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Galactic North Galactic North | Revelation Space Wiki | Fandom Galactic North is a collection of short stories by the science fiction author Alastair Reynolds It comprises most of Reynold's short stories and novellas set in the Revelation Space universe Reynolds states in the afterword to the collection that the stories are set in rough chronological order with Great Wall of Mars occurring around AD whilst Galactic North extends to AD Galactic North English Edition Boutiue Kindle Planet Galactic North English Edition Planet Shopping Europe francophone Boutiue Kindle ASIN bmpis ‎Galactic North on Apple Books ‎ A collection of eight short stories and novellas in the dark and turbulent world of Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space universe Centuries from now solidarity stretches thin as humanity spreads past the solar system and to the nearest stars Technology has produced powerful new tools North Galactic YouTube Enjoy the videos and music you love upload original content and share it all with friends family and the world on YouTube ‎Galactic North on Apple Books ‎Centuries from now the basic right to expand human intelligence beyond its natural limits has become a war worthy cause for the Demarchists and Conjoiners Only vast lighthugger starships bind these suabbling colonies together manned by the panicky and paranoid Ultras And the hyperpigs just try Galactic North Audiobook written by Alastair Centuries from now the basic right to expand human intelligence beyond its natural limits has become a war worthy cause for the Demarchists and Conjoiners Only vast lighthugger starships bind these suabbling colonies together manned by the panicky and paranoid Ultras And the hyperpigs just try to keep their heads down The rich get richer And everyone tries not to think about the Book Review Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds | Galactic North Author Alastair Reynolds Language English Release Jun th Publisher Ace Books ISBN Rating Genre Science Fiction Short Stories Fiction Space Space Opera Readers also enjoyed A Second Chance at Eden Hilldiggers Polity Universe Dark Light Engines Of Light The New Space Opera Vacuum Diagrams Xeelee Seuence Nova War Read Download Galactic North PDF – PDF Download Read Online Galactic North and Download Galactic North book full in PDF formats Unlimited Christian Book ↠ Galactic North by Galactic North A fantastic foray back into the world of REVELATION SPACE by Britain s mastersinger of the space opera Contents Great Wall of Mars Revelation Space novelette by Alastair Reynolds Glacial Reve Galactic North Alastair Reynolds Primary Menu Search for Galactic North Galactic North Sep AM Alastair Reynolds Galactic North A fantastic foray back into the world Home | Galactic Pizza AVL Galactic Pizza serves made from scratch pizza and other delicious fare Full Bar Space Bar Salad Bar

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  1. Stuart Stuart says:

    Galactic North Reynolds excels at shorter lengthsOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureHaving read all the full length novels in Alastair Reynolds’ REVELATION SPACE series I knew I’d eventually get to his shorter works set in the same dark and complex universe The main novels are Revelation Space Redemption Ark Chasm City Absolution Gap and The Prefect Reynolds has produced a detailed future history inspired by works such as Bruce Sterling’s Schismatrix Larry Niven’s KNOWN SPACE and Iain M Banks’ CULTURE novels and the stories in Galactic North 2006 fill in important details and serve as memorable tales of post humans in a cold and inhospitable universe When I read Reynolds‘ full length works last year one of my biggest complaints was that they were overlong turgidly paced and heavy on exposition Those problems are largely absent from this collection — these stories are action packed dense and effective They revolve around morally complex highly augmented mercenaries hive mind humans conflicted ships captains ruthless pirates and scientists and often pack a nasty punch at the end — this is not a forgiving galaxy for humans of any kind But when you get used it it really draws you in Now that I understand the chronology and scale of his universe better I appreciate the events of the novels As with all Alastair Reynolds’ audiobooks the stories are narrated well by John Lee whose dignified British delivery is a good fit for his workReynolds’ milieu is fully developed Mankind has colonized many worlds in our part of the galaxy but has not developed FTL technology so star travel is freuently done while in hibernation “reefer sleep” and the level of cybernetic technology has split humanity into a number of sub groups including Demarchists moderately augmented humans that practice real time democracy via neural implants Ultras highly augmented cyborg humans and Conjoiners mentally linked humans with hive mind traits Humanity has also encountered the remains of many dead alien civilizations illustrating Fermi’s Paradox of why we have not been contacted by other alien species despite the billions of potentially habitable worlds in the universe The stories are ordered in a rough chronology ranging from 2205 CE in “Great Wall of Mars” to 40000 CE at the end of “Galactic North” These are the stories in the collectionGreat Wall of Mars This is the earliest story in Reynold’s future chronology the pivotal story of Nevil Clavain a prominent figure in the main REVELATION SPACE series and Galiana the founder of the Conjoiner movement It’s a tense tale of the fight between Coalitionists Demarchists and a rebel group led by Galiana holed up on Mars The Earth forces have the rebels pinned down in their fortified construct the “Great Wall” which extends deep underground Clavain and Galiana are ostensibly enemies but events conspire to force them together and a young girl with severe brain damage plays a surprising role The first hand description of the Conjoiners’ collective consciousness is fascinating and the story is action packed and grippingGlacialThis takes place shortly after the previous story as Clavain and Galiana arrive on an ice planet named Diadem where they discover an abandoned Earth colony in which the colonists have all died after apparently going insane They find one survivor who has jury rigged a form of cryo stasis and revive him enough to uestion what happened His story sounds fairly plausible but Clavain has a nagging suspicion some details don’t add up This is a fairly typical SF setup — the abandoned colony mysterious deaths and a suspicious survivor But to Reynolds’ credit he adds in some interesting alien biology about ice worms and the resolution of the mystery was a surprise to meA Spy in EuropaThis is a short but intense story of an undercover agent who goes to a city situated under the ice sheet covering Europa He is embroiled in the power struggle between the Demarchists controlling Europa and the Gilgamesh Isis who control Ganymede and Callisto He undergoes dramatic surgical alteration to be euipped with gills to survive in the freezing waters under the ice and sets out to discover crucial secrets that will aid his side and undermine the Demarchists but encounters some unexpected beings instead who seem to be allies at firstWeatherThis is one of the best stories of the collection It’s about Inigo the shipmaster of the Ultra ship Petronel which is attacked by pirates while transporting colonists in cryosleep By a stroke of improbable cosmic luck the pirate threat is eliminated and they find a lone Conjoiner woman being held prisoner She has a name that is completely incomprehensible to baseline humans but since it’s origin is from the gas cloud formations of Jupiter he calls her “Weather“Inigo tries to establish a friendship with Weather though she is technically a prisoner but the Captain distrusts her deeply as a Conjoiner due to events in his own past But when the Petronel is pursued by a sinister stealth ship and needs to escape they discover that the Conjoiner drive is damaged and no baseline humans or Ultras have the ability to repair it It’s an ingenious aspect of Reynolds’ universe — the Conjoiners have mastered near lightspeed travel and have shared it with other human groups but refuse to reveal the secrets of its working The slightest tampering will result in the entire engine going supernova and destroying the ship and everything nearby All of a sudden the Conjoiner woman’s cooperation is the only thing that can save themDilation SleepThis is apparently the first story written by Reynolds in his REVELATION SPACE universe It’s a shorter tale of a man who wakes from cryosleep aboard a ship that is fleeing the Melding Plague that has overrun Yellowstone these events are covered in greater detail in Chasm City He did not remove the neural implants that make him vulnerable to the plague but did make a digital copy of his wife whose simulation tells him he needs to operate on one of the other passengers immediately I thought this was one of weaker stories which may reflect it being one of the earliest writtenGrafenwalder’s BestiaryThis is a dark and baroue tale of wealthy and decadent collectors of rare and freakish creatures in Chasm City Grafenwalder is the most renowned collector and he deeply covets something that will impress his little circle Initially he manages to acuire a live adult sized hamadryad a creature also featured in Chasm City but later gets whiff of something even rare and valuable — a living specimen of a genetically engineered human fish hybrid first created on Europa many years back He gets a DNA sample from his dealer which seems legitimate and arranges the purchase When he gets his prized specimen he can’t wait to show it off to his closest rival with unexpected resultsNightingaleThis is a novella length story of a group of mercenaries sent to track down a criminal accused of war crimes An team of mercenaries is gathered one of Reynolds’ favorite themes the usual assemblage of highly augmented Ultras and baseline humans They get wind that their target Colonel Brandon Jax may be hiding out on an abandoned hospital ship called Nightingale During the war on Sky’s Edge this ship was in charge of healing soldiers on both sides of the conflict but since the war ended it has been left untendedHowever when they arrive on the ship it seems to be functioning than should be the case for a derelict Before you can say “Aliens or The Expanse” it’s time to explore the ship’s innards The team find increasingly strange activities aboard the ship and when they encounter the AI intelligence running the ship they’re in for a very nasty surpriseGalactic NorthThis is another highlight of the collection a wide ranging novella that spans many centuries and covers many epochs of Reynolds’ future history starting in 2303 but ending far in the future around 40000 covering some of the climactic events mentioned in Absolution Gap the final book of the main REVELATION SPACE trilogy At the end of that book we learn of a new threat to the galaxy innocuously named Greenflies but there are few details In fact I found it uite frustrating for this to be introduced at the end of a massive trilogy around 2000 pages in total along with several other mysterious alien presences and not enough explanation Well “Galactic North” explains what the Greenflies are and how they came to threaten the galaxyThe story centers on Captain Irravel Veda who is ambushed by pirates when making an unplanned stop for repairs She is guarding two types of valuable cargo — 20000 colonists in cryosleep and terraforming Von Neumann machines called Greenflies They fall under the control of the sadistic hyperpig Run Seven yeah don’t ask He manages to pry the security codes via torture and trickery and flees with the cargo why do badguys always leave their enemies alive one might wonder? What follows is a cat and mouse chase through time and space as Irravel pursues the pirates to get revengeMeantime the Greenfly machines have malfunctioned and are dismantling every star system they encounter to build artificial habitats complete with plant life hence their name Sounds great except they destroy everything in their paths and don’t make exceptions for sentient beings or civilizations It’s a particularly Reynolds type of implacable disaster Despite all the might of various space faring civilizations there isn’t much that even ancient races like the Nest Builders or Inhibitors can do but flee to the far reaches of the universe There are some overlaps with Absolution Gap but I’d be lying if I said there was total closure in this story

  2. Manuel Antão Manuel Antão says:

    If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewSF will not become SciFi Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds Is SF becoming SciFi? I hope not Dumbing down is the order of the day Our marketing and publishing departments no longer want to see SF in SciFi maybe because it couldn’t be labeled but I think like many others because so long as they called it “SciFi” they had to give scifi Now that they’re calling it “SyFy” they can put on anything The name isn’t a promise it’s just a TV brand Gynmastic shows Wrestling Ghost hunting etc with some science twists like making ice cream with liuid nitrogen make it possible to brand something trivial as SyFyYou can read the rest of this review elsewhereNB SF Speculative Fiction

  3. David Sven David Sven says:

    While I'm still working through the audio of Redemption Ark I thought I might check out some of the Rev Space short stories he published earlier in this collection I'm glad I decided to read these in publication order because there is some crossover between the stories as well as the the two shorts in Diamond Dogs Turuoise Days I was able to appreciate cameo appearances from characters who were written earlier which would otherwise just appeared random I think this is an excellent collection for fans of the Revelation Space series Some of the shorts serve as origin stories for characters in the main series Others just concentrate on one concept from the series and add a bit of extra detailReynolds demonstrates he can write in the short story format never trying to do too much and always adding his signature twist which usually involves his characters revealing that they are someone totally different to who you thought they were He does it a lot but he still gets me every timeA must read for fans and it's 4 stars overallDilation SleepOff to a good start This isn't the first book in the collection but I'm going in publication order The story is set on a star ship carrying 900 refugees escaping the melding plague on Yellowstone Travelling at near light speed passengers and crew are all placed in reefer sleep until the ship's surgeon is woken by the computerized sub persona to handle an emergency What's weirder than being the only person out of 900 awake? When you're alone with something else awake with you This one has a very nice twist in the end 45 starsA Spy in EuropaAn assassincovert operative of the Gilgamesh Isis faction is sent deep into Demarchy territory to retrieve a package from a sleeper agent Things go according to plan The uestion is what and whose plan? Murder and mayhem ensue from the Hanging cities above Europa's surface to the Oceans below Europa's kilometre thick Ice 35 starsGalactic NorthPirates ambush an Ultra Lighthugger and steal some of its cargo of cryogenically frozen sleepers What ensues is a space chase that spans 40000 years of future history Not bad for a short story A tale of betrayal revenge and obsession against the backdrop of humanity's struggle for survival The story also includes Remontoire who enters the main series in Redemption Ark 355 starsThe Great Wall of MarsThis covers the backstory of Nevil Clavain's defection to the Conjoiners We are introduced to Galiana Felka Sandra Voi Great Grandmother to the Sandra Voi in Redemption Ark and we see Remontoire again Of course we also learn what the Great Wall of Mars is and it was generally cool to learn of the history hinted at in Redemption Ark Also cool were the robotic killer wormsAnd have you ever wondered how you might survive 5000 gees of deceleration? Easy Just install a few machines in your head and 'If you allow it there’s time for them to establish a structural web across your brain We’ll flood the cabin with foam We’ll all die temporarily but there won’t be any damage they can’t fixSign me up 45 starsGlacialClavain Galiana and Felka explore the century old ruins of a human outpost on an Ice planet As they investigate to uncover the mystery behind the bizarre deaths of the colonists they discover the planet is not uite as dead as they first thought 355 starsWeatherIt's Ultra vs Ultra as the Lighthugger Petronel is stalked by pirates Space battles unreuited love and a startling revelation about the Conjoiner drives that you won't find in the main series 45 starsGraffenwalder's BestiaryGraffenwalder is a collector of rare and hideous species of animalsand maybe things that are human than animal But he's not the only one around Yellowstone with a fascination for the bizzare Graffenwalder has competition in one Ursula Goodglass and when a specimen that has been Graffenwalder's lifelong obsession comes on the market he jumps at the chance to gain the ultimate kudosBut as all we Rev Space readers knowBeware of Ultra's bearing gifts45 starsNightingaleA team of mercenaries is assembled to take in a war criminal hiding out in a ghost spaceship Sometimes to catch a monster you have to become a monster45 stars

  4. Claudia Claudia says:

    Great addition to Revelation Space universe Even if not all stories are related to the trilogy they are set in the same universe and bring in some new details related to some of the events and concepts used in the series Great Wall of Mars the story of Clavain from way back when he became a Conjoiner set in the events on Mars and also his first encounter with Felka A beautiful story about honour and betrayal 55 Glacial gripping tale about Clavain's mission on Diadem an Earth like planet to investigate the death of the researchers established there Reynolds definitely has the talent to write also policier like stories 55 A Spy in Europa a mission to pull out something from Europa has an unforseen turn It's a thriller with horror accents featuring the Denizens an engineered sentient species created by the Demarchists 55 Weather reveals a major secret regarding how a lighthugger drive is functioning Mind blowing Also made me wonder what is it about the name Inigo for both Reynolds and Hamilton to have a character named the same 55 Dilation Sleep gives us details about the Melding Plague and reefersleep 45 Grafenwalder's Bestiary a monsters collector finally gets his hands on the ultimate specimen for his collection which gives him the surprise of his life 45 Nightingale the most shocking story of this collection A parable of war conseuences which will give you nightmares view spoilerPicasso's Guernica brought to life hide spoiler

  5. Karl Karl says:

    Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds is a selection of 8 short stories set in Reynolds' Revelation Space universe All of the stories are good

  6. Mr. Windup Bird Mr. Windup Bird says:

    Galactic North is a fantastic collection of short stories taking place in Alistair Reynolds' Revelation Space setting I would recommend reading the main Revelation Space series prior to Galactic North Familiarity with the main characters almost seems necessary to appreciate these stories Below are my impressions of each storyGreat Wall of Mars This story is also part of Beyond the Auila Rift The best of Alistair Reynolds I read this story once prior to reading the main series and again in Galactic North This is the story of how Galiana Clavain and Felka met Galiana doesn't have a huge role in the main series other than being freuently mentioned by other characters so it's very nice to see what happened on Mars Originally when I read Great Wall of Mars I had no idea of Sandra Voi's significance not having read the main series yet I wish there were stories in addition to Glacial connecting the end of Great Wall of Mars with the beginning of Revelation Space for Galiana Clavain and Felka Galiana's meeting with The Wolves Inhibitors seems like it would make a great story Glacial This is a story about the Conjoiners who escaped Phobos on the first Conjoiner interstellar ship named Sandra Voi after the founder of The Demarchy as they are presumably searching for a new home There are some very sad scenes in this story where we see Galiana Clavain and Felka together as a family knowing how it all ends This story is very evocative of John Carpenter's The Thing; a super horror story on par with Diamond Dogs Glacial was my favorite story of the book and if Alistair Reynolds doesn't write stories about Galiana Clavain and Felka during this time period I may try to write some fan fiction A Spy in Europa In this story we see some of the Demarchy's early days on Jupiter's moons A very fun and well written spy story taking place on Europa's hanging city of Cadmus Asterius This story also gives us details about the fate of the hanging cities which have been mentioned in other booksWeather A sad story of love and sacrifice Well written and I would have loved to see a follow up to this one as well Very bittersweetDilation Sleep A wonderfully creepy story about some Chasm City escapees who are woken up midway to the Sol system I won't spoil it but the reveal is just great Grafenwalder's Bestiary A post melding plague story about Joe Exotic type alien and animal collectors in the Rust Band We get a memorable Dr Trintignant appearance here I would recommend reading the short story Diamond Dogs to fully appreciate this one No I do not watch Joe ExoticNightengale One of the best horror stories I've read So creepy and well written A masterpiece Galactic North A nice story of revenge involving Remontoire Run Seven The Slugs and Nest Builders and some history on how the Greenflys became sentient which is directly tied to the events in Absolution Gap In Redemption Ark Remontoire was said to be tortured by the Hyperpig pirate Run Seven Weather makes it impossible for this to have happened but it's still a good story Galactic North is essential reading if you enjoy the Revelation Space setting

  7. Bradley Bradley says:

    I'm supremely happy to know that Reynolds as a short story writer is just as good as Reynolds as a novelist Some of the stories were unabashedly nostalgic for me but others such as the last one Galactic North really bit deep into my subconscious and wouldn't let go I wanted and of that one but there were a few others that even verged on the mythical I'm thinking of a certain medical ship not to mention a fascination of wormsStrangely enough I got a lot out of the afterward as well when he explained his debts to other writers and I think no less of him for adding such a long list I suppose I'd do the same in his shoes But then again I see no fear that he took too much from them or made anything else less than stellarI'm very impressed and I enjoyed every story

  8. Jan Bednarczuk Jan Bednarczuk says:

    I can't get enough of the Revelation Space universe I just can't This future history feels almost as real and detailed and nuanced to me at this point as real history does I've already read most of the novels in this series and with some trepidation moved on to this collection of short stories So many authors who excel in longer forms do poorly with short stories and vice versa I needn't have worried Reynolds is if anything even skilled at the short story format; perhaps because it forces him to rein in his tendency towards wordiness that affects some of the novels I'm not sure how well this collection would work for someone new to this universe Possibly it would be fine But some of the delight for me was in seeing stories filled in for what had been only bits and pieces of incidental plots or characters in the other books This is now my second favorite book in the series following only Chasm City for sheer enjoyment Highly recommended

  9. William William says:

    A good mixed bag but the 1999 story Galactic North is fascinating as it is the map of most of the stories from Revelation Space Weather is the best of the bunchGreat Wall of Mars 2000 45 starGreat stuff Fast pacing good characters short but wonderful early days of Revelation SpaceGlacial 2001 45 starWonderful continuation of Clavain and Galiana this time on an ice world with a murder mystery Truly great stuffA Spy in Europa 1997 35 starA short but interesting spy story with a nice twist at the endWeather 2006 5 starWonderful poignant and a terrific insight into Conjoiner minds and engines All superbly writtenDilation Sleep 1990 35 starSingle concept story Not bad but not surprising First story of the Melding PlagueGrafenwalder's Bestiary 2006 35 star Some nice twists good pacing not too much dialogue diarrhoeaNightingale 2006 1 starBlah blah infinite dialogue repeated A very short story made horrifically long and dull Pages and pages of idiots arguing over which way to go in a hedge maze etc Worst ever piece of work by ReynoldsGalactic North 1999 4 starI grand sweeping vision of the entire Revelation Space series It's very episodic but nicely realised in the subseuent books and stories Still nothing here compares to Reynold's finest work Turuoise Days 2002NOTE Please please also read Turuoise Days a novella and short stories Enloa Weather and Zima Blue Surely his finest works along with House of Suns

  10. Neal Asher Neal Asher says:

    I just finished Galactic North the other day and am now looking forward to reading The Prefect It’s nice to be once again reminded why I enjoyed reading his Revelation Space series A few of the stories in here I’d read before was The Great Wall of Mars in Interzone? but I still enjoyed them second time around The story Galactic North seemed a bit disjointed but I still enjoyed the big space and huge breadths of time All of it huge Gothic spaceships weapons like dangerous beasts lurching in cathedral caches borge like ultras nano plagues and stuff with Conjoiners in it please Alastair

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