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4 thoughts on “Megiddo

  1. SethMantel SethMantel says:

    A glorified calling card for the author who is evidently not a writer It reminds me somewhat of Miss Congeniality that started well enough only to descend into nonsensical spectacle; this did not start that well nor did it make such a descent It was surprising to find references to socialism and capitalism in a book like this but no depth was offered though it was a point of contention between major characters I could make similar commentary on the subject without doing any research on it at all

  2. Omisile Kehinde Olugbenga Omisile Kehinde Olugbenga says:

    Lovely fiction

  3. Becky Wolsk Becky Wolsk says:

    Fast moving plot slightly cheesy I really enjoyed it Great for a long plane flight

  4. Shanel Shanel says:

    A thrilling and captivating read Drew me in immediately and kept me on my toes until the very last page

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Megiddo Prophecies spoke of mankind's final days…That time has arrived For a brief moment two brothers stand silently side by side at Megiddo overlooking the final battlefield where the world's mega powers are strategically positioned to take control of mankind's future Both men seek supernatural power one to control the other to save In an instant the silence is shattered and all hell is released The end of the world has hung in the balance for several decades as the lives of these two brothers criss cross in time in society and in matters of the heart One brother spends years carefully laying foundations to seize world control The other has another kind of purpose driven agenda But is it too late Men and women are just too self absorbed and busy to even notice the battle over their own destinies Megiddo is a well crafted fiction that captures the life and death struggle between good and evil while handing you a heart thumping action packed thriller loaded with intrigue and suspense Brace yourself for the outcome

  • Paperback
  • 408 pages
  • Megiddo
  • Paul F. Crouch Sr.
  • English
  • 10 June 2016
  • 9780884197997

About the Author: Paul F. Crouch Sr.

Paul Franklin Crouch Sr March 30 1934 – November 30 2013 was an American religious broadcaster who along with his wife Jan co founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network TBN