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Nightfall First in a stunning new post apocalyptic paranormal romance trilogy Growing up with an unstable often absent father who preached about the end of the world Jenna never thought in her wildest nightmares that his predictions would come true Or that he would have a plan in place to save her one that includes the strong stoic man who kidnaps and takes her to a remote cabin in the Pacific NorthwestThe mysterious ex Marine named Mason owes a life debt to Jenna's father Skilled and steadfast he's ready for the prophesied Change but Jenna proves tough to convince Until the power grid collapses and mutant dogs attack vicious things that reek of nature gone wrongWhen five strangers appear desperate to escape the bloodthirsty packs Jenna defies her protector and rescues them As technology fails and the old world falls away Jenna changes too forever altered by supernatural forces To fight for their future she and Mason must learn to trust their instinctive passion a flame that will see them through the bitter winter the endless nights and the violence of a new Dark Age Waffling between 3 and 35 stars I think having two writers who write in very different genres is forcing me down to the 3Interesting concept the story definitely held my attention and I was invested in the characters but I felt like I could clearly see when one author would leave off and the other would pick up the story It went from an apocalyptic sci fi to extreme PNR and swung back around a few times Kinda gave me motion sickness I didn't feel like the stories wove together very wellHowever I found myself reading this compulsively sneaking in pages when the bosses were in meetings and staying up late to read just a little I think this was a good start to the series and I'm excited to read the next book ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Not The Worst Re Read⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Second re read 15032019 Strangely this book isn't actually so bad After my last re read of another book of MF I thought this re read would go to hell as well however I am pleasantly surprised that it kept my attention It's filled with action and some badassery is that even a word and a making of pack Though as usually there's some thing that bothered me I find that the book lacked the depth and closeness that the pack in the making should have It should've been built up Same goes for the relationship between the two main characters It goes too long with bickering only to suddenly find true caringlove for one another It just should have had That said the concept this world of the Dark Age is uite interesting and I wish this one had had of that with Jenna and Mason As it is though the series continues with different couples each book which I have not read And I'm uncertain of whenever I will Plus there are some things that I would've like answered; like how Mason and Jenna can communicate telepathically Why could they do thatNew rating 253 stars The wolf shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid and the calf and the lion and the fatling together and a little child shall lead them Other Characters→ Bob Suleski a middleaged man who was a coach view spoilerDead; got eaten hide spoiler 35 StarsThe absolute best thing about this book was the world I have never read a Romance like it and it rocked my world It felt so fresh and different from the usual Paranormal Romances There weren’t any zombies in it although they sure seemed zombie like but it read just like a zombie movie It had all the tension and excitement inherent to those movies Because the dawning of the Dark Age was occurring as we were reading the book we the reader faced the same uncertainty and nerves that the characters did It was a very effective was of sucking me inI know I just mentioned it but I want to stress how much I loved the way the book unfolded The Dark Age didn’t happen at the same time for everyone It didn’t start in the United States at all So rumors and fear are widespread even though some people don’t believe it will spread It settled in the East when it finally hit the US The West side split from them and lived in their comfortable world of denial They didn’t believe the rumors of what was really going on out there in the world Because of their denial we get to discover the truth right alongside Jenna our heroine from the West We don’t know uite what is going on we just know they need to hide Electronics stop working cars won’t start And the demon dogs are the stuff of nightmares I loved the way the author setup the early interactions between Jenna and Mason He doesn’t come up to her and try to explain and rationalize what is going to happen He knows time is running out so he does the most expedient thing—he kidnaps her Honest to God kidnaps her She’s terrified and she doesn’t trust him even when he starts to explain It’s not until undeniable proof is presented later that she really believes I loved that this wasn’t sugarcoated because I wouldn’t have believed it if it had been But with the way it was written I could understand Jenna’s emotions just like I could understand her slow softening toward him after she learned the truth Although from the subject matter you would think this would be a book filled with nonstop action it wasn’t Don’t get me wrong there was action and horror that’s just not all there was The author included slower tension filled sections that gave us a good idea of how scary and boring the waiting can be And when Jenna extends their safety to a group of strangers we get to see that being a Good Samaritan is not always a good idea when food is in short supply I loved that we got to see a wide range of characters They were true strangers and each had a very different personality I really really loved getting to see how each person reacted differently to the situation I find myself curious about Penny but Tru is the secondary character that I liked the most I liked watching him grow from being a punk kid who hasn’t seen an eyeliner he doesn’t like kidding to being an integral part of their survival team I guess the apocalypse was the making of him I found Mason and Jenna’s relationship by turns compelling and disturbing Mason was focused on keeping them alive and rarely gave in to softer emotions I can understand his hyper vigilance even though Jenna had an issue with it Jenna’s emotions rocked back and forth between angry and thankful I could understand her out of kilter emotions to a degree the world is going to hell after all but it was taken to the extreme a little too much I actually came to intensely dislike Jenna By the end of the book I was mostly fond of her again but it was a close thing there for a whileJenna would push Mason for caring and affection and then become intensely angry when he shook her off But half the time they were in a very dangerous situation I cheered Mason on for brushing her off when she wanted to hold his hand for comfort He needs to be at the ready to fight because he was really the only thing keeping them from dying That’s what made me so angry at her I am tired of people who bitch and moan about the person who is keeping their ass alive They're in every movie or book where characters are forced to survive in a world gone mad and I'm sick of those people criticizing the very skills that are saving them Personally I want that tough as nails person with me when the end comes Now don’t get me wrong I understand that Mason did need to learn how to relax and allow intimacy during the down times I’m not saying he didn’t need to work on it I’m just saying that I was tired of Jenna picking the worst moment for affection and then taking it so personally when he didn’t cooperate And the fact that Jenna thought it was okay to punish him by being a tease Very very unattractive in my eyes No wonder he was afraid to try to get close after thatBecause Jenna’s emotions were all over the place I never knew uite how she would react to anything It was like being around someone with a short fuse You constantly wondered when they were going to snap this time around The emotions were portrayed well and it all felt intense but they kind of made me uncomfortable They were even physically fighting with each other at one point And they both tended to link anger with arousal It was intense sure but it just wasn’t for me When Mason and Jenna finally got together in the end it didn’t feel uite right to me At times I really wondered if the author kept changing her mind while writing about how she wanted to portray Jenna because she felt a little bipolar Because she was so all over the place with her emotions I didn’t think her uick switch to love and devoted caring for Mason felt authentic I needed a gradual change for a girl that could be so whacked outAlthough I had issues with the romance I still plan to rush out and buy the second book whenever it came out The book was gritty and dark and the author was not afraid to throw in an unexpected twist or two I had a hard time accepting the hero and heroine’s ability to communicate and work through their issues but I had no doubts about the sexual tension That sucker popped So if you’re in the mood for something different I recommend giving this a whirl Favorite uote If survival means kissing somebody who smells like you I want no part of itReview originally posted on Fiction Vixen Favorite uote “If survival means kissing somebody who smells like you I want no part of it”The world is coming to an end Changing in ways people can not comprehend – and that is if you can live to see tomorrow Technology is failing Cars won’t start And maybe the scariest there are what people refer to as demon dogs hunting eating and devastating the human population It started in eastern Europe and has slowly made its way west Because there is no communication and worse not many people left who have survived this apocalypse the people in the western United States do not know what is headed for them Except Mason Mason met up with a man named Mitch Barclay when he was young Mitch was crazy to most people spouting off crazy theories about the world ending But Mason listened and then watched as a demon dog killed him The last thing Mitch asks of Mason is to save his daughter when the time comesThat is how Mason ends up kidnapping the unknowing Jenna one night in Oregon Jenna knows the world isn’t exactly a safe place but she never thought danger lurked out by her mailbox Mason ties her up and takes her to a secluded cabin in the woods It is here where she first is angry and upset that she has been kidnapped But it is also here where she witnesses the demon dogs up close Sees what they can actually do to a human She learns of Mitch and Mason’s relationship and they bunker down for a long cold winterBut they aren’t going to be alone for long A group of five strangers show up at their cabin door pleading for a safe place to stay Low on food already and patience Mason wants nothing to do with them but Jenna’s heart is too big to turn them away Together this misfit group must face a new worldNightfall is the first book in the Dark Age of Dawning series by Ellen Connor aka the writing team of Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty Dark intense and downright scary this book is pretty full of awesome The world they have created just might give you nightmares but I also bet you won’t be able to put this book down The fear that comes off these characters as they try to outwit these viscous beings can be felt off the pages These demon dogs were actually once human Some even shift to somewhat of a human if killed But there is no humanity in these dogs They need to eat and they have ways of communicating with each other Towns cities even states have been wiped out Mason an ex marine becomes this little group’s leader Having knowledge and warnings from Jenna’s father years ago he is somewhat prepared to lead this group Jenna is the heart She is strong and level headed but she also is kind and is the glue that holds these strangers togetherWe also meet Tru a teenager who is uick to throw an insult but deep down is just as unsure about himself than every other teenager He is good with a gun and becomes Mason’s second We also have the 44 year old Angela with her young daughter Penelope who never speaks but eerie things happen with her as the book progressesThere are some gruesome scenes in this book where my eyes went very wide I may never look at a spider the same way again When a demon dog bites you you don’t necessarily turn into one of them but you turn intosomething As Jenna and Mason run through a town they see dead half human half other animal people everywhere At the core of this book is a story of survival And accepting the fact that life will never go back to “normal” Throughout their struggle Mason and Jenna have this very intense romance Mason likes to be in charge and likes everything to go his way Even though their attraction is very evident between them Jenna refuses to proceed with it until Mason gives her something back And boy is he stubborn However I love that the romance is just as hard and even dark like the book isThere are some crazy twists in this one especially towards the end For as much action and suspense we get in this book I kind of wish it was a little longer Or the ramifications that happen to certain characters were explored I love this book but I wanted a little at the end I kind of expected this to be of an urban fantasy series but instead the next book is about a supporting character I don’t’ want to be done with Jenna and Mason yet There is still so much to exploreThat being said I’m very excited to see where Ellen Connor takes us in this world There is much to be explored and the last two books of this trilogy feature characters you meet hereRating B

  • Paperback
  • 327 pages
  • Nightfall
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  • 21 January 2016
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