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Through the Sheriff's Eyes Faith Russell refuses to be with a man who feels a sense of obligation toward her Sure she's been through some traumatic events that have left her a little shaky That doesn't mean she needs Sheriff Ben Wheeler hovering She'll be fineon her ownDespite her protests however Ben won't budge He insists they share a romantic connection that deserves to be explored She'll admit she finds him attractive but how can she be close to a man who might view her as a duty It's not until she catches a glimpse of herself through his eyes that she discovers what he feels for her is very real

10 thoughts on “Through the Sheriff's Eyes

  1. Ana Ana says:

    – Through the Sheriff’s Eyes is the perfect example of why Johnson isn’t an auto buy for me Her writing is so inconsistent one book will be good and the next one falls flat All of the action takes place in the first fifty pages and the next hundred is introspection and copious amounts of belly button lint harvesting Yawn Renee wwwireadromancecom

  2. Nancy Nancy says:

    I gave up at page 82 If she hasn’t hooked me by now Domestic violence is the theme

  3. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries The Russell Twins

  4. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries The Russell Twins

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