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Men Speak Out Views on Gender Sex and Power There is so much ground to cover regarding men and masculinity from a feminist perspective and this book does a good job of covering much of that territory with sincere insight from men about what it is like to live as a man while recognizing and learning about the complexities of gender and feminism Overall a very engaging collection of stories by and about men and feminism Topics are vast but include sex pornography male privilege gaybi racismPOC and masculinity hooray shira this is an accessible engaging honest collection of men speaking about gender sex and power they don't have all the answers but it was heart warming to read about their commitment to ending violence again women we need our allies This book includes 39 essays written by men who identify themselves as feminists They represent a wide range of masculine identities The essays forced me to rethink the whole 'can men be feminists' debate Very thought provoking and it thoroughly explored many perspectives I read a lot of feminist books written by women so it was interesting to get a male take on gender issues Men Speak Out is a collection of essays written by and about pro feminist men In the essays which feature original lively and accessible prose anti sexist men make sense of their gendered experiences in today's cultureThe authors tackle the issues of feminism growing up male recognizing masculine privilege taking action to change the imbalance of power and privilege and the constraints that men experience in confronting sexism They describe their successes and challenges in bucking patriarchal systems in a culture that can be unsupportive of or downright hostile to a pro feminist perspectiveIn these chapters a diverse group of men reflect on growing up share moments in their day to day lives and pose serious uestions about being a pro feminist male living working thinking and learning in a sexist society recognizing masculine privilegeSo in other words hating yourself

  • Hardcover
  • 295 pages
  • Men Speak Out Views on Gender Sex and Power
  • Shira Tarrant
  • English
  • 06 February 2016
  • 9780415956567