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The Demons Slave Only twenty thousand people survived the end of the world They live in the enclaves where they must obey the Triad the three supposedly immortal men who are said to have saved all those who lived through the destruction Young Ria has been raised to believe that and daydreams of becoming one of the Triad's concubines Everyone including Ria believes the women selected are kept as pampered pets Not a bad life if you are one of those rare chosen females That's the belief The truth is far different and far horrifying as Ria learns to her cost when she is chosen to become a concubine in the palace of the Triad Once there she is shoved brutally to the stones and told she is nothing than a sex slave who must obey every order she is given or suffer cruel punishment Then begins degradation and suffering such as she never imagined existed For those who rule as the Triad are little than demons But there is worse to come The world is secretly in the hands of aliens who destroyed civilization and now plan to use Ria for a diabolical experiment She is to be the mother of a new alien race part human part alien and bred to subservience Though Ria longs for love and freedom there seems little hope Then one very strange night she hears voices outside her cell Terri Pray's 50th book for Sizzler Editions The first book in a great new saga of bondage romance and redemption Cover image BrandyE

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