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Hers to Command She'd entrusted her lands to his skill but her heart was another matter Sir Henry was a knight errant capable of impressive prowess on the battlefield and in bed Finding two sisters one stunningly beautiful the other steadfast and determined waiting patiently in his chamber he entertained their proposition a generous sum in exchange for commanding their men at arms in a battle to save their lands Seduced by the beauty of Gisele yet irresistibly drawn to the intelligence of Mathilde a proud woman as complex as her secrets Henry accepts their offer But as invaders close in it is Mathilde who must dare to trust her deepest desires and the man willing to fight for all he is worth to prove his honor Why do evil men in these books always believe that they are entitled to rape and ravage women? Apart from the mandatory sex scene this honestly did not read like a Mills and Boon novel I don't know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing as I started reading it expecting a soppy chic lit story Towards the end of the novel I realised that I didn't particularly like the main heroine I realised that her supposed good ualities were in fact uite annoying Perhaps this is a Mills and Boon influence or maybe the problem lies with me as a reader but it left the story somewhat unresolved I felt as if the characters were undeserving of the ending Perhaps there is a greater Mills and Boon influence than what initially appears? Decent plot line I enjoyed it alot Typical bad cousin trying to take holdings from 2 sisters Evil man Glad he got his in the end Such a shame that the very good looking Knight Henry got so badly hurt I always hate when they let the hero get hurt or he's already terribly hurt Such disfigurement in such handsome men should be a crime lol Im excited to find and read the others from Brothers in Arms series now I remember really enjoying this one I still think about it from time to time Interesting medieval romance with uite bit of fighting Harry's story in the BIA series I liked that they gave the two lovers a lot to work through in terms of psychological damage which was a commonality between them PTSD in a medieval setting so to speakIt felt a lot bloodier and dangerous than many of the others perhaps because it's not just plotting and scheming but outright battle and siege that takes placeMathilde is an odd mix of a woman with scars who could well become a harridan but manages not to I think my brain was affected by reading The Conuered Brides though because I kept expecting a spanking to break out haAnyway it all worked out in the end and the author nicely serves up a bit of tragedy and sacrifice to even the emotional playing field between them both It was good to see Mathilde help Harry gain some maturity and gravitas and watch Harry lighten Mathilde's life up Glad the author did the epilogue would've been a bit flat without it

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