Principles and Foundations of Health Promotion and

Principles and Foundations of Health Promotion and Education Principles and Foundations 3e provides introductory level health education students with a solid understanding of the scope and practice of health educators historically philosophically theoretically and ethically This text continues to provide the best overall introduction to the emerging profession of Health Promotion and Education by covering the roles and responsibilities of health educators the settings where health educators are employed and the ethics of the profession In addition to covering the history of health health care and health education the book provides a preview of what the future may hold for health promotion and education professionals

10 thoughts on “Principles and Foundations of Health Promotion and Education

  1. Joe Joe says:

    This book is a great introduction to health education but not much else It discusses some basic principles of the field the organization of the specialty and goes so far as to actually give practical advice about obtaining future employment as a health educator The text doesn't go into detail about any methods of educating people however I might be going a little harsh on this book w a 35 rating considering I know it's an introductory book

  2. Heather Heather says:

    Great book for future health educators

  3. Tara Brabazon Tara Brabazon says:

    This book while emphasizing the US environment policy and case studies offers a considered understanding of health promotion The understanding and management of risk is a key focus

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