Dragonlance Saga The Fifth Age The Eve of the Maelstrom

Dragonlance Saga The Fifth Age The Eve of the Maelstrom It is readableBut I am used to the Dragonlance classics and this was the first trilogy I read that was not written by Weis Hickman I found very hard to connect with characters I think the writer should had made shorter the endless details of the fights and should had explored the characters Most people who stuck with Rabe's trilogy this far out of a motivation other than Dragonlancential duty seemed to have gleaned a fair amount of enjoyment from it I on the other hand thought it the weakest of the trilogy by miles to such an extent in fact that I'm cautious about proceeding on to the Dhamon saga at all A real shame since I felt the first two books in the series threw out some nice ideas and took the world of Krynn in some fun directionsRabe just seems to have tossed it all in though and likewise tossed this third novel off I confess I expected some sort of buildup to an epic climax a little expanding on the world and some character interactions of note Instead for 250 pages we had names tossed off in random battles with Dragons and Knights of Takhisis that made little sense beyond we need another magical object as if ave felt the background work was all done and nothing further was needed By the time we made the final climax I was exhausted from out of context fight scenes only to find another out of context fight scene Not to spoil top much but spoilers regardless the final showdown is a complete damp suib in terms of plot and character motivation I liked that Khellendros ended up triumphing over Malystryx but what a weird fight in which a bunch of mortals can suddenly take on four or five of these new super powerful dragons in one go and live to tell the tale This seems very very anti Dragonlance and just left me entirely disengaged from the entire trilogy I'd just read perhaps it would have been fine if the book overall had contained some kind of substance or reason for existingAnnoying I know that Rabe has talent than she delivered on here As with the previous two I have mixed feelings about the narrator Some of his voices are fantastic while others annoy me to no endAlso like the previous two it's a strong story with only a few inaccurate factsMy biggest complaint is that I feel there is just too much going on in these books for how short they are I really think they should have been between 15 and twice the length they were to give appropriate time and attention to everything going onEven with that in consideration though I still highly recommend the series Really sets the stage for later events The conclusion of the Dragons of a New Age trilogy is as fast paced and entertaining as the previous two instalments I still miss the classic Dragonlance settings and I do not like the changes introduced with the last editions of the Dragonlance campaign but this did not prevent me from enjoying the book In an age of tyranny one evil rises above all others The Summer of Chaos swept its devastation across the world of Krynn In its wake foul dragon overlords of immeasurable power conuered Ansalon and remade the lands in their own image But Malystryx the greatest and most evil of all the dragons is no longer content with ruling her domain She wants to ascend to godhood and only one band of stalwart heroes stands in her way This book should be read so that the reader can then gain an appreciation for what makes a good fantasy book which this is the total opposite of Good lord this is bad to the point that it gets uite funny The characters get severely beaten but get healed and are good to go in no time This means that there is nothing at stake No worries the healer will take care of itThe characters can also deal a beating to majestic massive evil dragons with very little repercussions Anybody who read the first Dragonlance book Dragons of Autumn Twilight felt how imposing these mythic creatures are Dragon fear was clearly an issue when a character had to even consider facing a dragon No so here Just hack away at the bug guy no problem The list goes on This is truly awful How not to write fantasy I enjoyed these books a lot this time around I still find a lot of errors and issues but overall I think she did a good job with the task she was handed I finally learned to like some of the characters and even enjoyed the overall story I go bonkers for dragons and this excellent tale was no exception Great stuff The dragons are still the best part The heroes really shouldn't have had a chance against them at all during this whole series The shadow dragon is still a large mystery a grand ending to this marvellous trilogy which might have been called the age of mortals but it was truly the age of the dragons the great overlords who in the end got too power hungry and vied for power betraying each other to the great red's downfall khellendros better known as skie kitiara's partner seeks only to enter the gray in order to be reunited with his beloved kitiara will he manage to do this? meeting the beautiful sea elves and glidus the white dragon was an exhilarating experience so comes the end to this magnificent trilogy

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