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  • Linda Lael Miller
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  • 02 March 2016
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  1. Lu Bielefeld Lu Bielefeld says:

    2 ⭐⭐ MehHe offered her a ring and asked her to marry him and then he left and never contacted her againOur heroine is a poor thing who was kicked into the curb by the hero he went on with his life married twice and had countless women all while she was left behind as yesterday's garbageNo sympathy for him and pity for her She should have moved on and built the family she wanted so badlyIf the hero had had children with any of his women I doubt he would even remember her existenceWhere's McKettrick's backbone and pride? It must have been lost over the generationsYou're back Olivia said sounding nonplussed The eldest of Brad's three younger sisters at twenty nine she'd never uite forgiven him for leaving home— God she was proud She'd let him pay for her education but returned every other check he or his accountant sent with the words NO THANKS scrawled across the front in thick black capitals You used to date Brad O'Ballivan didn't you Meg? That—that was a long time ago Meg said as graciously as she could given that she was right in the middle of a panic attackHow about the two ex wives and that scandal with the actress? His grin insouciant in the first place merely widened Unfortunately I can't deny the two ex wives he said As for the actress—well it all depends on whether you believe her version or mine Have you been following my career Meg McKettrick?Brad had hurt her so badly she'd thought she'd never recover For years after he'd dumped her to go to Nashville she'd barely been able to come back to Indian Rock and when she had she'd driven straight to the Dixie Dog against her will sat in some rental car and cried like an idiotShe'd stopped believing in a lot of things when Brad O'Ballivan ditched herI know how he's been—rich and famous married twice busy building a reputation that makes Jesse's look tame she saidNo Meg replied fighting back furious tears You were ambitious And of course the bride's father owned a recording company—We were supposed to elope And then you got on a bus and went to Nashville and married what's her nameI couldn't have married you Meg Pardon my confusion You gave me an engagement ring and proposedValerie's dad had heard my demo and he was willing to give me an auditionSo you just hooked up with Valerie?I'm assuming she was a rich kid just like me? I guess you didn't mind if she saved the old homestead with a chunk of her trust fundShe miscarried We divorced amicably after trying to make it work for a couple of yearsDo you want to hear about the second marriage? I don't think I'm up to thatI plan on staying he confirmed I told you that didn't I? You also told me we 'd get married and you 'd love me foreverShe'd wanted a baby all right And she'd conceived one with Brad and miscarried soon after he left for NashvilleCarly said Ted Ledger say hello Hello Carly complied grudgingly Looking at the child Meg couldn't help thinking that the baby she'd lost would have been about this same age if it hadn't been for the miscarriageShe's about the same age as your baby would have been Eve saidYou even started a production company once Cynthia got it in the divorce Phil confided as thougt Brad wasn't standing there The production company I mean I think that soured himAt four thirty that afternoon the movie contract sputtered out of the fax machine in Brad's study He read it signed it and faxed it backTed's looking for the same thing I am A second chance with you She looked taken aback Maybe she agreed But he sure took his sweet time putting in an appearance and so did youI'd be perfect for the female lead in this movie Cynthia Donnigan said tottering toward him on spiked heels that sank into the dirtCynthia simmered Hello she responded in a dangerous purr You must be the girl Brad left behindMeg gave him a light poke with her elbow I know you must have loved her once After all you married herWe hooked up after a party Six weeks later she called and told me she was pregnant and the baby was mine I married her because she said she was going to get an abortion if I didn't I went on tour—she wanted to go along and I refused Frankly I wasn't ready to present Cynthia to the world as my adored bride She called the press in gave them pictures of the 'wedding' And then just to make sure I knew what it meant to cross her she had the abortion anywayI care for you Meg McKettrick he said I tried hard—with Valerie even with Cynthia—but it never worked I was always thinking about you— That young man Ted said is in love with you He left me too Meg said without meaning to expose the rawest nerve in her psyche It's a pattern First you then Brad

  2. Jessica Alcazar Jessica Alcazar says:

    ok so i'm reading these in order because I was told that I HAD to read them in order and i'm running out of things to saythe series is wonderful and every book has a very uniue way of making me goWHOAI dont particularly like that this book had SO much going on and SO much was introduced but I concentrated and got thru it and hopefully remember everything And for the record i see dead people DID NOT SEE THAT ONE COMING

  3. Janet Robel Janet Robel says:

    This is a fast read and I enjoy reading about the McKettricks

  4. Wendy Wendy says:

    Although I didn't give this one five stars I did like the book a lot There is a thread that run through all of the McKettrick books that is interesting In this one in particular Meg can see the ghost of her many great grandfather and has regular conversations It is a fun little twist Meg is a woman that is lonesome and hasn't been able to find love after the love of her life went off to Nashville to become a star Now that lost love is back in town Brad O'Ballivan is sick of the fast lane and ready to get back to basic life in his home town He has never forgotten Meg and what whe ment to him He just let a lot of things get in the way of being with her Now he is ready to follow up with his love for Meg and see where all of this leads I found their story fun and fanciful while Meg talks to her many great grandfather and Brad is dealing with a little sister that can talk to animals Their path to finding their love again is touching and very worth your time Since this is a Silhouette Romance it is an easy and fast read

  5. Yodamom Yodamom says:

    Audiobook I picked this up having never read this author before and hardly anything from this gene I was looking for something positive a feel good read I hit a winner here I felt like I slipped into a John Wayne western where everything was good honest and wholesome Even the 'bad' guys had a respectable uality The characters in the book are people you want to know people you can repeat and relate too I enjoyed it I smiled I remembered my grandparents farm and felt good when it was done I plan on reading much from this author Who doesn't like to feel warm and happy after finishing a book ?

  6. Stacie Stacie says:

    This was a uick read with the typical romance story This is the fouth in the series about the McKettrick family The main characters have a history with each other The male character left the woman behind in their home town Then comes home after two failed marriages and comes back claiming that he just could never get over her I thought the reasons given were weak and not good enough to redeem this character

  7. Lady Lady says:

    I actually didn't like it the reasons that the hero had for leaving the heroine and for marrying another woman were stupid to my way of thinking then he couldn't find it in his heart to forgive her for not telling him about a baby of theirs she was carrying before he left and then misscarriaged a little while after he left and married another woman She didn't tell him cause he was GONE Off to marry another Why is he so high and mighty? So I didn't like it at all

  8. Andrea Guy Andrea Guy says:

    I read Sierra's story ages ago and thought I'd enjoy this one Linda Lael Miller is a name that is a go to for contemporary western's when it comes to Harleuin romancesIt took me several days to finish this 248 page book That's absolutely nuts A day or two yes? More than that? UGHIt was a passable read but for me there was wrong with it than right1 Meg and Brad have a past and they both seemed to have not gotten past their young love for each other Does this ever really happen in real life This second chance trope is probably the most annoying of all romance tropes2 He left to become a big time star Country music of course and now he's back home to run the ranch and he's only in his 30s? Huh?3 Meg is the ghost of one of her ancestors This is actually one of the only cool parts of the story But it really is a way out there plotline4 Brad gets offered a chance to do a movie on the ranch Oh and one of his ex wives is going to star in it5 Meg's estranged father shows up with a sister for her and you guessed it he's dyingOK so I may be offering a spoiler or two here but I think the main thing you can take away is there is an awful lot going on in such a short book and I'm not really even touching on all of it It is just way too busy with stuff from Meg's life to stuff from Brad's life and his sister and her strange ability in regards to animals especially the wild horse RansomThere was just WAY WAY too much going on And though Meg and Brad have a past and have some chemistry its hard to figure out why they are in love or ever were in loveNow I'm not saying this is a bad book Linda Lael Miller does keep your attention especially with all the plot twists It just isn't a great book but if you are a fan of western romances you probably will enjoy this one at least a little bit

  9. Vicki Vicki says:

    I love this series Meg McKetterick has had a secret friend all her life Because of Eve McKetterick's problems with drugs and alcohol after the kidnapping of Meg's sister Sierra Angus McKetterick has been with her through her troubled life She was in love with Brad O'Ballivan in High School They were supposed to marry after graduation but he found a new girl whose father could help his music career and left Meg waiting She's still waiting Brad has returned Their troubled romance and so much makes this a wonderful read

  10. Jeanne (love2cook) Jeanne (love2cook) says:

    In this on going series of the McKettrick family This is about Meg McKettrick and her one time boyfriend Brad O'Ballivan Brad left Meg and went to Nashville to become a singing star Now that he has made the money he needed and lives the so called good life he's back home and trying to make it back into Meg's life A good little western romance story

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The McKettrick Way Meg McKettrick longs for a baby—husband optional Perfect father material is gorgeous Brad O’Ballivan old flame and new owner of his family’s ranch in Stone Creek But Meg—as strong proud and stubborn as her ancestors on Indian Rock’s Triple M ranch—wants to do things her waythe McKettrick way And Brad feels just as strongly about the O’Ballivan wayLove marriage babies and a lifetime to share—that’s what Brad wants Not a single night of passion an unexpected pregnancy and a woman who won’t budge For a rugged rodeo cowboy who never gives up it’s a battle of wills he intends to winand nothing matters than claiming Meg’s wild McKettrick heartMcKettrick Women Sisters reunited at the Triple M

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