere rugby players ‘gods’ To have such a talented player and man stand up publicly and tell his story when no one else would even utter the embarrassing words “Mental Illness” has helped changed SO MANY lives since his story was told

  6. Alsie Alsie says:

    This book does an amazing job of fighting the stereotypes of depression and mental illness In All Blacks Don't Cry John Kirwan remembers the the walk he went through battling severe depression and also gives tips of getting through He proves you don't have to be a soft person as many think to suffer from depression It was great he addressed the stereotype of Kiwi guys needing to be 'tough and invincible' as it simply isn't possible for people to never have times they find hardA great memoir I think this would a book of great support to people suffering

  7. Lise Cartwright Lise Cartwright says:

    If you know someone who is suffering from depression and just don't understand this book will help you can't expect to understand something you've never experienced but you can understand and empathise once you 'get' that this isn't about you it's about them

  8. Graveydice Graveydice says:

    What JK has done for mental health especially men's mental health in New Zealand is nothing short of well words kinda fail me Heroic life saving life changing he is just brilliant

  9. Annawebby Annawebby says:

    For people outside of New Zealand I can't emphasise enough how big a deal it was for John Kirwan to write this and discuss mental health issues in the open If it can happen to the most successful individuals in the ultimate man up silent and strong community that is rugby it can happen anywhere I think it has helped innumerable people to gain awareness of mental health in themselves and their loved ones and also to give them hope

  10. Naomi Naomi says:

    It feels like JK is talking to you personally talking to you So humble so practical and real An easy read for anybody in depression recovering or learning about it

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