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Starfighter Chapter 1 Starfighter #1 In an unknown time and place there's a war going on in space and mankind has developed a system of fighting that includes two sides of a team One person is the fighter who pilots the spacecraft and his partner is the navigator who directs the wayNavigators come from higher society and are mostly seen as privileged and intelligent Fighters are men that are known for their violent tendancies skills in combat and anger issuesAbel didn't want to follow his politican father into his world and instead chose his own path as a navigator He's gay and has always had strong desires that he's hidden until he's partnered with his fighter CainCain is unpredictable violent possessive and very skilled at what he does He goes through navigators faster then any other fighter so he's developed the reputation that he's impossible to work withWhen Cain meets Abel he marks him and possessives him in every way possible unknowingly giving Abel exactly what he's been craving for years Now the only uestion is will their relationship grow to benefit them both in this time of war or with Cain's reputation and violent tendancies end up destroying Abel

  • Paperback
  • 64 pages
  • Starfighter Chapter 1 Starfighter #1
  • Hamlet Machine
  • English
  • 01 August 2014
  • 9781938926006

About the Author: Hamlet Machine

NYC USA I am Deviously AnnoyingDraws an 18 webcomic

10 thoughts on “Starfighter Chapter 1 Starfighter #1

  1. Anya (~on a semi-hiatus~) Anya (~on a semi-hiatus~) says:

    Read till chapter 4 BOY DO I LOVE TERRITORIAL SCENES LIKE THIS?And thus I popped my yaoi cherry last nightThis was so effing brilliant And graphically delicious I have an unhealthy thing for asshole boys in literature Kyo Sohma Edward F Rochester Felix Rivendale Colin Sandhurstyou get the gist You know the ones who are mean to the protagonist but secretly are trying to come to terms with their feelings for them Men wrestling with their burgeoning emotions are always so hot 'Starfighter is a sci fi futuristic webcomic in which humans are fighting an alien life force who are threatening to invade the Earth Each team has a pair of partners a Fighter and a Navigator a combination of brawn and brainAbel gets assigned to Cain who is a Fighter and kind of a possessive nutjob hardass with a bad reputation and he doesn't take much time in staking his claim on his virgin? gay Navigator Well hello sexy times Half of the time Cain is either fucking Abelgetting fucked by him or growling and threatening him that he's his bitch ergo he must do as he's told Which seriously makes me uestion my moral principles because non condubious con is so wrong Where is my morality? Why was I guzzling reading this kind of kinky smut at 3am last night and grinning so hard? So many uestions beg to be answered but IT WAS SO FUCKING HOT OH MY GOSH ;;Also so much butt secks I mean that's gay porn for you right but stillSo yeahCan hardly wait to know what happens next Hamlet Machine hurry up

  2. Mir Mir says:

    I hardly ever find sex in comics hot but this one was I guess I have a thing and apparently it is the artist being able to draw anatomy correctly I don't mean genitals I mean having realistic proportions and joints etc Maybe those other manga were hot too and I was simply too distracted by the weirdly elongated limbs and contorted backs n stuff?Also really liked the subdued use of color Excellent job Mr or Miss or neither I don't care Machine

  3. Sheziss Sheziss says:

    I'm officially wastedSex in the space HiyaaaaaaaHow the hell certain people make awesome stuff like this?For free?Awww this was not only hot but it has a great plotAnd it promises to deliver even MOREVolumes in the series Chapter 4You can read it for free online here

  4. ✨ jamieson ✨ ✨ jamieson ✨ says:

    aaaahhhh yeah so people who said this was weird were hmm definitely rightThe thing is I really like sci fi graphic novels so I wanted to try this but I was CONFUSED and also kinda ?? about what I was reading This basically is about a group of pilotsfighters in space who are battling an alien species but most of this book is taken up by the relationship between Cain and AbelCain and Abel are given those matching names for a start and are basically pilot and co pilot? Anyway they're also fucking and it's really explicit so be aware of that I'm kinda dubious on the romance because it was just on the border of being dub con I wouldn't say it IS dub con but it's hovering in that area and that's kinda eeehhh Abel is gay and closeted and Cain is the first man he sleeps with but Cain is kinda possessive and a little bit violent? He definitely dominated in the sexual scenes so Idk if I can recommend this ?? exactly ?? I don't know I'm a bit on the fenceSo I think it's best to just say this comic has really explicit sex scenes with consent that borders on dubious So be waryBut damn that ending I want to continue because of the cliffhanger and see where it goes and I like that each chapter is uite long because that suits my webcomic reading style betterFinally the art is AMAZING I loved the colours and the style and the way it's all drawn Soo loved it

  5. Elena Elena says:

    25 stars I was a little disoriented by the lack of build up in every aspect things seemed to happen out of nowhere and I was ready to give up on it but the last page hints at interesting developments to come I’m hoping it’ll get better and I’ve been assured that it does so onto the next chapter

  6. The Girl Murdered by Her TBR The Girl Murdered by Her TBR says:

    5 stars and 5 words fo thisSmutty Addicting Exciting Gripping Sexy

  7. Frau Sorge (Yuki) Frau Sorge (Yuki) says:

    Hi there Please meet Cain And Abel Cain is possessive and violent Abel is great yin to his yang if you know what I meanHell I'm still coming to terms with what I've just read what I've just watchedAnd I liked the dark theme the graphic and the beginning of the plot it was first chapter after all

  8. ⊱ Poppy ⊰ ⊱ Poppy ⊰ says:

    OH MY GOD it was AMAZING D P Review to come

  9. Meags Meags says:

    4 StarsThis review covers the whole saga thus farI should begin by saying that when I started this Webcomic I had no idea it was still a WIP currently mid Chapter 4 This seems like important information for one to have going in at least for me because I’m the most impatient person ever and I positively hate waiting But if you don’t have an issue with reading incomplete works then I highly recommend this one because it was awesomeThe story is set in a futuristic space age where humans are fighting in an intergalactic war against a hostile life force can’t recall their names but they’re bad Our combat style involves teams of two a “fighter” who pilots the spacecraft and a “navigator” who maps out and guides the way In order to be truly successful each team much work succinctly together to achieve victory At the beginning of the story a new team is made Codenames Cain and Abel Cain is a fighter He’s ruthless domineering possessive and slightly mental this could just be me but I highly doubt it – this guy is whackadoodle Abel is a navigator He’s kind brave and naïve and he’s eager to do his part to help in the ongoing war Immediately upon pairing Cain “claims” Abel as his He’s a bit of an asshole about it scarring Abel so that everyone knows to steer clear of what is his Like I said Cain is a tad demented but in a highly entertaining kind of way In the first chapter I despised him and had no understanding of how I was meant to root for this guy in the long run Luckily shit develops and my views of him changed and deepened over the course of the story and now I’m positively whackadoodle for Cain – so it goesThe relationship that develops between the two is steamy and possessive Although the reader is immediately fixed with a clear level of mistrust for Cain and his intentions from the get go but as information is revealed I couldn’t help but sympathise with Cain and his plight I enjoyed the combat scenes; the space war action was sufficiently intense The visual graphics of this comic are fairly impressive too I found myself re viewing several pages just to soak in the minute details that I otherwise would have missed because I was flying through the pages at uite a fast pace – which speaks of how engaged I was with the story from start to current finishAnd just like that another reading obsession is born

  10. Kristen Burns Kristen Burns says:

    What did I just read? The first thing Cain did was tell Abel that he Abel was his Cain's bitch now and bite his lip in order to mark him And Abel just kinda let him Then they went on a mission to blow up an enemy base and Cain jacked off in the ship on the way back Then they got back to their shared room and I had a brief moment of happiness when Abel stood up to Cain but boy was it brief because immediately after that they started getting it on I mean I didn't mind the naughty bits but I would've liked a story that made sense and maybe some believable characters to go with the naughty bits Is this how all yaio is? Maybe it's just not my thing But anyway it's free so I can't complain too much And the art style is a little rough at times but good If you just want some explicit sexy erotic drawings I think you'll find this satisfactory I'll keep reading because it's free and pretty to look at and maybe it'll get better

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