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Never Reborn moments after ueen Isabella of Spain orderedher lover's death Santos accepted eternal life in exchangefor protecting humanity For centuries he's kept himselfsecluded in a hillside mansion But all that changes onenight when he takes in a woman who claims to have seenhim in a visionA dire prediction has convinced Erin Brady she will bemurdered on her thirtieth birthday and that Santos is theonly man who can help her Unwittingly drawn to the beautywho can read his thoughts and heart like no one ever has Santos realizes she is his Destined Mate And with the threatof her imminent extinction ticking like a time bomb Santossuddenly has something worth dyingand worth living for ga sia2 nunggu kumpulin uang buat beli buku ini sesuai yg diharapkan it was cool action ma romance nya kuat seimbang pasti lebih bagus lagi kalo iblisnya lebih jelas deskripsinya lebih mengancam 1 lagi pasti lebih bagus kalo Erin harus lebih berusaha untuk meyakinkan Santos tentang masa lalu yg harus dilepasin tentang Isabella sebagainya nilai karena Santos manggil Erin dgn sebutan uerida walau dia belum bisa ngelepas masalalu nilai lg karena Santos bisa mengakui perasaan nya te amo pada saat kenangan ttg Isabella masih ada di pikirannya On the run for her life Erin Brady seeks refuge in an antiue shop There she touches a dagger and her gift of Sight shows her a man a warrior Instinctively knowing only he can save her Erin seeks him out When Guardian Ricardo Santos first meets Erin he is immediately drawn to her but he does not want the distraction of an attractive woman to sway him from his mission to rid the human world of demons As it becomes apparent that both demons and humans are after Erin Santos races to find out why He learns that Erin's father a demon wants to kill her on her next birthday to steal her powers for his own Humans who want to prevent that are determined to kill Erin to thwart the demon In the meantime Santos and Erin are drawn to one another and Santos is forced to admit that she is his Destined Mate He doesn't want a mate but Erin may not survive long enough for it to matterAn interesting blend of urban fantasy and paranormal romance Would have enjoyed it when I was young and naive At my age the falling in love in a matter of days was simply insipid Santos doesn't want Erin around at least at first yet he decides to park her in his bedroom to keep an eye on her Really? I guess that helped huh? Sex was hot action was exciting but the ending was a tad dramatic NCT #10 Guardians warrior men given immortality to fight demons and to protect humanity Ricardo Santos lover of and betrayed by ueen Isabella died because of that betrayal and invited to become a guardian a job he has taken with high honor and commitmentErin Brady seer when she touches an object she can 'see' it's past who held it what happened this 'gift' has caused her grief starting with an adopted father who rejected her when he could see that she 'saw' him gambling drinking lying to his wife and rejected by her fiance 5 years earlier she received a letter from her birth mom warning her that her father would kill her on her 30th birthday and when her 30th bday is a month a way she is threatened she tries to hide but failsand 2 weeks to go she hides in an antiue shop and picks up an old knife and has a vision of a gorgeous man on the deck of a sailing ship in the midst of the storm this vision is different and the man sees her then someone plunges the knife she is holding into his back and he dies as he is tossed overboard she purchases the knife then has one vision of him present day in San Diego and she feels moved to go to him that he can protect herUsing the knife as a hot or cold finder she locates him there is attraction between them there is hesitency between them they can communicate telepathically he accepts the responsibility to protect her and to find out what is trying to harm her he is aware that she is probably his Destined Mate but he struggles with this they become lovers they are submerged in one another yet still he holds a bit back the part hurt by ueen Isabella and ascerts that they will part once she is safe so that she can live a life free of the stress of his warrior life hmmmmso they finally uncover that 30 years earlier a cult had called for the demon Abaddon he had taken a psychic woman Erin's mother and impregnated her with the plan that on the dawn of the offspring's birthday he would kill her and take her power and lead his legions to conuor the world another group of people are trying to kill her before her birthday to prevent his taking of her poweras she struggles with being of demon blood she confronts Santos with his lack of trust in her and once he sees his past and how it controls his feelings for Erin he gives up the pain of Isabella's betrayal and fully gives his heart to Erin Santos takes her to his home in Spain and 2 nights before her birthday while he is fighting demons she is pulled into the demon world captive of her father when Santos feels her fear he rushes to her goes into the demon region tracks her fights her father She in an effort to protect Santos and stop her father thrusts the Isabella knife into her own chest she dies Santos kills her father and she awakens her true power on her 30th birthday is immortalityahhhhh

  • Paperback
  • 297 pages
  • Never
  • Maureen Child
  • English
  • 25 January 2015
  • 9780373617579

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