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Simple Wicca Simple Wisdom Book Beautiful and simple little book Would help anyone starting out with Wicca or anyone who has a need to better understand it It very helpful simple and elaborated It was basic guide for Wiccan beginners and will really help beginners Definitely simple A nice overview Though I already had an awareness of much of what it covered it has been several years since I have given any thought or research to witchcraft So it worked well as a refresher But you will not find much in depth information here That is not its function It's good for what it is a general introduction to a Wiccan flavor of witchcraft Though I study to be a witch I am an atheist not Wiccan so I personally could not use the examples of spells and rituals as written but they are still a good jumping off point and would work well for one who does ascribe to the Wiccan god and goddess I feel like I connected with this book on another level I got chills multiple times while reading it I'm excited to have it as a tool while I look into this wonderful journey I feel as though it was a very good introduction into Wicca for anyone who is interested in joining the craft or who is just looking to gain information on the subject For such a small book it packed it a lot of information So far this is my favorite Wicca book that I've read so far I know I'll come back to it again and again Purchased years ago when I had just started experimenting with my spiritual path this is still a classic in my book An easy to read beautifully written introduction to the Craft of the Wise Michele Morgan is sure to draw the curious into the magical world of Wicca without intimidation or information overload Simple Wicca by Michele Morgan is a book that dispels many myths and gives great insight to the old religion of Wicca Morgan explains how Wiccans practice in our times and does an excellent job explaining the basics of this nature based religion This book is an easy read and enjoyable it even teaches some simple spells and such things like the power of breath I recommend it to anyone who would like to learn about witches what is true and what is totally outrageous If you always thought that witches are evil they ride brooms and offer poisoned apples to beautiful princesses then you must read this book to learn that none of those things are true Here is an example Silver signifies the Goddess communication intuition dreams astral travel and feminine power Gold means wealth winning happiness playfulness and the masculine power Color magic is one of the simplest yet most effective methods to work with If you feel tired wear red It will kick start your first chakra and infuse you with energy Are you feeling shy and suffering from low self confidence then wear yellow If you would like to learn then pick up Simple Wicca and devour it it is full of tips that you can use in your everyday life even if you are not a witch This book provides beginners with a firm grounding in the practice of Wicca an oft misunderstood complex religion which has nothing to do with black magic everything to do with ancient wisdom spiritual practices that honor the earth nature the balance of male female energies It was extremely helpful I now know what I need to do that fact that I don't have to have a wand to draw the circle or draw the circle with chalk on the floor my mom would kill me Along with several other books I have that are going to be read I will really know what I'm doing so things don't blow up in my face I've always been curious about Wicca I've had this book for a couple of years and finally got around to reading it Very easy to understand that's the best part After many years of exploring my spiritual path I think this is the most user friendly book I've read in a while This was an ok book

  • Kindle Edition
  • Simple Wicca Simple Wisdom Book
  • Michèle Morgan
  • 25 April 2015