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  • Thunder Over Kandahar
  • Sharon E. McKay
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  • 06 July 2015
  • 9781554512669

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  1. Terri Terri says:

    Thunder Over Kandahar is often recommended in reviews to be used in Social Studies classes to teach current events For those who might find A Thousand Splendid Suns or The Kite Runner too long too intense too violent Thunder Over Kandahar might be a appropriate choice The 247 page book though not strong in the writing department is a fast read features a compelling story and includes much important information on the history of Afghanistan and the current situation there including a timeline and a glossary of terminology used as well as placing focus on the important issue of the treatment of women in this region It is highly recommended for male and female teen readersThe story focuses on two teen Afghan girls Yasmine and Tamanna Yasmine was born and raised in Great Britain Her parents both highly educated and respected feel the call to return to their homeland of Afghanistan Yasmine however at first does not see the allure of Herat and her parents' homeland The idea expressed on page 225 is often repeated throughout the story 'We are young we are educated we are strong If we too run away what hope is there for our country? It is not the West that the old mullahs fear It is modernity Anything modern or new is a challenge to their way of thinking Education is our only hopeWe are all Afghans first' In Herat Tamanna is hired to be Yasmine's companion Tamanna who has been raised in Afgahnistan has been subjected to loss violence and cruel sexism Because of the loss of both her father and her brothershe and her mother live with the brutal Uncle Zaman The relationship between the two girls provides the foundation for the novel When Yasmine's parent's are shot and Uncle sells Tamanna to be married the two girls flee into the Afghan mountains with the goal of crossing the border into Pakistan The writing in Thunder over Kandahar is somewhat lacking beginning with the confusing use of point of view The author uses a somewhat omniscient point of view switching back and forth between the two girls sometimes in the middle of a chapter The writing is choppy as well Despite this Sharon Mckay creates a compelling story and gives us what seems to be an accurate depiction of the extremely difficult circumstances under which Afghan women liveMcKay also succeeds at creating memorable compelling characters Yasmine and Tamanna are unforgettable as is their sister like comittment to one another Despite the fact that many of the men clearly operate in a male dominant uneducated violent fanatical fashion there are male characters who are clearly good guys such as Yasmine's father and Babrack And there are others who are not so clearly good like Noor Through him and to a certain extent through Tamanna's twin brother Kabeer we see how difficult it is for males in this culture as well What is right is not always so clear Obama says American soldiers will be out of Afghanistan soon One can see clearly through Thunder over Kandahar the complexity of the situation in which these soldiers find themselves The novel provides great thematic material for thought and discussion education as power friendship family sexism endurance strength love of country paying it forward war religious fanaticism violence and on and on Thunder over Kandahar would indeed be a great piece to use in the classroom

  2. Rachel Seigel Rachel Seigel says:

    Sharon McKay's new novel set in Afghanistan packs an emotional punch Full of horror and hope at the same time readers gain insight into the conditions in Afghanistan and an understanding of their culture and people While there are violent events it's not a graphic book and it's about the human story Absolutely worth the read and a different perspective on a hot button topic

  3. Hiba Hiba says:

    The book Thunder Over Kandahar by Sharon E Mckay is a very interesting book with many twists and turn as you readI give thunder Over Kandahar a four star rating I would recomend it to everyone It is a realistic fiction because it talks about real life of people in Afghanistan What they do everyday and why Pretty much what life is like there being a girlThis book focuses on a story about two thirteen year old girls Tamanna and Yasmine Yasmine’s parents are originally from Afghanistan but moved to England and the story starts when they move back in this story Yasmine faces difficulties in the culture of Afghanistan For example “girls are not allowed to go to school because people think that they need to stay home and clean and cook” where as in England she was allowed to go to school In Afghanistan “She is not allowed to leave the house without a male accompanying her in England she was free to do anything Although things do get alot better for Yasmine when she meets her new best friend Tamanna They share their knowledge and stories of home with each other and form and amazing friendship But things go down hill when Tamanna has an arranged marriage with an older man and Yasmine’s parents are accused as being spy's Tamanna and Yasmine decide they have to leave And getting to Pakistan may not be as easy as it seamed beforeI think this book is a well writing realistic fiction book about life in Afghanistan It was fun to read this book because the things that go on in the book really do happen in Afghanistan which makes it very interesting Although at one point in the beginning of the book it got a little bit confusing but as soon as the story picked up it was very much interesting I would rate it a 4 out of 5 over allThe thing that made this book very interesting was the literary devices they used Ex Similes Metaphors and imagery language For Example on page 165 the book states “”Her eyes as black as pebbles under water glistened” “”a great plug of chewing tobacco lay like donkey turd in the middle of the path” and “”Khariji soldiers manning long thin machine guns and wearing black helmets and menacing looking masks bore down upon them” These are just a few examples of Thunder Over Kandahar’s literary devices

  4. Ms. Bees Ms. Bees says:

    Thunder Over Kandahar by Sharon E McKay is a thought provoking book that tells the story of two girls living in Afghanistan In the book there is a clash of cultures Yasmine was raised in London England but her family returns to Afghanistan to try to improve conditions there She must adjust to a country where women have fewer rights and freedoms The other main character Tamanna has lived in Afghanistan all her life She is used to living under threat from the Taliban and her uncle The girls meet and become friends facing many dangers togetherI particularly like this book because of its realism It is set in modern day Afghanistan where Canadian and American forces are trying to set up democratic government while being challenged by the Taliban The lives of Afghan people are clearly illustrated Women still have few freedoms in this country Their lives are often controlled by their male relatives Boys are in danger of being kidnapped by terrorists or blown up by landmines It is a very different world and it was interested being immersed in it when reading the bookThe only thing I disliked about the book was the ending The book itself realistically shows the lives of people in Afghanistan who often deal with harsh realities However the end seems a bit too positive Almost everything seems to work out for the characters which in reality probably wouldn't be the case I think I would like a bit uncertainty in the ending However it is nice to think that conditions in the countries will become positive so perhaps the overly happy ending is forgivable

  5. Sonja D Sonja D says:

    After reading Thunder Over Kandahar by Sharon E McKay I decided that overall it was a pretty good book It started out pretty uickly when Yasmines' mother was beaten by members of the Taliban I enjoyed how it instantly got the reader to understand how hard life in Afghanistan would be especially for women Seeing as this was the message of the book I thought this aspect was very important The author helped you to really get to know the characters and about their lives which was important because if not the reader probably wouldn't have as much sympathy for them making the book less intriguing and ruining the message A few things I didn't like about the book were how they made Tammanas' brother Kabeer seem very important to her and even after he joined the Taliban and almost killed her best friend she was able to forgive him I didn't like this because the author didn't tell anything about the brother and sisters relationship before he joined the Taliban therefore in the readers eyes he was just evil and Tammanas' forgiveness seemed foolish Another thing I didn't like was how Yasmine and Tammanas' friendship was practicaly bought by Yasmines' parents and if they hadn't paid Tammana to play with their daughter they probably never would have been friends I thought it would have been a much deeper friendship if against everything that was happening in their lives they became friends without one of them having to be paid Overall I would have to say Thunder Over Kandahar was a good book and sent an important message to readers I would definitely recommend it to other people I would rate it 35 stars because although it was good there were a few confusing and uninteresting parts of the story

  6. Scott Scott says:

    I thought this was a well written novel about the history of Afghanistan and how the Taliban took over and how much daily life changed under their control The two main characters Tamanna and Yasmine come from 2 different walks of life but grow to become best friends Tamanna born and raised in Afghanistan her and her mother often gets beaten by her uncle Yasmine was born in England after her parent fled Afghanistan when the Taliban first started They decided to go back they thought they thought the Taliban were defeated and wanted to help rebuild but they were wrong Eventually both of Yasmine's parents were stuck injured and sick in hospitals So she was alone to try and escape the Taliban She met up with Tamana and together they tried to escape through the heart of Taliban territory until they got separated by the Taliban You can learn in this novel things you cant in history textbooks the fear of the citizens of Afghanistan who's lives are at risk every single day and are trying desperately to flee the country It showed truly how bad the Taliban really was and it made the reader feel bad for all the innocent people whose lives were ruined by the Taliban The part that grabbed my attention most about this book is the struggle and how hard people tried to get away from the Taliban The novel made me feel like I was in the situation and how desperate people were to leaving for a better lifethe part I disliked about this book was that the somewhat confusing point of view It switches back and forth between Tamanna and Yasmine even throughout chapters It was sometimes confusing to know who's view I was reading at certain points along the story

  7. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer Krista the Krazy Kataloguer says:

    This one kept me awake all night as I couldn't stand the suspense and had to read on Yasmine born and raised in Britain of Afghani parents finds herself reluctantly in a village in Afghanistan with them and is having a hard time adjusting to the traditional restrictions placed upon women She befriends an an Afghani teen girl from a poor family and the two become like sisters However when the new school opens and the two try to attend tragedy strikes The two girls find themselves fleeing for their lives toward the Pakistani border through hills swarming with Taliban soldiers Will they reach safety? Will Yasmine ever see her parents again? The author lived in Afghanistan so the details of life there ring true I can't imagine living in such a culture of fear It made me appreciate the peace I have here in the US I wish teens would read this so that they could understand what is happening in Afghanistan even today and so that they could appreciate their own country Combine it with Deborah Ellis' trilogy The Breadwinner Parvana's Journey and Mud City Suzanne Fisher Staples' Under the Persimmon Tree and Rukhsana Khan's Wanting Mor Very highly recommended

  8. Deanna Day Deanna Day says:

    Realistic fiction survival family friendshipYasmine along with her father and mother have moved to Afhganistan the birthplace of her parents The book takes place after September 11th and the UN has entered the country Yasmine's family has returned to Afhganistan to be help the country rebuild Unfortunately early in the book Yasmine's mother is attacked by men in black turbans with clubs because she is not accompanied by a man and does not wear a burka The father is asked to take a leave of absence from his university position because his lectures on world religion discuss that Christians Jews and Muslims are all connected to Abraham Even though the Taliban are not ruling Afhganistan they still try to keep their rules Yasmine has a difficult time adjusting to Afhganistan's do nots such as not meeting a man's gaze being alone with a boy or man who is not a relative not showing any skin not attending school etc

  9. Ben G Ben G says:

    Thunder Over Kandahar by Sharon E Mckay is an amazing book that grabed my attention all the way through the book It was an insparational book that taught me never to leave anybody behind everIn this story 14 year old Yasmin went for a walk with her mother who started singing a lulaby to her but mid song the taliban came from nowhere and almost beat her mother to death But luckily enough they stopped before she was dead and left her with a warning where soon after Yasmin had called 911 where her mother had been rusher to the hospital This is just the first 2 chapters of a great bookIn my opinion this book was awesome I loved the whole thing especially when Yasmiun faked her death to save her best friend and family Great book overall

  10. Monica Stanczyk Monica Stanczyk says:

    This is a pretty uick read about two friends in modern day Afghanistan It is a pretty realistic book but for some reason didn't keep my interest for very long At one point when Yasmine lost her memory I thought that was so out of the blue and random I think the author could have worked that into the story a little smoothly

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Thunder Over Kandahar A powerful novel of enduring friendship set amid the terror and chaos of present day Afghanistan Best friends Tamanna and Yasmine cannot believe their good fortune when a school is set up in their Afghan village; however their dreams for the future are shattered when the Taliban burns down the school and threatens the teacher and students with death As Tamanna faces an arranged marriage to an older man and the Taliban targets Yasmine’s western educated family the girls realize they must flee Traveling through the heart of Taliban territory the two unaccompanied young women find themselves in mortal danger After suffering grave injuries—Tamanna from a fall and Yasmine from a suicide bombing—the girls are left without the one thing that has helped them survive—each other The book features stunning photographs by award winning photojournalist Rafal Gerszak The New York Times BBC World News that bring readers an immediate sense of the faces and landscape of Afghanistan Filled with tension and drama Thunder Over Kandahar paints a vivid portrait of the perils of contemporary Afghanistan