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Refuge Skyport Virgo #1 As a political refugee on twenty fourth century Earth Laleh Sarafpour suddenly faces deportation to her hellish home planet because of a ridiculous clerical error She never expects a chance meeting with Pike Grayson a deliciously sexy Spacefleet admiral to drastically change her life In the span of a night Pike saves Laleh from her sadistic half brother sent to haul her back to the nightmare of her past life and offers her a chance to save herself a marriage of convenience for naturalization papersFrom the moment Pike claps eyes on Laleh he craves the breathtakingly exotic beauty Pike's desire ignites the second she accepts his proposal but her innocence in the pleasures of the flesh forces him to practice a little patience With the gentlest of seductions Pike introduces Laleh to all the naughty delights to be found in a marriage bedAs they journey across galaxies to Pike’s first command station the sizzling attraction between the pair proves to be explosive But when Laleh’s past threatens to catch up with them Pike risks everything to protect the woman who has managed to so perfectly capture his heart

  • ebook
  • Refuge Skyport Virgo #1
  • Lolita Lopez
  • English
  • 01 June 2016

About the Author: Lolita Lopez

While browsing bookstore shelves as a teenager Lo discovered the erotic writings of Anaïs Nin and AN Rouelaure Certain her mother would not approve Lo smuggled the books home and suirreled them away in the most likely of places under her bed Late at night she delved into the sensual worlds both writers createdAs a co ed studying biochemistry and genetics at Texas A&M University Lo dabb

10 thoughts on “Refuge Skyport Virgo #1

  1. Spuffed Spuffed says:

    This had everything I was looking for at the time of reading; sci fi theme romance and some hot dirty sex Added bonus was the writing was good and the plot decent enoughuick Rundown Chick who was born royalty on an extremely abusive planet is about to be deported from Earth where her recently deceased mother had taken refuge when Chick was 6 Chick conveniently meets up with Dude who is Admiral of a space ship that's headed to a huge skyport months away from Earth This highly educated though very poor Chick faces threat of family want her back on abusive planet as well as deportation so he solves this problem by marriage InstaLust not InstaLove explodes and great things happen in the bedroom The couple grow to deep love and have to fight off the Big Bad in the end after lots of good and dirty sexLike I said this hit the spot no pun intended Yes there are holes in the plot it was predictable cliche'd and low on action BUT the characters were somewhat uniue and believable I really liked how Laleh was so educated and how she got a job straight away and wasn't the typical housewife And I liked that he wasn't the typical Alpha who tried to control her They both put forth effort to make the marriage work and had realistic issues dealt with She didn't whine nor bitch He didn't ignore or suppress feelings The author didn't just put a trust between these two she grew it So that was worth a star for me in the end Oh and some hot dirty sexWorld building was sufficient There's no interplanetary travel They go from a futuristic Austin Texas to a spaceship to a skyport so there wasn't much world building to do Secondary characters were vague and uninteresting but they weren't really needed for the plot Unlike other reviewers there was not too much sex one was not beat over the head with it but let's be honest the main reason why we read this genre is for the sex which was both sweet and loving and good and dirtyOverall a good read read when you want to escape with something that's not thought provoking Spuffed Half stars are for pansies and one gif is plenty

  2. T00zday T00zday says:

    Enjoyed this book a lot Tempted to re read it Excellent heroine Educated level headed doesn't beg grovel or put up with much crapHero was enjoyable too Although he does perform a little douchebaggery he's very apologetic and sincerely feels like a cad afterwards Somewhat typical male ego but not extremeSex scenes were good Hey it's Lolita Lopez writing this but not too freuent or overdoneGreat villaintension I kept waiting for Jai to pop out through many scenesand didn't see it coming when he didHEA Recommended

  3. C.J. C.J. says:

    Not much of a story but for pure smut with some romance it was perfect

  4. Erin Erin says:

    I actually enjoyed this one a lot than I thought I was I really liked itHer non Russian Protector World I say world because that includes the Connelly Brothers and the Albanians tend to be not necessarily misses but not hits like the aforementioned series To be fair I haven't read her SERIES under this name very much Just the short kinky ones So the Dragons might be a different story all togetherThe only thing that really bugged me at all? Once again it was set in HoustonReally even in the sci fi future all of her novels have to have Houston be a part of it? There are other cities ya know?It didn't really bother me that much but it was just one of those slight eye rolling moments We get it you like Houston I was born there I don't even like it as much as she apparently doesI didn't dislike LelahI liked Pike The only time I didn't like him was when he basically switched personalities view spoiler when he yelled at Lelah in front of everyone during the crisis It was so out of character up to that point Yes that WAS the whole point of the scene but still it just felt TOOO out of character hide spoiler

  5. Melissa Melissa says:

    This was a good book Pike is a newly appointed admiral of a star ship for the Space Fleet Ahh yes a yummy guy in uniform Pike meets the heroine Laleh how the heck do you pronounce that???at a bar and he ends up rescuing her from her brother Jai as he beats her and attempts to kidnap her to take her back to there home planet Laleh's brother was able to find her because she was placed on a deportation list due to a clerical error Pike ends up marrying Laleh to save her from deportation because her home planet treats women horribly and he can't stand to see her sent back Of course her brother Jai takes it as a personal insult to the family that she marries an outsider without permission In his culture to assuage family dishonor Laleh must be killed for her offense So now Jai is out to get Laleh I like that Laleh and Pike are not perfect and they take their time to develop a relationship before things really get rolling I also like that Laleh is so smart and has her doctorate degree She really is an interesting character This is the second book I have read by Lolita Lopez and I enjoyed it My only disappointment is that there is no seuel out yet for this series Hopefully one will be published soon

  6. Hayley Hayley says:

    I really liked this both characters have flaws but who doesn't?I like the way they have problems Pike can be kind of a dick but they work it out rather then letting it fester and there is no long drawn out mis communication or deception that occurs so much in lots of romance talesThere's plenty of sexy times though to be honest they didn't do much for me They weren't awful though The world building was fine would have liked a little imagination to be honest Space travel is common place but Laleh likes orange soda and chocolate pecan cheesecake? A universe of things to eat and drink and she still prefers orange soda and cheesecake? Seemed kind of silly to me Also Laleh is an alien from a completely different planet but there's no mention of any real physical difference Does she just look like a human? I also had some trouble pronouncing her name in my head I read it as Lar Leh but I did wonder if it's supposed to be Leila but if so why the weird spelling? All in all a good read

  7. 8o& 8o& says:

    Refuge by Lolita Lopez is her first book in her Skyport Virgo series Refuge is a futuristic romanceRefuge features Laleh Sarafpour a refuge on Earth hiding out from her extremely abusive father and brother Laleh's mother escaped with Laleh from their home planet years ago and have taking refuge on Earth Laleh is now along with her mom having recently died from an accident Laleh is set to be deported when Pike Grayson a Spacefleet admiral steps in and offers a marriage of convenience The marriage of convenience turns into much but Laleh's family is determined to destroy her happinessI enjoyed this romance with a bit of intrigue Laleh and Pike were likable characters Life on the skyport was interesting to read about and the drama wasn't too over the top very enjoyable I highly recommend

  8. AE AE says:

    Laleh had a veneer of depth but man Pike was just like dick words and actual dick moves He was no substance And that my friends means that I was bored to tears of the sex It felt awkward and fake and weird and just no I found myself skimming past every scene just to get to the plotActually now in chapter one I wonder why I'm even skimming for the plot? Why am I finishing this book? No idea but I will regret it I can sense it Nope I definitely regret it The cheese factory ended with a true Harleuin ending I guess the Grab series is like the only Lolita Lopez thing I like? And since the issues with Ellora's Cave well I guess I ain't getting that Well c'est la vie there are books to come

  9. Timeforme Timeforme says:

    Main CharactersLaleh Sarafpour A refugee from a planet where women are abused and considered chattelPike Grayson A spacefleet Admiral who decides to marry Laleh to keep her from being deported to her home planetSynopsisLaleh is a political refuge who is about to be deported to her home world due to a clerical error In her own world women are abused and treated as chattel Pike Grayson saves Laleh from her half brother and offers to marry her so she can be naturalized as an Earth citizenThe story tells about their marriage as it changes from one of convenience to one of loveMy ThoughtsWell written and interesting characters

  10. Sven Sven says:

    What I hoped for An female alien male human sci fi romance with steamy scenesWhat this book is For at least 23 of the book we might as well be in a contemporary setting for there is nothing that feels even remotely alien about the girl or the situationsThe sci fi elements in the story is very light almost non existent the story could have just as easily been about a girl from a middle eastern kingdom and a navy officerDon't get me wrong it's readable al right it's just not what I expected

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