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Man with the Muscle I loved this book for a lot of reasonsI loved that something about this book was different from the usual cliched premises I'm often graced with when I open a book Julie Miller is very good at defying the normals and writing books that go outside of the stereotypesLet me just say that I loved our kickass heroine Audrey Kline Audrey is a lawyer and she is desperate to step outside of her father's shadow and make her own future But it is her job to lock away a gang leader and she is also the victim of the Rich Girl Killer's onslaught This man has already taken the lives of Gretchen Cosgrove and Valeska Gordeeva which is also a perfect segue into the fourth book Nanny 911 two of her rich and beautiful friendsAnd then we have Alex a handsome SWAT officer with a dark past filled with alcoholic mothers and gang relations and he has the scars from tattoo laser removal surgery to prove it He knows what it's like to be part of a gang and now that his love interest Audrey has fallen victim to their callous onslaughts he feels a strange sense of protectiveness over the auburn haired strong willed beautyWhat ensues is an incredible novel filled with a gradual love and a sense of need and desperation I whirled through this book very uickly as Ms Miller's books are short and light to read yet still enthralling and slightly exciting With the potential sexually to be a Mills and Boon book it also has the concept and writing to be a proper novel being the perfect mix between the two It also helps that it's not extremely short but not too long either Ms Miller is a jack of all trades when it comes to length description concepts and writing I applaud her for writing such an excellent seriesI think what I like the most about this book is the ties each book has to the other With the arrival of Miranda Murdock in the second book and the mentions of uinn Gallagher and Valeska Gordeeva from the very beginning it always gives you the proper information you need to understand each book Trip and Charlotte are also mentioned in this book and I know that they are the two protagonists in the next book Something about the fact they all tie into each other gets me somewhat irrationally excited over the concept and I can't wait to continue on with the series and see what Julie Miller has in store for her readers on the next book Another great book by Julie MillerSeveral years ago I started buying this series of books Not one of them disappointed me I have begun reading them again and they seem better the 2nd time around I am retired and I am an author and audiobook narrator Julie Miller is my favorite author of these types of books I have always been an avid reader but so now during the COVID19 pandemic Thank you Julie Miller for writing such exciting books I enjoyed Man with the Muscle but then I am a die hard Julie Miller fan and automatically read her books I've read this one before but haven't reviewed I'm rereading the series because I enjoy them so much Fast paced SWAT camaraderie legal system murder drugs gangs and HEA ending While there is somewhat of a cliff hanger because you don't know who is pulling the strings it doesn't take away from the read The characters were developed and fun to be around the kind you'd want to sit and talk with While we meet all of SWAT Team One this story is about Alex He comes from a background of cops via the gangs and adoption and this diversity gives him so needed insight The man he has developed into is one that is comfortable in his own skin and sensitive to others yet all man His respect and love for his family is evident and has made a huge impact in his life He reads situations well and follows his gut I enjoyed his interaction with Audrey and how he drew out the best in her This one had a lot of action and kept you guessing Everything wasn't wrapped neatly in a bow either but it didn't leave you annoyed because the important things were tied up So it looks like I'm reading the next book I want to find out who the rich girl killer is I think you'll enjoy the book and the series i chose 5 star i read the book in less than 4 hr and it was kind you can not put down and i in joyed it a lot of t he book i think i hve read some of the other and will try to find them the body guard did hisjob and he put his life for the people he took care of the lawyer and then put his life up for trouble and fell in love Alex and Audrey were an enjoyable couple view spoilerThough I look forward to seeing what happens next with the Rich Girl Killer I thought the link between it and the BBB Gang was tentative at best I just don't see how those paths would cross legitimately hide spoiler I love these books and I always seem to choose the right ones to read even if I do read them out of order so to speak I thought the plot and story line felt like a perfect story that would play out in a real cop show or a law and order feel to it In all I wish I was lucky enought to catch anyone of the handsome devils in these books The love story between Alex Audrey was good but I did NOT care at all for the lack of resolution in regards to The Rich Girl Killer Had there been resolution to that part of the story I would've rated this book w 3 or 4 stars Miniseries Bodyguard of the Month Assistant district attorney Audrey Kline has privilege at her feet until her latest courtroom battle brings danger to her door Her uest to convict a cold blooded gang leader makes her a target The threats point to something beyond gang revengelike the work of a serial stalkerIt takes a man with extraordinary instincts and skill to guard Audrey from an elusive killer and SWAT member Alex Taylor fits the bill He's survived the gritty city streets and refuses to let the captivating determined woman out of his protectionor under his skin But to rescue her from evil he must be willing to confront anything including the powerful passion that binds them Miniseries Bodyguard of the Month

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