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Mercy To the Yaguara an ancient jaguar shape shifting people living deep in the jungle nothing matters than strength Iada is their champion; genetically pure she has been trained since birth to fight Her destiny is to become the next ueen of the Yaguara by winning the tournament of succession—a battle to the death Her opponent is Gabriel a half blooded outcast whose mother was human To everyone's shock he defeats Iada but does not strike the death blow—instead he extends mercy thereby claiming her as his mate Despite their enmity the attraction between them is powerful and soon they are mates in than name only Their mutual distrust serves only to fuel their passion—two champions bested only by their overpowering desire for each other But Gabriel has an agenda that threatens the most basic tenets of Yaguara society—and that will force Iada to choose between her people or her King

  • Kindle Edition
  • 98 pages
  • Mercy
  • Eleri Stone
  • English
  • 10 July 2015

About the Author: Eleri Stone

Eleri Stone is a RITA nominated author of fantasy and paranormal romance Born and raised in New Jersey she now lives in Iowa with her husband and their three children All of her stories have some element of speculative fiction to them and they all end with a happily ever after

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  1. Stephanie G Stephanie G says:

    Iada is the strongest warrior among the Yaguara jaguar shape shifters that live in the jungle The Yaguara king has died and a tournament is being held Iada is poised to be the next ueen All she needs to do is beat the half blood outcast Gabriel and the crown is hers but to every one's surprise Gabriel bests Iada and by sparing her life he makes her his ueenIt isn't long before Iada and Gabriel consummate their mating but their distrust of one another is ever present With each encounter some progress is made in their relationship but what Gabriel has in store as king will make Iada choose between her family and her mateIada has been under the control of her uncles since her parents died They wish to see her as ueen so they have a puppet to make sure their agendas are taken care of Iada knows what her uncles have in store for her but she has known nothing else That is until Gabriel comes into the picture Half breeds half human half jaguar shape shifter are seen abominations by the Yaguara and are casted out with no support what so ever Gabriel has fought for the crown so he could change that but not many are happy about him being king Iada's uncles have already began planning how to remove Gabriel from the crown permanently and Iada will be forced to pick a sideI did not think of Iada as being weak because he uncles controlled and molded her to be what they wanted She has known nothing else and has no other family besides her sister who was casted out for becoming pregnant by a human I knew when it came down to making the decision between right and wrong she would choose the right side Iada and Gabriel have a difficult time when it comes to trusting each other because how they were raised Iada thinks Gabriel has an ulterior motive because no one is that noble and caring Gabriel thinks that Iada is nothing than a heartless warrior who happily does what her uncles tell her to Their physical relationship takes off right away but the trust takes a lot longer I liked the relationship between these two because it doesn't come easy Whenever they take one step forward to trusting each other something pops into their head and they end up taking two steps back Both have expect the other to be a certain way because of what they were taught be their people Barriers are broken down between the two and I thought they made a really strong coupleThe Yaguara act as if the half breeds do not exists or don't even acknowledge them The way these half breeds are treated is horrible and what Iada's uncles do to them made me wish that their own deaths would be drawn out and painful The story switches off from being told by Iada and Gabriel but I wished we would have been able to seen through the eyes of the Yaguara and half breeds instead of just being told how they felt I also would have liked to see what happened to Iada's uncles They are just taken away and that is it I wanted to know justice was served and not be left hangingMercy is the debut work by author Eleri Stone and I thought it was a very enjoyable paranormal romance It didn't take me long to get into and the story has a uick steady pace to it The relationship between Gabriel and Iada is both hot and emotional Eleri has peeked my interest and I look forward to seeing what else she has to offer in the future fingers crossed for another shifter bookStephanie

  2. Emily Emily says:

    Mercy has all the ingredients for a good shapeshifter romance a cool setting an entire culture that serves as the setting for the book mystery intrigue chemistry the works Maybe it was because the book was only 96 pages or maybe it was because it took me a little while to warm up to the starring couple but at the end of the day the overall effect of this book did not live up to my expectationsAs individuals Iada and Gabrial are fine Iada is trying to navigate an endless web of doublespeak family betrayal and violence and that has made her not trust anyone any further than she can throw them Gabriel is fanatically devoted to protecting half bloods like himself since under the current regime in Yaguara society they have less than no rights and are pretty much murdered on sight When Gabriel enters the tournament to become king and wins he astounds everyone by not killing Iada even though he could have; by showing her mercy he claims her as his mate and ueenThat's all well and good but I didn't kill you so now you owe me isn't really a good basis for a relationship That shows as Gabriel and Iada don't trust or really like each other for about 95% of the book They have great chemistry and can't keep their hands off each other sure but the trust the connection between the two of them isn't really there When Gabriel isn't trying to seduce Iada he's lecturing her about something whether it be her uninformed attitude towards the half bloods referred to as mutants through most of the book her life under the thumbs of her uncles who'd like nothing than to usurp her throne or something I understand that Gabriel has a huge chip on his shoulder and that many people including children are relying on him and that he hopes to achieve great change as king of the Yaguara but I don't think that belittling Iada was the way to go about it especially once he realized how much danger she was in every day just from existingEasily my favorite character in the book was Enriue Gabriel's grizzled old mentor Enriue understands from the get go that trust and healing between Gabriel and Iada is the only thing that will bring about any positive change for the Yaguara people as a whole full blooded or otherwise and he also understands the precarious dangerous deadly position that Iada is in way better than Gabriel does right up until the end I appreciated that once Gabriel realized he'd been an epic ass and needed to make amends with Iada and asked Enriue for help he still made Gabriel sweat it out to teach him a lesson about appreciating good things before they're gone The ending of the book was very satisfyingI definitely think this story could have benefited from being a longer and b detailed The foundation for a solid story was definitely there and I'm definitely interested in reading about these characters and the Yaguara people but as a stand alone book I was hoping for character development a better resolution to the conflict and authentic drama between the charactersOverall Grade CRead reviews and other good stuff at What Book is That?

  3. ♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) ♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) says:

    Dangerously sensual enthralling debut novel by Eleri Stone is sure to satisfy your reading taste budsThe world setting of Mercy transplants readers from a cozy couch to deep in the jungle It is the very place where the Yaguara Shapeshifting Jaguars thrive among the lush greenery and powerful wild life Iada is the heroine that takes the cake for me She is robust in heart mind and body The perfect trifecta For years after the death of her parents Iada had been trained as a lethal weapon to serve her selfish uncles desires like winning the throne Future leader of the Yaguara society reuires continuous battles and victories in the pit Iada is an undefeated warrior whose special talent combined with mastered skill has her at the top of the food chain Until Gabriel makes his way into the heart of the jungleGabriel is strength courage and dignity wrapped up in a corded muscle chiseled chest cocky grin and a sun kissed skin package Gabriel and others like him are considered an abomination to the fully born Jaguar shifters Half bloods or mutants and their families live in scattered safe houses in constant fear ready to haul ass at a moments notice As events transpire and life becomes and dangerous Gabriel sets out to create much needed change The change brings him to the pit to face off with IadaThe dangerous exchange of words and touchings between Gabriel and Iada is pure fire Both harbor prejudices against the other thus tensions run high and confusion palpable There is all kinds of fire occurring Eleri Stones succeeds in creating characters with vitality and I just wanted to absorb everything about them But I believe there could have been Perhaps detail in the back story or a few exchanges between the two characters? However this did not stop me from whizzing right through percentage after percentage lol ebooks have percentages instead of pagesAll in all Eleri Stone is a brilliant story teller Her words are invigorating and sure to bring forth whatever it is she's writing to life I would read Eleri's grocery list is how much I loved her writing Plus Mercy is my first read that headlines Jaguar shape shifters

  4. Jan Jan says:

    It's than ok but I didn't like it unconditionally I don't know There was so much promise here An amazing world and excellent worldbuilding I loved how the Yaguara weren't powerful nor well integrated but were rather insular and conservative How refreshing compared to all those shifter stories where those communities are always strong knit and powerful and wealthy and so on Not here For instance I really liked that the halfbleeds lived in the slums such an incredible original twistI loved the genderbending where Iada was the muscles and the brawn who totally wasn't in the loop and actually knew nothing Nothing I've never seen a heroine who was so incredibly ignorant and at the same time had such a high positionsuch a great warriorSo there was some amazing stuff here and lets not forget the cover I really really love the cover and it's why this book drew my attention I was so disappointed when I learned that this wasn't how they looked I mean look at it they are beautiful but unfortunately it didn't live up to it's promiseThere was an incredible conflict here both on the political as on the personal level and both were sold short There was room for such big emotions like with the reunion with Anna or the confrontation with Iada's uncles There was room for a wicked amount of action but the first fight was really short and the final conflict was over in a blink Seriously I think it was less than a paragraphI could have lived with all that but alas the same was true with the relationship They had great chemistry and the love scenes were uite hot But there was almost no evolution in how they saw each other The sex didn't lead to trust or a stronger base at least not on both sides There just wasn't eual growthI think they fit beautifully well together I just think they deserved a novel instead of a novellaSo yeah in the end while I loved the world and characters I was left dissatisfied and probably won't check out the seuel It's a shame because this could have been a true gem

  5. Stella Stella says:

    My Thoughts I picked up Mercy besides its gorgeous and alluring cover because the premise sounded interesting and true to that promise it was a good story with complex layered characters Both the main characters Iada and Gabriel as well as some supporting characters were interesting and 3D characters showing great potential and depth that unfortunately was not exploited as well as it could have been due to length limitationsMaybe I'm s bit critical with Mercy but only because after the first few paragraphs I expected the best of Eleri Stone's story Her writing style did not disappoint she proves that she is a great new author whose writing style is fantastic descriptive yet enthralling the story had a few holes in it but I think most of them would be resolved by the opportunity of length Eleri Stone shows great promise as her writing is fluent and entrancing However due to the shortness or rather length limitations of a novella unfortunately neither the story nor the characters are developed in enough depth but I have every confidence that with length Eleri Stone will iron out the smaller perplexingconfusing details and she will prove she is an author to watch I only give Mercy 35 stars because I see the potential that it could have been were it a regular length novel so that Eleri Stone could have dwelt on her story and characters and given them substancePlot 710Characters 710Ending 710Writing 810Cover 910

  6. Once Once says:

    This book is going on my favorites pile It was an amazing story the dialogue was uniue suspenseful erotic and exciting to read It's a book that once you start you can't put it down That is exactly what I did It was a short story but it was entertaining all the way from the beginning to the endThey have shape shifters who change into Jaguars There's pure breed jaguars and half human jaguars called mutants The mutants are the enemy With the King dead there's competition between Iada a full bred jaguar and her opponent Gabriel the half breed to claim throne for the society When one of them wins and claims the other as their mate trust is the biggest concern for the both of them Iada was raised by her uncles and has been secluded from society her entire life All she knows is how to fight Gabriel just wants one thing his people to be taken care of and treated with respect Can they overcome their trust issues? You'll have to read to find out It's awesome I recommended this book to everyone older than 21 of course review link

  7. Jennifer Monzon Jennifer Monzon says:

    This book is going on my favorites pile It is an amazing story The dialogue was uniue suspenseful erotic and exciting to read It's a book that once you read you can't put it down Well that's what i did It was a short story but it was entetainment all the way from the beginning to the end They have shape shifters who change into Jaguars There's pure bread jaguars and half human half jaguars called mutants who are the enemy With the king dead there's a competition between Iada a full bread jaguar and her oppenent Gabriel and half bread to claim throne for the society When one of them wins and claims the other as thier mate trust is the biggest concern for the both of them Iada was raised by her uncles and has been sucluded from society her entire life All she knows is how to fight Gabriel just wants one thing his people to be taken care of and treated with respect Can they overcome thier trust issues? You'll have to read to find out It's awesome i recommened this book to everyone 21 years and older of course

  8. TinaMarie TinaMarie says:

    He fights her in the pit to become King and instead of killing her he claims her as mate and his ueen She's been ultimate Warrior pawn for her uncles nad Gabriel helps free her from their control Interesting and engaging

  9. Christine Christine says:

    25 stars Decent read for as short as it it but I would have rather read a longer work that provided set up and character development

  10. Habrewer Habrewer says:

    Mercy by Eleri Stone I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewIada's parents were killed when she is younger and she was raised by her uncle's She was trained to fight from a very young age so she would be ready to take her place as ueen of the Yaguara when the time came She's really never been her own person or able to make her own decisions she's always been her uncle's pawnGabriel has been studying his Yaguara heritage with the help of a full blooded shifter that is living in one of his shelters The Shifter takes him under his wing and trains him to defeat their champion His people are under attack and the only way he can save them is to defeat Iada and become King of YaguaraHe knows he won't be accepted as King because he and others like him are seen as mutants During the fight Gabriel decides to show mercy toward Iada rather than kill her He offers her the chance to rule as his ueen He expects her to pledge her alliance to him and give up her family yet when she does he uestions her motives and doubts her sincerity Iada is really struggling with the things she has learned her uncle's have done since she has been secluded most of her life Gabriel doesn't believe her at first but as the story progresses he realizes that he might have been wrong about her until tragedy strikes their homeIada knows the only way to prove herself and her motives is to aide them in finding Michael She manipulates the situation and in the end hurts Gabriel and herself in the process She knows they fit together well as mates but she feels like he will never love her or trust her She is torn because she doesn't understand what is going on in her heart She is struggling to be her own person and for the first time not have someone telling depending on her to do somethingThe sexual chemistry between these two is evident from the fight scene on They complement each other as mates Iada is tough and doesn't need anyone to take care of her but she does need someone to bring out her softer side Gabriel is so busy taking care of others that he appreciates the fact that she is able to take care of herself He doesn't understand why he saves her at the time but as the story progresses it's obvious he needs a strong ueen who can stand beside him not behind himOverall this story was very enjoyable and I'd love to see of this story I give Mercy 3 12 flaming hearts

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