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The Perfect Kiss She was everything a woman could be And Zach Christopher wanted her timeless beauty as the symbol of his family's cosmetics firm But she lived in seclusion and nothing could draw her into the light—not even the stunning passion that flared between them the instant they metThe forbidden desire for a mortal man had shaken Anya Valorian to the depths of her tortured soulBut she was determined not to give in to the never ending hunger that kept her forever in the shadows For this man could know nothing of the terrible price to be paid for loving one such as she

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  1. Lynn Spencer Lynn Spencer says:

    I gave this a B at AAR so 35 stars For my old school challenge I decided to dip into my stash of older category romances I was feeling nostalgic for the now defunct Silhouette Shadows line so I picked up a 1994 novel by Amanda Stevens author of the Graveyard ueen series called The Perfect Kiss Though not my favorite Shadows book this one was a fun read I also like that it’s a standalone Unlike many of the current crop of paranormals the Shadows line had mostly standalone books and featured many different kinds of paranormal plots ranging from ghost stories to gothics to the familiar werewolves and vampiresThis story is a vampire tale with a bit of a gothic feel to it The story opens as a popular young model Anya Valorian gets seduced and then turned by an evil vampire Now fast forward ten years later Anya lives in seclusion and the hero Zach Christopher seeks her out to be the face of the advertising campaign he believes will rescue his family’s floundering cosmetics empireAs I read I found myself wavering between irritation and enjoyment On the one hand Zach pursues Anya pretty aggressively and I found him incredibly insensitive to her and overbearing on occasion He comes off as cocky as he assures Anya that he just knows she will come around In addition while the story has a gothic feel the narration does get laid on a bit thick at times Oh and since it was written in the early 90s some of the fashion descriptions Anya is a model after all will probably make readers snicker a bit I certainly didHowever Anya’s struggle feels poignant and real at times She has no illusions about what she is and what vampires do and yet she fights it And as the story wound along I found myself caught up in the drama and wondering if Zach and Anya would somehow find a way to beat the odds and end up together If I hadn’t spend so much time wondering if Zach would also find a way to overcome his personality I probably would rate this higher but as it is I’d still give it a BThis is an excerpt from the All About Romance blog You can find the original blog here

  2. Emmie Emmie says:

    I love Amanda Stevens' books But somehow I did not get into this one Probably a good read though not one of my favorites

  3. Megan Megan says:

    Vampire Romance Very good Hard to find

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