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4 thoughts on “Officer SurgeonGentleman

  1. Lynn Spencer Lynn Spencer says:

    I can't even This book is just so overwritten I can't take it any Oh and I think the big conflict could be resolved if the hh would sit down and talk to each other for five minutes

  2. Caro Caro says:

    A good book I liked the characters and the plot There were emotions some steaminess some tenseness good personalities and a good HEA This was a good book but it didn't really pull me in I enjoyed reading this but it's for just something to read There were lots of parts where I just wanted to basically knock heads together and get on with the book Overall pretty good

  3. Meetu Meetu says:

    a nice book that should be cut to uarter its size I enjoyed the story and it was kind of sweet but it was a pain to read the same thing over n over again in various different ways

  4. Emna Emna says:

    this book is a bit boring but the story is funny in general I liked it

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Officer SurgeonGentleman Dr Amelia Stockton gets the shock of her life when she sees dashing naval surgeon and old flame Cole Stanley on board her ship Although they parted in anger one glimpse of Cole in his dazzling white uniform and Amelia's suddenly racing heart is shouting maydayCole knows Amelia belongs in his arms though getting her to admit to their explosive chemistry is difficult—especially given the navy's strict no relationship policy But Cole isn't about to let protocol stand in his way When it comes to the beautiful Amelia rules are made to be broken