Journeys of Frodo An Atlas of JRRTolkien's The Lord of the

Journeys of Frodo An Atlas of JRRTolkien's The Lord of the Rings Journeys of Frodo is an Atlas of 51 maps charting the epic journey that Frodo and his companions undertake in JRRTolkien's epic work The Lord of the Rings Based on clear and detailed descriptions given in the text and on the original maps that appear The Lord of the Rings as well as Tolkien's own paintings and drawings of the landscape and features of Middle earth this book clearly shows Frodo's route together with the paths taken by other principal characters The maps provide enough detail to help the reader envisage the country through which the narrative moves and each one also has extensive notes about the journey Having loved the volumes of The Lord of the Rings since they first appeared Barbara Strachey wanted fuller and detailed maps to go with them Though not a professional cartographer or artist she finally decided to create them herself For nearly 20 years her efforts have provided readers of The Lord of the Rings with a new and vivid idea of Middle earth and her book remains an essential Tolkien's great masterpiece

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  1. Chris Chris says:

    Based on Tolkien’s descriptions in The Lord of the Rings and his original paintings and drawings of Middle Earth Journeys of Frodo tracks the routes taken by the hobbit and his companions of the Fellowship all the way to Gondor and in the case of Frodo Sam Merry and Pippin back to the Shire Barbara Strachey had long wanted detailed maps to follow the action and failing the provision of a definitive atlas embarked on the task herself despite having no background in cartography At the time this was published this felt to me like groundbreaking stuff with its chronologies and lunar phases cross referencing and discussion of inconsistencies to accompany the maps Strachey drew In many ways it remains authoritative if also of its time The fifty odd hand drawn maps detailing each part of Frodo’s and the others’ routes in two colours are complemented on a facing page by summaries of the related sections of the narrative along with the author’s comments and reflections To have the relevant pages at hand when reading the work rather than constant referral back to Tolkien’s original maps or the re drawn versions in another part of the volume is certainly very useful and manageableThe original atlas appeared in 1981 and was later republished with revisions in 1998 Nowadays I suspect that the maps would be re jigged by professional cartographers the chronologies dissected by Christopher Tolkien and the discussion edited by a committee I might well buy this hypothetical new version but for now Journeys of Frodo is a charming as well as useful guide for Middle Earth lovers embarking on their first or umpteenth reading; it certainly is less bulky and accessible than some of the illustrated encyclopaedias I’ve seen In view of the renewed interest in Tolkien’s world building as the film trilogy of The Hobbit gets rolled out it’s just a shame Strachey never produced Journeys of Bilbo as a companion volumehttpwpmes2oNj1 journeys

  2. Melissa Melissa says:

    I have throughly enjoyed following Frodo and company along in this wonderful book of maps made not by a mapmaker cartographer or artist but simply a true fan who looked at all of Tolkien's drawings and the various descriptions of direction and distance within the story and meshed them together to create maps Honestly the best fan homage I've ever seen I can't image the level of devotion to minute descriptions this must have taken That's true fandom devotion

  3. mairywo mairywo says:

    This book was a must have for a map and atlas lover me I only bought it about half way into the first LotR book and started over just so I could follow Frodo's journey on the maps A really nice addition to the trilogy for people who like to have a better picture of the fellows journeys

  4. Lorraine Lorraine says:

    I find a map invaluable when reading a novel and I consulted this book almost every time I read the books

  5. Tweedledum Tweedledum says:

    This is a book I inherited from my mum who was a big fan of Tolkien and CSLewis It has sat on my bookshelves for many years with hardly than a glancewithin But a few days ago my daughter and I sat and looked through it together commenting and marvelling at the detail portrayed and dedication of the author to elicit the hidden information in the LOTR saga to enable her to make such detailed maps of the journeys Ultimately the book points to the extra ordinary level of detail that Tolkien has put into his books and reveals that he clearly had a very accurate idea of the landscape in mind as he wrote A lovely book for serious LOTR fans

  6. Lynn Lynn says:

    This is a great book Keep it on hand as you reread the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Strachey maps out Frodo's whole journey with clear understandable maps of Middle Earth Where was Frodo on March 26? How far is it from Bombadill's house to Rivendell? Wonder no

  7. ^ ^ says:

    So monumentally useful a book that I’m at a loss to understand why this wasn’t published spiral bound In 2012 it might sell well as an e book; provided that the density of the e ink could be tweaked to differentiate between black and red lines I can’t see a significant advantage in putting it on a tablet because the print book is the same sizeAn excellent present for the first time reader of LOTR

  8. Sue Smith Sue Smith says:

    Really fascinating dedication to the details of Lord of the Rings and Frodo's uest It's nice to be able to visualize where they are in all of their respective journeys and some of the actual trials they would have had to have endured This book would be great to have on hand when you're reading the books just to reference where they were and where they've been

  9. Geoffery Crescent Geoffery Crescent says:

    An entertaining companion piece to The Lord of the RingsPros Glorious cover art by Geoff Taylor better known for his work with David EddingsIncredible attention to detailAlways mentions when the hobbits stopped for lunch and how many breakfasts they had that dayAlso includes the waxing and waning of the moon throughout the journey if that floats your boatStrachey constantly takes Grandpappy Tolkien to task for not being accurate enough with his distancesReading it gives you hope when you realise that not even Grandpappy 'I invented multiple languages and my own creation myth' Tolkien was above forgetting how miles workCons Strachey is not a professional map maker and maps look a little bit like GCSE geography coursework Not my GCSE geography coursework because I sucked at geography and did religious studies instead But someone's courseworkMade me want to re read the Lord of the Rings again

  10. Vanessa Kittle Vanessa Kittle says:

    The Journeys of Frodo is without a doubt my favorite Tolkien reference book It took me some time to find a perfect first edition but it sits proudly on my shelves now The love and detail and level of seriousness put into the maps warms my heart I enjoy following the map chapter by chapter as I read through the rings

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