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The Lawmans Little Surprise It's a bittersweet homecoming for Trish Clayborne when she returns to Desperation Oklahomaand comes face to face with her ex fianc Morgan Rule broke her heart when without a word of explanation he called off their wedding She figured things between them were about as over as they could get Until she found out she was pregnantMorgan is stunned when he hears the news He's even shocked when Trish tells him she plans to raise their child on her own Not if he has anything to say about it But how can he do right by Trish and their baby without revealing his true reasons for ending their relationship And will Trish let himThis honorable sheriff has some explaining to do

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  1. Tonya Warner Tonya Warner says:

    A nice story Some things were never fully dealt with like John's drinking and the whole situation there but overall a uick light readTrish Clayborne is home from a brief book tour to promote a children's book she had written Leaving the town where she had grown up and returning to the aftermath of her broken engagement the first thing that happens is she is pulled over by ex fiance Morgan Rule He had explained that the wedding was off after she postponed the wedding for the tourMorgan knew he should never have asked Trish to marry him After the drive by shooting death of his partner in Miami he had been there to help his partner's wife pick up the pieces of her life listening to how difficult it was for the wife of a lawman He had vowed to never cause that kind of pain to a woman especially Trish knowing how much she loved him and he loved her He had thought he was safe in a small town but even there he had ended up with a gun pointed at him so the wedding was offTrish was back pregnant and demanding to know why Morgan would let her just go He needed to face the fact they loved each other and get over the past and start to live in the future

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