De Gaulle Statemanship Grandeur and Modern Democracy

De Gaulle Statemanship Grandeur and Modern Democracy This analysis of the thought and action of Charles de Gaulle explores the intellectual foundations of Gaullist statecraft Mahoney's careful exegesis of de Gaulle's major writings and speeches reveals a penetrating political thinker as well as a major political actor He explains de Gaulle to an American public that too often sees him as a posturing figure suffering from an exaggerated and misplaced sense of personal and national grandeur Mahoney shows that de Gaulle's defense of the grandeur of France is tied to a fundamentally classical view of human nature and politics In elucidating de Gaulle's political self understanding Mahoney highlights the foundation of his noble but elusive moderationMahoney shows how de Gaulle repeatedly and explicitly rejected the cult of the Nietzschean superman the Bonapartist separation of grandeur from moderation and all temptations of personal and ideological despotism He explicates de Gaulle's self understanding as a statesman or man of character who comes to the service of a democratic political order in a time of crisis He articulates de Gaulle's relationship to classical and Christian thought his place in the French tradition his profound debts to the Catholic poet philosopher Charles Peguy as well as his important affinities with Alexis de Tocueville on the need to remain faithful to the dual imperatives of democracy and grandeurIn addition the book discusses the principal moments of de Gaulle's statecraft from his appeal to resistance in June 1940 and his founding of a new French Republic in 1958 to his articulation of a Europe of Nations in the 1960's In doing so Mahoney thoughtfully clarifies the Gaullist understanding of the problem of democracy The democratic statesman must correct the corrosive acids of modern individualism while accepting that democratic individualism sets the inescapable contours of political action in our timeWritten in clear and non technical l

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