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Embrace Grace Learn to let go of your guilt fear and regret by turning to God in this book by the bestselling author of Bad Girls of the Bible The forgiven life The grace filled life It begins with an embrace Wherever you are spiritually whatever you have been through emotionally you are already enfolded in the arms of One who believes in you supports you treasures youHe is waiting for you to embrace him in return To accept the gift he's offering you To listen for the whispered words you've longed a lifetime to hear You are loved All is forgiven

10 thoughts on “Embrace Grace

  1. Ibjoy1953 Hannabass Ibjoy1953 Hannabass says:

    Embrace Grace by Liz Curtis HiggsDo you sometimes feel you just don’t belong anywhere or always feel like you are missing something? Can God really love us after everything we have done and just how can we really know that He has forgiven us? Does this all seem so overwhelming to you that you just don’t want to talk about it? Pick up a copy of Embrace Grace and see what Liz Curtis Higgs says about God’s Grace and what it can do for usLiz wants us to grab grace and embrace it with both arms Grace doesn’t come from our doing good works or trying to live perfect lives Grace comes from first repenting of the sins in our lives and giving our lives totally to the Lord When we do this and continue to give ourselves to Him God can use us whereever we are but we have to allow Him toEmbrace Grace is about how we can fully know the Grace of our Wonderful God It would be a great Bible Study for a Sunday School class or Study Group I would recommend it to any woman who wants to fully know God’s GraceSee Authors Website Here

  2. Lana Jackson Lana Jackson says:

    The book is filled with God's Love and is an encouraging read It is a joy to bask in the words on these pagesI have a lot of respect for Liz Curtis Higgs and have much enjoyed her Bad Girls of the Bible books But I have to disagree with her on one point I believe God does want us to forgive ourselves Scripture says we are to love God and love others as we love ourselves Seuence Translation l Love God 2 Love yourself 3 Love others Scripture also says God forgives us and we are to forgive others Part of loving others is to forgive others Therefore part of loving yourself is forgiving yourself Not forgiving one's self leads to a burden of guilt and guilt does not come from God God loves us and forgives freely if we ask Him If we don't forgive ourselves we are saying that our standards are above God's Let's just say Liz and I will agree to disagree on that one item We do however agree that our Heavenly Father's Love for us is abundant and He is gracious to forgive our transgressions if we ask

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    It was a grey depressing day I found this book at the library and sat in a rocking chair to read it I finished in about an hour and I felt like Liz Curtis Higgs had just sat across from me and encouraged me personally in my relationship with God I was looking for encouragement and found it I have since purchased many copies and given them to friends who also need some encouraging in their lives I hope this book does the same for you as it did for me

  4. Beth Beth says:

    This is a sweet simple reminder of God's grace I think it is best suited for new Christians but I still enjoyed reading it It is a great one to read and then pass along in others so they can experience it as well I love Higgs' historical fiction novels so I am willing to give anything that she writes a chance

  5. Kristy Kristy says:

    Some really beautiful passages in this one things I'd like to write on my mirror with a dry erase marker to see every morning She incorporates letters and emails from women on the journey from shame and guilt to the freedom of grace the joy of redemption

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    Wonderful book that I have used for my morning devotions There has been a lot packed into this tiny book which is why it took me so long to get through it This was my first book by Liz and I look forward to reading by her She has such a wonderful and engaging style to her writing

  7. Lynette Chambers Lynette Chambers says:

    Not only have I read this little book but I have given numerous copies to friends and have lead several Bible studies from this It is an excellent overview of God's grace Thanks Liz for this jewel

  8. Rena DeBerry Rena DeBerry says:

    I was gifted this book a few years ago and decided to read it as I enjoyed Bad Girls of the Bible Admittedly I was disappointed because I was expecting to hear of Liz story with insights from other women but instead I got an abridged devotional

  9. Tammy Spence Tammy Spence says:

    Good readLiz Curtis Higgs is one of my favorite author She has such a great sense of humor that you can't help but laugh Higgs writing style helps makes any topic clear and easy to understand

  10. Pat Pat says:

    Forgive yourself and embrace the free gift that God gives us all grace

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