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His Untamed Innocent Jake Radley Smith is pleasantly surprised to find a strange female in his company apartment wearing a bath towel He isn't interested in Marin's sob story He's late for a house party and she'll be perfect as his ready made dateMarin's completely bewildered She thought pretending to be a loving couple would be easy but the chemistry between her and Jake is explosive She's also left with no doubt that what Jake wants he getsand it seems he wants her badly How can she inexperienced and nervous handle his lethal brand of dark desire

10 thoughts on “His Untamed Innocent

  1. Naksed Naksed says:

    On the plus sidewe have a great romantic hero of my favorite kind the reformed rake The heroine is not conventionally beautiful which is a nice change of pace The stepsis is not a troll from hell for once so thanks for debunking that cliche The parents are nice and supportive The initial dialogue between h and H was funny and sexy That's really what got his attention anyways There was some yummy tension and heat between them and the ending ILY declaration rather romanticBut on the minus side Not one not two but three evil trolls h's former employer the employer’s lecherous husband and of course a venomous OW never get their comeuppance and in fact I can uite imagine them making the rest of the h's life pure hell because she just can't stand up for herselfSpeaking of h after the initial fireworks between her and the hero where she tells him off that spark completely disappears for the rest of the story If you are going to make your heroine not exactly an oil painting belle laide as well as a number of even unflattering adjectives are used to describe her can we at least not make her such a Debbie downer Give her intelligence wit some talent or a spine something to justify the hero's interest in herUp to the end of the book the heroine thought of herself as ugly dowdy boring unsophisticated and simply not on the level of the hero I didn't really get any hint that was about to change Hence my annoyance at the baddies of this tale never getting their comeuppanceI lost interest at the halfway mark and kind of just pushed myself to finish as this was a short read anyway

  2. Verity Verity says:

    The ol' SC that I've known luved is back I hope she'll stick to her best luved formula Unplanned pregnancy marriage angst young shy virginal heroine loaded hero w mouth watering mansion luv 1st sight a touch of humor Brilliant writing as always The only thing that I wanted SC to add was smacking the 2 bitches the restaurant for being venomous vipers LOL JK It just felt like a dangling minor issue 'cuz I was in a bloodthirsty mode This is gonna be 1 of my fav re reads She just made a die hard fan 1 super happy reader Kisses

  3. Romance_reader Romance_reader says:

    meh mellow romance with a mildly annoying heroine witty Brit hero and a predictable plot line But this being a Sara Craven book; didn't feel so very unoriginal with originality having lost out to 'formula' these days Definitely worth two stars or maybe even two and a half

  4. Aou Aou says:

    35 stars for extremely naive that means idiot and besotted H and totally preventable little angst

  5. iamGamz iamGamz says:

    The h in this book is a complete ninnyShe makes a deal with hot Mr H to be his gf for a party He needs to avoid the wife of one of his clients who has her heart set on having him back in her bed They then get invited to spend a weekend at the same client’s house with his barracuda wife They have a challenging weekend trying to keep their hands off of each other until the last when the H made the earth move for his virgin h She ends up pregnant He insists on marriage She acts like a total idiot with all her insecurities and pushes him away He tries but damn how many times can a person get treated like they are a monster before they give up?This was a great story It kept me riveted during all the self inflicted drama and pain My sympathies were completely for the H Yes he was a playboy before he met her but it was so obvious that he was in luuurve She was too much of a ninny to see it I can see myself revisiting this one in a year or two It was worth the read

  6. Jenny Jenny says:

    The heroine was a major bitch and the hero was the most wonderful kindest sweetest man She didn't deserve him I wanted him to dump her sorry ass and kick her to the curb but alas it never happened

  7. RLA RLA says:

    The hero Jake arrives home to find the heroine Marin in his apartment wearing only a towel Marin's stepsister is Jake's PA and thinking that Jake would be out of town for a while offered Marin the apartment to stay in after Marin had returned home suddenly Although he is blatantly annoyed to find Marin in his home he does see a way out of a current dilemma so he asks her to come to a party with him in order to deter the unwelcome advances of an ex Marin agrees but didn't expect that one party would turn into a weekend away having to pretend to be Jake's partner Their closeness soon turns deeper and intense and they give in to their desire for one another But Marin's hopes that something may be starting between her and Jake are dashed when she is humiliated by Jake's cruel ex Marin leaves without a word but Jake manages to track her down a month later and they discover that their one night together has resulted in pregnancy At Jake's insistence they marry but Marin is confused over her feelings for Jake which makes her pull away from him making them both unhappyThis is exactly the kind of book that shows what Sara Craven does best and I really enjoyed it There is a lot of emotion and angst throughout the story as well as good use of external conflict The heroine does act a little irrational at times and that is a little frustrating to read but I felt that her character went on a journey and was able to grow as the story progressed I adored the hero I really wish that his POV had been included it would have made this book even enjoyableWhat I like about this is that the plot isn't overly complicated and it flows well I'm not usually a fan of the jealous other woman trope but in this book the author makes her so dastardly bitchy that it ends up workingReally liked this oneOriginally posted at

  8. Nadia Nadia says:

    The thing I wondered while reading this book was were that point is when heroine's naivety turns into TSTL In this book I wanted to hit that Marin girl with something hard Like a frying pan Hero was great Hero was amazing And she was some stupid girl with lousy excuses who believes everything she is told by nasty people and doesn't believe her own experience or hero's words I wonder how she was successful at her job being so naïve?And she also wasn't talking She made up some truth and believed it no matter what Her unwillingness to make their marriage work was unspeakable How she was imagining their future life I have no idea She didn't deserve that extra thousand for the weekend Where was her professionalism she was so fond of? Nowhere to be found Her job was to save him and she left him alone and she definitely didn't deserve Jake's love3rd star is for hero only

  9. Sruthi Sruthi says:

    Average 30I would have given it just 20 but one extra for the honey sweet Male lead Jake He is such a lovely character easy to fall in loveMarin is stupid Sometimes it felt like she was right in her part but most of the times you will find her stupid at times you may also feel like giving a tight slap Especially the second half of the bookWell Yaas I loved Lynne Barbara and Elizabeth

  10. Lexie Lexie says:

    This is marginally better then THE HIGHEST STAKES OF ALL At least she wasn't sold to Jake by a relative

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