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The Investment Answer The Investment Answer shows you in clear and understandable language how to take control of your finances and think about investing in a different way Whether you are new to finance or an experienced investor this book is essential reading Former United States Senator Bill Bradley says that every American should read this book and Bob Waterman co author of In Search of Excellence remarks if I could give only one book on investing to my friends and family this one would be itThis book cuts through the Wall Street hype to give you just what you need to know Joe Grundfest Stanford Law School Professor and former SEC Commissioner says that Gordon Murray and Dan Goldie share secrets that Wall Street would rather you not know Read this book and prosper

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  1. Jo Jo says:

    My dad gave me this book in 2011 I thought it was ok though he wrote all over the margins never to use a financial advisor so I'm not sure this book where they recommend financial advisors as financial advisors themselves not shocking was the best choice Was a little annoyed by the male pronoun throughout never gender neutral or she Women need an investment answer too

  2. Jane Jane says:

    Where I got the book my local libraryTrying to get a better handle on moneya bit late possibly at 53 This book was recommended to me by a financial advisor It's very much oriented to the stock market rather than money management as a whole and explains why but for a short read I found it to be pretty thought provoking It promotes a very straightforward unaggressive approach to investing which while it probably won't make anyone rich is less likely to leave you with an empty portfolio and a bitter heartI learned some things the differences between different types of financial advisor and whether or not they have a fiduciary relationship with their clients; the difference between active and passive portfolio management; why it's a good idea to rebalance your portfolio regularly; why stocks and bonds tend to be a better deal than fancy schmany investment instrumentsHmm With old age I won't say retirement because neither of us WANTS to retire looming ever closer and the interest on bank accounts a joke such matters are worth investigating If you already have opinions on the stock market you'll probably hate this book But if you're like me and just want someone to suggest a relatively low risk strategy go ahead and breeze through its 96 pages

  3. Paul Eckert Paul Eckert says:

    To call this book the investment “answer” is a bit of a misnomer Or rather it would’ve helped to know what the “uestion” was There are no hard and fast answer in this book as the title may lead one to believe Of course there are no easy answers when it comes to investing and this book admits this up front Rather the aim of The Investment Answer is to simplify the various facets of investing into a set of decisions one must make and this the authors do very well According to the authors the five decisions an investor must make are1 Should I do it myself or go with a financial advisor? 2 What kinds of assets should I invest in? stocks bonds cash etc3 How should I diversify my portfolio?4 Should I actively or passively manage my investments?5 When and how should I rebalance my portfolio?Overall I think the authors make a really good case in most categories They show the reader how actively managed funds rarely beat their benchmark and how different assets perform over time In each category they caution investors against making the type of mistakes that people are coaxed into making by popular media like the idea that one can beat the market And with each type of investment they talk briefly warn about the risk involved The only problem I had was the authors’ endorsement of financial advisors I don’t understand why in an age where it’s easier than ever before for someone to do their own investing online someone would need a financial advisor Perhaps if you have money than you know what to do with they could be an option However they provide plenty of data to show that few people ever beat the market and almost never with consistency Where is the data that shows that financial advisors outperform DIY investors? Their claim is that financial advisors have resources available to them but if all the research in the world can’t beat a simple index what is a financial advisor going to differently? In my view if someone has educated themselves about investing they can just as easily do what a financial advisor does and much cheaper Even if he doesn’t achieve the returns that an advisor does he may make a similar return because he doesn’t have to pay the advisor a percentage of his investments On the plus side they do differentiate between the different types of advisors and which ones rarely work in your favor All in all the book provides a good foundation for investment knowledge and it does filter out all or most of the bad information one gets from popular media as well as providing the sensible alternative I’ve educated myself uite a bit in personal finance and I still learned a few things The structure of their “decisions” is easy to remember and provides a starting point for every investorI recommend it Hell it’s only 60 pages and it could open your eyes to simplifying your investing life

  4. Konstantinos Boulis Konstantinos Boulis says:

    This book was highly recommended by investment advisors and after reading it it became clear why It recommends a fee based investment advisor but without explaining why The rest of the advice in this book stick with index funds rein on your emotions when the market is up or down rebalance your portfolio is pretty basic and if you have been slightly interested in investment you have heard all of this before The upside is that this book is short and does not beat around the Bush

  5. Kashif Kashif says:

    Why this book was written 90 page book that lay out how to invest your money Summary VERY UICKLY walks the reader through the main factors of investing and provides uick dirty and time tested answers 1 Do it yourself or hire help? Hire help but mind the fees 2 How to Allocate Assets? Stocks for high riskhigh gain and cash for low risk low gain More stocks when you're younger deduct your age from 100 for the rough percentage 3 How to Diversify? Uncorrelatedreverse correlated stocks Domestic and international stocks Index mutual funds 4 When to Rebalance Portfolio? When market ups and downs cause your portfolio's percentage allocation to change 5 Passive vs Active Investing? Always Passive On index funds and the like Because active managers never win due to efficient markets and fees Conclusion A 90 page book that might make you rich one day

  6. Rebekah Rebekah says:

    So concise and easy to read

  7. Mariah Mariah says:

    My dad gave me this book like 5 years ago and annotated it It took me one subway ride from cobble hill to the upper west side to read it Very accessible makes investing seem simple and like something you can accomplish without much experience just with simple guidelines

  8. Viraj Viraj says:

    One of the two authors Dan was Wimbledon uarter finalist The book has good information succinctly given with a good financial advice similar to the ones by John Bogle and Burton Malkiel in short invest in stock market with index funds with good diversification international vs US stocks and bonds and keep rebalancing annually to match beat the market over the long term Avoid timing the market and high fee trading Excellent succinct and good advice for most folks

  9. Drew Drew says:

    Excellent book about investing Debunks a lot of the mystery I'll read it again

  10. Erica Erica says:

    Yep I need to get a financial planner

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