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The Dawning of a New Age The Summer of Chaos has ended Ansalon's nightmare has only just begun The gods have departed the world heralding a new Age of Mortals But before the dust of war can settle vast shadows cover the land Dragons have come to Ansalon larger and powerful than any ever seen and they will wreak havoc on nations still trembling from war As the lands themselves begin to change under the dire magic of the new dragon overlords new heroes arise to lead the fight for freedom The first book in a rerelease of a key trilogy in the Dragonlance saga this trilogy covers key events that take place between Dragons of Summer Flame and the bestselling War of Souls trilogy Will all new artwork and cover designs these books tie in with The Dhamon Saga

About the Author: Jean Rabe

When I am not writing I toss tennis balls to my cadre of dogs My house is filled with books and dogs you can smell both when you walk in the front door It's a good smellI have 36 published novels and am currently writing in the mystery genre My latest mystery The Dead of Winter was a finalist for the Clay Award and is the first in the Piper Blackwell seriesI live in a tiny town in the

10 thoughts on “The Dawning of a New Age

  1. Jenny Jenny says:

    25This book was difficult to get into I love the Dragonlance world but the story took too long to build up and contained way too much exposition Once the main story got started it was a lot better but I didn’t feel connected to most of the characters It turns out dragons at least Rabe’s dragons are not that interesting and I couldn’t understand SkieKhellendros’ obsession with Kitiara even after reading Dragons of the Highlord Skies sic? A lot happens but I leave the book with the sense that nothing of substance happened Still the book is action packed once it gets going and I did appreciate some of the characters I also like that Rabe obviously knows the DL world well Everything makes sense within the context of Krynn Granted the gods are gone and the dragons have reworked most of the land so Rabe gave herself a way out of having to follow exactly in Weiss and Hickman’s footsteps but she portrays the various races well and the former characters she incorporates into the story act like themselves Nothing is jarring or out of place Overall I enjoyed the book enough to read on in the series It wasn’t bad—Rabe is a decent writer and as I said I did like some of the characters Plus the book ends on a cliffhanger of sorts so I’m curious about what happens next I also want to get to Weiss and Hickman’s next series the first two books of which I found at the used bookstore and I feel like I should read this series and the Dhamon Saga first for continuity I only recommend this if you love DL and don’t mind writers other than Weiss and Hickman tackling the world but also if you want to bridge the information between Dragons of Summer Flame and The War of Souls

  2. liquid soap liquid soap says:

    This book is the reason why I don't read any Dragonlance books not witten by Weis andor Hickman

  3. Shanna Shanna says:

    The war is over the world of Ansalon is trying to rebuild and pull itself back together Magic has disappeared as well as the Gods making this the New Age of Mortals A select few of the strongest most terrifying dragons swoop in while the world is still so fragile they proclaim their dominance and control over the land Death and destruction follow A new unexpected group of heroes band together to fight this seemingly new war against evil and the dragons Will they be able to work together and defeat the dragons before its too late to restore order? A great addition to the dragonlance series I love how favorite old characters make appearances in this book as they pass the torch down to the next generation of heroes The characters are deep and relatable Can't wait to read

  4. Shannon Appelcline Shannon Appelcline says:

    This book's biggest problem is that it tries to entirely bridge the gap following the Summer of Chaos Thus we got confusing interrelations with the previous novel following by a long span when there's no clear protagonist as 90 pages go by The story only really starts after thatBeyond that the writing feels unpolished and the romantic dialogue is particularly bad I'm also not convinced by the super villain evilness of the dragon overlords However the book also reads uickly and has some uite good action seuences I think it would have earned 3 stars if not for the problems with the overall structure

  5. James James says:

    Good story about smart dragons and silly adventurers The heroes spent half their time trying to replace clothes that had been torn up in fights It never seemed to occur to them that armor might have been useful when fighting things with claws and swords Magic seems to be a bit broken at this point in the timeline It's very difficult for magic users to use without being completely exhausted after one spell It did have some interesting characters though

  6. Kevin Potter Kevin Potter says:

    All in all I enjoyed this book a lot the second time aroundYes there are about four incorrect facts in the book but I see this as an editing failure rather than a writing one Yes some of the dialogue is a bit on the ridiculous side But it's still a wonderful story with great characters The new ones are well developed and the existing ones are true to their sourcesHighly recommend to any Dragonlance fan especially those who have thus far dodged the Fifth Age

  7. Alex Alex says:

    A clear 12Jean Rabe seems to have taken a lot of flak for these books over the years I guess that Weis and Hickman had already upset their fanbase by writing another Dragonlance novel that wasn’t as good as the ones that would always be considered the best of the bunch as if not repeatedly topping yourself was a massive crime although hello Death Gate Cycle people and now they were out for blood Jean Rabe What have you done? You wrote a Dragonlance book that also wasn’t as good as the Legends trilogy so YOU SUCK YOU RUINED DRAGONLANCE BLAARRGHGAHHRGHHH I’m not saying that it wouldn’t have been nice if another author could have come in and confidently written a trilogy which successful recaptured that kind of compelling craziness but it’s not obligatory and on the evidence of this first book it’s not as if MsRabe isn’t trying really hardSo for what it’s worth despite picking this up with a dread certainty that I would hate it but had to read it in order to make my way towards The War of Souls I had uite a blast with this book Since Weis and Hickman left Krynn on a bit of a sour note and in a bit of a conundrum there’s a huge necessity to get from A B; with both Gods and magic gone from the world what story is there to tell? Whilst I’m not on board with everything that Rabe does particularly Skie’s obsession with finding Kitiara C’mon it’s a badass dragon Kitiara’s dead move on I was highly appreciative of Rabe’s efforts to –rather than simply pluck out a bunch of new heroes set them on a uest rediscover Gods replay the Chronicles as it were set some interesting wheel’s spinning in terms of changing the concept of power on Krynn and working in a new magic system It takes a good hundred pages and for some may be a little dry but I enjoyed spending time with the Dragons seeing them react to the new status uo and discovering that they could take advantage with Skie creating the new spawn a decent stand in for the Draconian threat from earlier books When we finally got to our new heroes it did at least feel like they had something to fight forStill there are problems Krynn never uite feels as large and well magical here as it has done in the past There’s a good scene when Skie attacks Palanthas but elsewhere an awful lot of “Oh yeah it’s 30 years later and the dragons are controlling x territory now” That’s a problem because we know Krynn too well not to want experience its pain along with it The “here are a bunch of smalltime heroes discovering the world along with the reader” narrative can’t unfortunately work a second time around so convincingly or in the case of Dragonlance with its many spin off novels probably the 20th and this is made to feel even clunkier here as characters that go on to play a larger part of the narrative just seem to wander into it with little fanfare or context This new Krynn is not yet as compelling as the old Krynn because we’re either not seeing it or we’re seeing it through the eyes of characters who story is not yet as original or compelling Sure that’s a tall order since by necessity Rabe has to play with the old tropes or risk destroying a DD fanbase that’s already uite angryYet I enjoyed this first entry into the Fifth Age series of books because I felt like Jean Rabe believed in it and genuinely wanted to be writing it and delivering a story for the fans and that would keep this world alive and interesting No she doesn’t eke any character out of the already fairly flat Palin Majere or make much of his romance with Usha or rise to power as head of the magicians simply skipping over time and her new hero Dhamon only becomes remotely interesting in the past chapter or two as his past is revealed and he suddenly turns into a dragon killing maniac incidentally the climax and cliffhanger ending worked really well for me there’s yet another kender dwarf mute half ogre no wait this is new and a rebel elven babe but Rabe clearly wants to tell her near hackneyed story in the best way possible and it’s easy to get lost in the superb detail of her many and varied fight scenes or yes yet again the wonder of Krynn For example the heroes capture a Spawn shrink it and put it in a bottle but it can still communicate with its master “Skie” who instructs it to spy on the heroes but the jokes on them Skie thinks that the spawn can escape anytime he wishes Later on he says “it’s Ok you can come home now” and the spawn realizes it’s actually stuck in the bottle and Skie just comments “oh well you did your job never mind” That’s about as Dragonlance as it gets There’s a new magic system coming into play too but Rabe doesn’t throw it at us in one go Palin and the wizard conclave manage to work out that they can still use some magic if they draw power from magical artefacts Meanwhile new character Feril can perform her own kind of mystical magic which allows her to commune with animals not needing spellbooks or memorization etc a power hitherto unknown amongst wizards on Krynn At first I thought this may be an easy way out for Rabe but honestly it’s not Dragonlance without magic and it does create a bunch of uestions that need answeringI think that the problem people mostly have with this book ironically is that it’s easy and fun Back in the 80s this was essentially the appeal of the Chronicles and Legends series; they did light hearted frothy entertainment better than everything else The mass fabtasy readership had already moved on by the mid 90s as fantasy epics first got longer and then they got darker and teens growing up were starting to be disappointed that Dragonlance was never as deep and complex as they’d thought it was Yet personally I keep returning to this world for the fun it provides and it keeps surprising me in its ability to provide it

  8. ☆Ruth☆ ☆Ruth☆ says:

    A rather odd book in the DL epic with a large portion of the narrative devoted a few exceedingly powerful dragons who have taken over much of Krynn Basically I wasn't too keen on reading about the dragons who are a cruel blood thirsty and thoroughly unpleasant lot However Palin is reintroduced part way through and Goldmoon makes a token appearance which helped to link the story back to the main sagaThe writing is a bit erratic some parts flow smoothly and carry the narrative well whereas there are other places where it feels clumsy and lacks sophistication With regard to plot well I would be hard pushed to determine what it was really there's a 'band of brothers' a 'uest' of sorts although that was never very well defined a couple of fatalities and a few battles At the end of the book I felt that nothing had progressed much further than at the beginning

  9. Lana Lana says:

    I do truly believe that this is not the age of mortals but that of the great dragons who have turned evil and are so much bigger and cutting up krynn into their separate territories and terrains we have the great red malystrix the great blue formerly known as skye and partner to kitiara now know as kellandros then there is beryl and the great white who lives in the ice terrain he created they are out to dominate krynn and they are viewing humans who have since lost nearly all their magic as cattle but a new set of heroes have appeared will they be able to overcome these huge dragons who still retain their own magic? again a great and exciting read

  10. Avaminn F& Avaminn F& says:

    I'm not uite sure why this didn't get good reviews Unlike lots of other Dragonlance books not written by Weis and Hickman this one actually has a good writing style I don't like it nearly as much as the original books but I still really enjoyed it Plus I really liked the kender character

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