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Sweet Surrender with the Millionaire Willow Landon is starting a new life She's determined to prove herself as an independent woman having escaped a controlling relationship She certainly doesn't need help from Morgan Wright her arrogant neighbor Morgan may have movie star good looks own a country estate and have millions in the bank—but she's not interestedMorgan is also determined—to show Willow just how a lady should be treated

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Sweet Surrender with the Millionaire
  • Helen Brooks
  • English
  • 23 August 2016
  • 9780373527779

About the Author: Helen Brooks

Rita Bradshaw was born on 1949 in Northampton England where she was educated as a good Christian She met Clive her husband at the age of 16 andnow the magic is still there They have three lovely children Cara Faye and Benjamin and have always had a menagerie of animals in the house which at the present is confined to two endearing and very comical dogs who would make a great double act on TV The children friends and pets all keep the house buzzing and the food cupboards empty but Helen wouldn't have it any other way She still lives today in Northampton with her family Although having enjoyed some wonderful holidays abroad she has never been tempted to live anywhere else although she rather likes the idea of a holiday home close to the sea one dayBeing a committed Christian and fervent animal lover she finds spare time is always at a premium but long walks in the countryside with her husband and dogs meals out followed by the cinema or theatre reading swimming and having friends over for dinner are all fitted in somehow She also enjoys sitting in her wonderfully therapeutic rambling old garden in the sun with a glass of red wine under the guise of resting while thinking of courseFor years she was a secretary She began writing in 1990 as she approached that milestone of a birthday 40 She realized her two teenage ambitions writing a novel and learning to drive had been lost amid babies and hectic family life so set about resurrecting themHer first novel was for Mills and Boon and was accepted after one rewrite in 1992 as Helen Brooks and she passed her driving test the former was a joy and the latter an unmitigated nightmare She has written 50 novels as well as several sagas as Rita BradshawSince becoming a full time writer she has found her occupation one of pure joy and often surprised when her characters develop a mind of their own but she loves exploring what makes people tick and finds the old adage truth is stranger than fiction to be absolutely true She would love to hear from any readers care of Mills Boon

10 thoughts on “Sweet Surrender with the Millionaire

  1. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    This was a really good book I like how Helen Brooks takes two people who have no intention of getting romantically involved and shows them falling deeply in loveIn the case of Willow she is recovering from a very toxic marriage married to a man who abused her mentally undermining every inch of her confidence in herself She does not intend to trust any man with her life ever again On the other hand Morgan has no problem with sexual involvement with savvy career women who don't want any emotional entanglement than he does However when they meet the mutual determination to keep things light and to be 'just friends' doesn't work very well Because the time they spend together the they realize that nothing less than everything will ualify when it comes to each otherI'll be the first to tell you that I don't usually go for heroes like Morgan guys who eschew emotional involvement and settle for empty sexual relationships However I couldn't help but like him He was actually a very good guy underneath all the city sophistication More than anything he was used to trying to control his life and compartmentalize things He had his slick city existence and his uiet country life and he kept them both separate Before he knows it the country life and time spent with Willow who was not at all likely to go for a light sexual affair is what he wants than anything And when the time comes he's brave enough to tell her he loves her even knowing her emotional wounds will make her run in the other directionHelen Brooks writes a very romantic story The writing felt fresh and modern with characters who seemed relevant today Despite that I didn't feel like they were unrelatable I had plenty of time to see the love develop between them and their happy ending felt right and genuine Willow is very down to earth and despite his image so is Morgan where it counts I liked that he was generous with himself in a relationship with Willow even though he knew there wasn't going to be the usual payoff A good story about friends turning into lovers I'd recommend it to people who enjoy this theme

  2. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Sweet Surrender with the Millionaire is the story of Willow and MorganThis book has a emotionally and physically traumatized heroine recovering from a bad marriage and finding her one true love in her kind and considerate neighborHelen Brooks writes great heroes and Morgan was no exception He understood the heroine had scars and gently worked towards helping her heal without force coercion or just plain mean ness I loved the patience he had with her even with the seduction in mind and that he made her face the factsThe heroine however emerges from her mental barriers and self deprecation by the end of the book and Im glad we saw her character growVery sweet detailed HEA with epilogueGood low angst readSafe355

  3. Leona Leona says:

    This is a re read for me on one of those lazy rainy Sunday afternoons when you aren't motivated to do a whole lot I'm not sure why I only rated it one star but I will raise my rating to 3 stars It's a bit average and the story line similar to most other books by HB but it entertained me

  4. Treece Treece says:

    Rating 5 starsHelen Brooks did a fantastic job writing this story about two damaged people who are healed by love after taking the risk to open their heartsMorgan Wright is an amazing awesome and intelligent alpha male who understands what it means to grow as a human being As his friendship with Willow evolves he becomes aware of how he is changing and growing and is in touch with his past mistakes and differences in the present relationship He gently woos cajoles and guides Willow into his life side stepping her suspicion and hostility; a beacon to the lost emotional ship she's still captaining His patience with her is outstanding and the way he maneuvers the minefield of her emotional damage explains why he is a brilliant successful tycoon This guy is gorgeous sexy and intuitive I was swooning he sorta reminds me of my guy ha There are times when he thoughtfully analyzes the situation and conversation with Willow by communicating effectively with her No misunderstandings with himOther occasions he takes responsibility for his actions by not allowing her to get carried away in the heat of the moment and placing him in a bad role as The Seducer This guy is so darned thoughtful in his acts of service to Willow that I wanted to smack her for being dense But hey she doesn't know any better silly naive thingAs for Willow I forgave her She escaped a very abusive marriage to a guy who reminded me of the typical jack ass HP losers that we are familiar with Normally Morgan would have been the OM who got thrown over by a silly h with excessive hormones poor judgment and low esteem In this case he is the H the man Willow is strongly drawn to in ways she never was with Piers her ex husband She is wary after what she endured rightly so Willow believes Morgan is out of her league can have any gorgeous successful woman he wants He has made it clear he is not interested in a long term commitment With that said our feisty ginger dances around her true emotion and is blind to their 'friendship' which is really something special in the making I strongly recommend this story It is a gem Morgan is a subtle sexy hero in pursuit Willow is not a doormat very human in her ups downs if a bit controlling and not a nasty ungrateful self loathing bitch The themes are traditional the way the relationship is managed and I don't have an issue with that It is overall sweet and not sexually graphic or explicit Morgan respects Willow and himself and vice versa There is an epilogue that will delight readers I will be reading books by this author She rocks

  5. Kay Kay says:

    3 12 Stars The purchase of the country cottage assured Willow of complete independence After years in a controlling and emotionally abusive marriage she was finally ueen of her own castle where she was answerable to no one When her garden bonfire to get rid of rubbage gets out of hand she meets her charismatic neighbour who puts the fire out Morgan is charmed by his green eyed red headed new neighbour who perks up his libido He rescues her again this time from a chimney fire that leads to her living room drenched no source of heat for the cottage and Willow as his house guest for the night Morgan is intrigued by her carefully guarded manner but can sense that he's getting under her skin as she is his When his teasing leads to Willow admitting she'd been married and that she didn't like it and had no intention to repeating the mistake now that she's free Morgan feels sucker punched It's clear she doesn't want to get involved and he's the sort where relationships are the no strings sort so he suggests a friendship And as they spend time getting to know each other Morgan finds himself falling in love Only Willow doesn't want his love and she tells him soIn this story you can feel the intensity of Morgan and Willow's attraction Morgan would love an affair but he knows that Willow's not ready Willow's a woman who fought for control of her own life and won Morgan realizes he has to teach her to trust again and that it's okay to risk losing her heart and her control These two are well suited and I really enjoyed their journey to HEA Usually the complaint is a rushed ending however in this story we have a lovely drawn out one

  6. Tonya Warner Tonya Warner says:

    After fiinally escaping an abusive marriage the last thing Willow Landon wants is to get involved with a man especially a very good looking man like Morgan Wright How can she ever trust a handsome man and know that he is not hiding evil thoughts with a pretty smile? How can she ever trust herself to judge the true nature of a man?Morgan Wright never wanted love His parents had died when he was a baby and he spent his years passed around family members who did not really want him How can he believe in happiness ever after when he had no concept of what that was? Getting to know the fiiest Willow and helping her realise she is a beautiful woman opened his eyes to the possibuility of happiness and family for him but can he win her over And can Willow get past her fears to be happy with Morgan's love?A very sweet story

  7. Carmen Carmen says:

    I always like Helen Brooks characters and I will tell you why She is a 'one trick pony' author HB churns out the same plot underpinnings over and over childhood in fostercare abusive ex spouse deceased parents from horrific accident andor pregnant sister in health crisis She has even given the same first name to two heroes in two separate books suggesting a complete lack of imagination I would be rather miffed if I purchased her HPs versus checking them out at the lending library But I don't so there it stands

  8. Femke Femke says:

    This was the first Harleuin novel I have ever read It did not surprise nor disappoint It was actually exactly what I expected it to be I had to read it for one of my uni classes so I tried to pick a Harleuin that sounded somewhat interesting After reading the Harleuin guidelines which trust me are incredibly specific I can imagine why Harleuin accepted this book I won't spoil it for you but if you read through the guidelines you can't expect to be surprised by this book It is exactly what Harleuin is meant to be and therefore there is nothing wrong with it

  9. Caro Caro says:

    This book was pretty good I would read it again Enjoy

  10. MissKitty MissKitty says:

    Just ok Not a bad book just very bland

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