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  1. Ingie Ingie says:

    Review written August 20 201644 Stars Yay this was a very amusing audiobook listening I just adored these lovely witty and sassy? lovebirds My very favorite kind of lighthearted but still lovely romantic suspenseful historicalOnce again time for me to get my greedy hands on a Loretta Chase historical This time the 1148 hours Mr Impossible the second audiobook edition in the Carsington Brothers series narrated by Kate Reading Book #2 Mr Impossible was a absolutely perfect car driving listening this Olympic week A historical set in Egypt nearly two hundreds years 1821 ago Full speed from start to finish a beautiful sweet HEA 'course and not a boring or slow minute Mr Impossible is the story about Rupert Carsington fourth son of the Earl of Hargate a irresistibly handsome and unapologetically irresponsible young noble man who is his big aristocratic family's favorite disaster Sent to Egypt he soon stumbles over the bookish scholar and interesting Daphne Pembroke Our heroine is a British young widow who needs Mr Carsington's immediately help to rescue her brother Miles She fears her beloved brother and best friend has been kidnapped by a rival seeking a legendary old Egypt treasure « The partnership will be strictly business she'll be the brains; he the brawn » A bit traditional HR fluffy romantic lightly hot and steamy a gorgeous dream hero and much much laughter Add some nice second characters and a adventurous journey along the river Nile's fascinating ancient pyramids Pharaoh tombs and old smelling mummies TerrificMaybe I will write a proper review some day I will anyway without doubt continue this Carsington Family series Audiobook and narratorThere are some fabulous great author narrator combos to explore in the romance genre Chase Reading is one of those simply fantastic It just can't be much better You know you will get a high standard performance every timeI LIKE to smile giggles and chuckle early nice summer mornings when doing my 45 minutes drive to work A year ago I also very much enjoyed the next installment #3 Lord Perfect 43 stars A lovetale about another much stiff and proper brother but as entertaining Recommended as well

  2. Dina Dina says:

    This was a very fun historical romance set in an exotic location Egypt with charming and adventurous characters The second book in the Carsington Brothers series Mr Impossible is about Rupert Carsington the reckless fourth son of the powerful Earl of HargateHere's what we learn about Rupert in the first pages of the book In the month and a half since the Earl of Hargate’s fourth son had arrived in Egypt he had broken twenty three separate laws and been jailed nine times For what Mr Carsington had cost the England consulate in fines and bribes Mr Salt His Majesty's consul general might have dismantled and shipped to England one of the smaller temples on the island of PhilaeHe now knew exactly why Lord Hargate had sent his twenty nine year old offspring to Egypt It was not as his lordship had written “to assist the consul general in his services on behalf of the nation”It was to saddle someone else with the responsibility and expenseLOL Yes Rupert Carsington is the ultimate Mr ImpossibleWhen Mrs Daphne Pembroke a 28 year old widow who's secretly a linguistic genius and has been trying to solve the mystery of Egyptian writing for years seeks Mr Salt's assistance to rescue her kidnapped brother Miles the helpful consul general finds the perfect opportunity to get himself rid of the troublemaker Mr Carsington and offers the gentleman's services to her Daphne isn't sure about Rupert when she meets him because he seems to be well dim witted but she takes him anyway after all she's intelligent enough for both and all she needs from him is his brawny body No not for that At least not right away ;That's how Rupert and Daphne get together and start their adventurous uest for her brother Miles and what a bumpy and fun ride that turns out to be Cliché but I have to say it Rupert and Daphne were perfect for each other He was tall dark handsome and yay not as stupid as he pretended to be She was a bookish no nonsense beautiful woman trained by her deceased husband to hide her figure and her passions He made her laugh and set her free of her misconceptions about herself and she helped him find a purpose in life to love her and make her happy Yup that was it and that was my problem with this book I loved Rupert's antics and his sense of humor was contagious but I'm not sure I got him I didn't understand why he acted the way he did pretending to be an idiot when he was clearly an intelligent man What good came out of it? His family thought he was a helpless hellion They loved him but I don't think they respected him much Luckily for him Daphne saw through his façade and fell in love with him Besides Rupert and Daphne this book also has a charming set of secondary characters Daphne's crazy servants were hillarious and the villains yes there was than one were conniving and ruthless I was surprised at the body count in this book but Ms Chase didn't dwell on that so I decided to let it go I wasn't going to let that pesky gory detail ruin my fun LOLAs for the plot this story had it all Action intrigue suspense humor romance mayhem you name it All events were aptly connected in the end even the ones that were mentioned for no obvious reason at first I love it when an author keeps all the facts in line and doesn't get lost somewhere in the middle of the road Yes Lora Leigh I'm talking to you LOL The ending was a little vague to suit me The HEA was there but I didn't get enough of it to see what kind of life Rupert and Daphne will have I can't say you'll have to read the book to understand or not how I feel about itOverall I had a great fun time reading this book It didn't make my keepers shelf but I highly recommend it for everyone who loves funny historical romances

  3. Robin (Bridge Four) Robin (Bridge Four) says:

    Sometimes after a lot of time spent in fantasy I need something just full of cotton candy fluff and usually Historical Romance is that for me Mr Impossible definitely fit the bill and was exactly what I neededIt was a fun blend of funny and clever mixed with far away places in a far away time It was like The Mummy meets a Jane Austin Novel Rupert as a hero was so much fun and his teasing with Daphne is adorable “That man she said in low but still audible tones is an idiotYes madam but he's all we've gotI may be stupid Rupert said but I'm irresistibly attractiveGood grief conceited too she mutteredAnd being a great dumb ox he went on I'm wonderfully easy to manageShe paused and turned to Beechey Are you sure there's no one else?” Daphne is brilliant when it comes languages but she is a woman and so no one takes her seriously She has filtered all of her work through her brother for years So when someone kidnaps him thinking he will be able to translate a papyrus rud to lead to a treasure in Egypt Daphne needs some help to find him before the kidnappers discover he can’t do itRupert might not have been her first choice The man has been in trouble in Egypt than any other Englishman alive but she is desperate and he is intrigued by the clever woman hiding behind the veil with the fantastically entertaining temper He pushes her buttons just to see it flairThe adventure to find Daphne’s brother was fun and I loved the setting of Egypt as the backdrop for the story I just pretended it was like the settings in The Mummy movies Rupert and Daphne have uite a few close calls and excitement along the way as well as some heated kisses and wink wink The resolution to the plot and the love affair was also well doneview spoiler “I am not insane he said A woman of your highly advanced intellect ought to be able to perceive that I am in love With you I wish you had told me It was deuced embarrassing to find it out from your brother” hide spoiler

  4. Rane Rane says:

    This was such a fun and delightful read it had me laughing till my sides hurt Rupert wasn't a tragic hero wasn't someone who had any hardships what he is is a loveable dork with a carefree laid back attitude with a sly sense of humor that would have anyone either shaking their heads or laughing along with him Although he makes everyone assume he has nothing in his head he surprises everyone and even himself with his insight on people and matters but always has time for a good fight and naming every animal he comes across some oddball name even the boat he happens to sail Unlike other romance heros he pretty upfront with his feelings and doesn’t hide behind a temper or runs away from troubles but fights them head on which ends up getting him into trouble Which Daphne usually has to bail him out of Daphne is bookish and doesn’t have to much to do with the outside world expect for anything dealing with her books and studies She cares deeply for her brother and goes out of her way to save him even so much as getting help from the so called dumb ox Mr Rupert Carsington but because she’s pretty much become a hermit after the death of her first husband trying to prove her worth in a man’s world she’s been missing out on life With a temper and guts she goes on a misadventure with Rupert finding herself along the way Rupert and Daphne are a great pair bringing out something in each other that they didn’t even know they had in them With Daphne she was scared of people’s judgement of her and her work she hides behind her brother and his name Self conscious about her looks and passion from her husband’s treatment blooms with Rupert With Rupert he finds someone to protect and someone who will stand beside him no matter what with a sense of humor to boot I thought it was pretty charming when Rupert finally figures out he’s in love with Daphne not knowing what that emotion was along The tension between the two is great adding humorous moments to an already humor filled book The secondary characters were great and moved the story along in a fast pace adding adventure and trouble in the pathway of Rupert and Daphne I feel my only trouble with the whole book wasn’t the story or any of it’s characters but with the way it was told I really couldn’t get the hang of how Loretta Chase kept jumping back and forth between characters POVs and found it pretty annoying at timesOverall a adventure filled romance boos with two characters you can’t help but love and lots of humor that will having you laughing long after you read it

  5. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    My faith in Loretta Chase was firmly restored with this book It was a grand adventure with an unforgettable hero and a strong independent intelligent heroine and it was set in Egypt I do love adventure romances with exotic settings The dialogue sparkles as Rupert always knows the most outrageous things to say to shock Daphne He comes off as being a loser but he's a very sharp resourceful guy and he comes to Daphne's aid multiple times In fact he is just what Daphne needs as she is suffering from Premature Aging Syndrome Her deceased husband was older than her and very stodgy and so she's a bit stiff Yes she's a bit on the stuffy side but she's spunky and sharp tongued than able to keep up with Rupert Her one and only passion prior to Rupert of course is her love of deciphering hieroglyphics a talent she had to keep hidden because of her husbands beliefs against educated passionate women If you like movies like The Mummy and Indiana Jones you'll like this I think Daphne and Evie from The Mummy have some things in common There are not many love scenes in this book but Chase makes them count and you never doubt the emotions between Rupert and Daphne Although Lord of Scoundrels The Last Hellion and The Mad Earl's Bride are still my favorites by her this book is an excellent addition to my keeper shelf

  6. Christina ~ Brunette Reader Christina ~ Brunette Reader says:

    When it comes to romantic adventures Mr Impossible is an extremely fun romp showing what happens when you move some typical Regency fare into an archaeological Egypt setting and you do it right In the same niche up on par with Connie Brockway's As You Desire and its seuel The Other Guy's Bride my favourite of the two it features two intelligent and charming leads and Loretta Chase's trademark wit and flawless prose Rupert and Daphne the brawn and the brain though there's a lot to them and their sizzling chemistry paired with their sparkling banter beautifully complements the evocative atmosphere and the exhilarating storylineAnd there's a mischievous mongoose

  7. Natalie Natalie says:

    This is the best romance novel I have ever read So this is a review I wrote elsewhere and I think it's amusing so I'm cutting pasting it hereOkay my favoritest favorite favorite romance novel right now is Loretta Chase’s Mr Impossible It is GEEEEEENIUS Daphne is a brilliant hieroglyphics scholar and she married an old dude bc he totes promised her that she could continue to be a brilliant person EXCEPT HE LIED AND WAS A JACKASS AND TRIED TO SUISH HER SPIRIT BOOOOOOOOOOOO Then he died YAY but she is totally skittish and sorta traumatized AS YOU DO and then her brother disappears because everyone thinks he’s the brilliant scholar because it is 1820 and everyone knows that girls can’t be Egyptologists and there is hidden treasure OF COURSE and he has to help find it or else And then there’s Rupert who is kind of a big doofus and an English aristrocrat natch and honorable and kind and the first time he sees Daphne she’s in full mourning complete with veil so he totally cannot see what she looks like apart from female and HE THINKS SHE IS TOTALLY HOT The entire book is about HOW HOT HE THINKS HER BRAINS ARE And they go off looking for her brother they have hot sexytimes in a pyramid in the middle of a sandstorm WHAT YOU HAVE NEVER DONE THIS? an Evil White Imperialist Pig gets what’s coming to him brother gets saved Daphne gets recognized for being BRILLIANT they live HAPPILY EVER AFTER AMEN

  8. Quinn Quinn says:

    35 starsI’m coming to the conclusion that there’s something about Loretta Chase’s writing that just doesn’t uite click with me Despite all the attractions of this novel and there are plenty I found myself at times wondering when I would finish it so I could move on I never do that with the novels that click with me – I’m too busy enjoying the rideIs she too heavy on the narration or is the style of narration? I’m just not sure I love her characters I love the dialogue so I figure it must be something to do with the narration right? Or maybe it’s the pacing Argh – I wish I knew but every time I picked this book up I found myself checking to see how many pages I had left to go and I was always a little disappointed to see that there were so manyThe only other thing I can think of and this is going to sound ridiculous is the printing of the book itself It was a large format paperback no probs there but with tightly spaced writing so looong pages printed on poor uality rough and slightly coloured pages It made the book feel really old and slow going It was the same with Miss Wonderful which I also rated 35 starsAnyway as I said there was a lot to like in Mr Impossible Rupert fourth son of the Earl of Hargate and brother to Alistair from Miss Wonderful was pretty wonderful himself and such a change from the usual hero Rupert is a real character – a goofy larrikin trouble maker who takes a perverse pleasure in shocking people But he also is a man of great strength and courage capable of sweet tenderness A truly delightful combinationDaphne Pembroke a 28 year old scholar was made by her late husband to feel unattractive and unwomanly due to her bookishness intellect and passion Her confidence shattered she has dedicated herself to her studies of ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and hides her talent and achievements behind her brother believing them to be inappropriate and unwelcome to othersWhen Daphne is forced by circumstances to enlist Rupert’s aid in finding her kidnapped brother the pair embark on an action packed and dangerous adventure up the Nile and among the ancient tombs and ruinsRupert and Daphne are the embodiment of the saying ‘opposites attract’ They are fascinated by and truly appreciate and respect each others differences The things that others find unappealing about them are seen as special and wondrous I really loved them as a couple and didn’t close the cover with any concerns about their ability to make it work Their dialogue and banter was greatThe author also did a fantastic job on the setting She really brought ancient Egypt to life and captured the feel of the land its people and the utter devastation caused to the tombs and their contents due to the lack of respect and mercenary nature of treasure hunters I loved the setting and felt that the author did it justice – no mean feat in itselfThe side characters were also a uirky and well drawn bunch who added some great levity and personality to the mix – even Marigold the Mongoose The baddies were also nicely characterised for the most part and served to add great contrast to the humourAnd yet sigh Even with all these wonderful elements the final product was just not as good as the sum of its parts for me I’m still looking forward to the next in the series and hoping to get it in different formatbinding so I can further test my theory

  9. Ursula Ursula says:

    Oh how much I enjoyed this audio version of Mr Impossible I can see myself listening to the whole Carsington series that's for sureLC knows just how to create a hero and heroine who are strong and independent but also vulnerable and tender I think tenderness is what is so often missing in HR today with all these alpha man whores and sexually confident yet spineless heroinesThis was such a different story a brilliant intellect Daphne partnered with a very physical earthy man She valued and admired his strength and uncomplicated regard for her he adored her body AND especially her mind I loved that Here was a man who was simply proud of the woman's intelligence and her intellectual achievements Daphne was the one who had to get over her intellectual snobbery to stop seeing Rupert as a mindless dumb ox only interested in sex and fisticuffs Oh he was VERY invested in sex it was so funny that every time he was trying to come up with a plan for their crusade to find her brother all he kept thinking was how he wanted to get her naked He was intelligent too but had never been regarded as such If you tell someone often enough you are a useless dumb irresponsible playboy then that's all you will think you can be With Daphne Rupert finally found someone who appreciated his gifts and talents especially because they were exactly what was needed during their adventure She depended on him and he came through for herThere was plenty of wit Daphne had a lovely acerbic turn of phrase Rupert surprisingly clever rejoinders and the villain was a classic Dr Evil type except he looked like an angel His joy at receiving someone's head in a basket was hilarious and Daphne's brother although having only a small role in the book made some pithy and very amusing comments about his own situation I smiled A LOT in this book I giggled I was moved It was bloody adorable Most importantly there was no poorly contrived pseudo angst created by blowing easily resolved conflict out of all proportion just to drag the story out to the publisher's reuisite length The reservations the MCs had about having a future together were honest and real They were very different people It was going to take a while for Rupert to understand that what he felt was love the first time and for Daphne to believe that he would actually want to be with her view spoiler Her former husband really did a number on her self esteem because he was so jealous of her intellect hide spoiler

  10. KatieV KatieV says:

    I'm not 100% sure how to rate this one I was sick with the flu through the first 34 and to be perfectly honest I hated everything and everyone Literally the only thing I liked were my cats and that's because they were very snuggly and warm while I lay heaped in blankets I like to think they love me desperately but I think they mostly liked that I was inanimate and very warm to lay onI really enjoyed that last 14 and I think that's probably a better reflection of my feelings on this so I'll rate based on that impression It wasn't that I hated the first part I was just 'meh' about it I was however 'meh' about everythingThe hero is a sweetheart He really is the type of guy you'd want in real life However I do admit to enjoying reading about over the top alpha's that I'd probably have to murder in reality Rupert is of a beta hero Chase does likable beta heroes well Another good one was the hero in The Lion's Daughter These aren't wimpy guys by any means This hero loves to get in a good fight and is uite brave and heroic However he's very easy going and he has no deep seated issues or torments He's the type of guy that kids and animals are drawn to He doesn't let much get under his skin and he takes the h bossing him around with a grain of salt instead of a chip on his shoulder He's also very proud of her and not threatened by her intelligence which was exactly what this heroine needed Like I said there was great real world potential in this guy Aside from some baggage the widowed heroine was carrying over her bad first marriage there isn't a lot of relationship drama This is centered on outside drama to carry the story There's lots of adventure to be found in the competition to get the best Egyptian artifacts and decipher ancient Egyptian The villain is very Heart of Darkness crazy too This would make for a good film since it is so action driven I was actually reminded of 'The Mummy' even though there were no supernatural elements There were lots of witty lines that made me smile so this was definitely something to read if you're looking for adventure and romance that is light on angstJust a note on something I wasn't uite comfortable with I know that the British were in the prime of their empire and colonization during the time this novel was set They were infamous for their racism against indigenous cultures The hero and heroine did not by any means mistreat the Egyptians but they did have what was probably a very period accurate attitude that these were superstitious 'savages' and they were the 'enlightened' ones I can handle that I like to be able to believe historical characters have a reasonably accurate mindset However nothing happened to prove them wrong or at least convey to the reader that the protagonists' POV wasn't the only one I'm not saying that all the locals were portrayed as villains because they definitely weren't but they were often played for comedy with all their superstitions It's just I don't know what I'm saying I realize this is romance and not a social commentary and perhaps I shouldn't expect a great deal of dimension from the supporting characters especially in a book that is not meant to be heavy The situation in which the Europeans felt they discovered this part of the world and were now fine with ransacking it was addressed but there were few moral judgements made Ironically the few that were were made by the supposed 'big dumb ox' hero who seemed most sensitive to the issues and people Perhaps Chase expected us to see the wrong for ourselves and took it for granted that we all realize that situation was messed up and deliberately chose to keep things like and fun I guess I'm just saying the cultural aspects made me wonder at times That's all I know to say I guess you could say I was confused on how I felt about that aspect and therefore feel I'm writing a confusing ramble on it So shutting up now

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Mr Impossible Carsington Brothers #2 Rupert Carsington fourth son of the Earl of Hargate is his aristocratic family's favourite disaster He is irresistibly handsome and irretrievably irresponsible Wherever he goes trouble follows Still Rupert's never met an entanglement emotional or other he couldn't escapeOnly now he's a prisoner in Cairo's most infamous prison and his only way out is accepting a beautiful widow's dangerous proposal Scholar Daphne Pembroke wants him to rescue her brother who's been kidnapped by a rival seeking a fabled treasure Their partnership is strictly business she'll provide the brains; he the brawn Simple enough in theoryBut as tensions flare and inhibitions melt in the blazing desert heat the most disciplined of women and the most reckless of men are about to clash in the most impossibly irresistible way

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  • 313 pages
  • Mr Impossible Carsington Brothers #2
  • Loretta Chase
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  • 05 November 2015
  • 9780749937119

About the Author: Loretta Chase

Loretta Lynda Chekani was born in 1949 of Albanian ancestry For her the trouble started when she learned to write in first grade Before then she had been making up her own stories but now she knew how to write them down to share In her teenage years she continue to write letters keep a journal write poetry and even attempt the Great American Novel still unfinished She attended New Engl