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His Border Bride Gavin Fitzjohn is the bastard son of an English prince and a Scotswoman A rebel without a country he has darkness in his soulClare Carr daughter of a Scottish border lord can recite the laws of chivalry and knows Gavin has broken every oneClare is gripped by desire for this royal rogue could he be the one to unleash everything she has tried so hard to hide These persuasive urges have stayed safely dormant until now

10 thoughts on “His Border Bride

  1. Susan Susan says:

    Pretty good story I especially liked the falconry stuff The hero was torn at the beginning of the story about who to show his allegiance to England or Scotland But because of the relationship with the heroine he was able to come to terms with his decision The heroine was sort of dense at times but I forgive her because she had a way with the falcons she had and tried to do what was best in situations though her reasoning wasn't always soundAll in all an interesting read and I would recommend this one

  2. cinnamon cinnamon says:

    25 stars Haddington Scotland 1356 Adult Medieval RomanceIf it weren't for the historical facts and the plot twist I would flung this book to the wall and left it to be forgotten The heroine Clare is the stupidest moronic idiot person ever She deserves all the curses imaginable solely for her childish behaviour and thoughts Reading about her was such a burden torture chore and I felt truly sorry for Gavin who's sometimes found himself in defeated whenever Clare's concernedRead on your own peril

  3. Katie Burkey Katie Burkey says:

    I wanted to like this book because of my obsession with Scotland but I had a hard time getting through it Historical fiction is my favorite genre but the plot and characters kind of just plodded along throughout 95% of the pages I liked the character of Gavin and was interested in reading about a half English half Scottish royal bastard but his attraction to Clare confused me She was so naive so annoying unintelligent and childish no wonder that fancy French comte didn’t want anything to do with her I suppose I could sympathize with her bitterness at being replaced by some random widow and her daughter in her father’s affections but 1 he never remarried and 2 she outranked the “stepmom and stepsister” because in this time period inheritance was strictly about bloodlines so she should have been secure about that at least The only bits I did like reading about was the falconry because I’ve always thought that was a freaking cool hobby that I’d like to pick up some day if I ever won the lottery

  4. Stephanie Burkhart Stephanie Burkhart says:

    Gifford crosses the border into Medieval Scotland with His Border Bride Gavin Fitzjohn has an English father and Scottish mother which divides his loyalties Mistress Claire Carr is the daughter of a Scottish noble charged with holding a tower on the border Can Gavin give Claire what she wants?As the story opens Gavin the bastard son of an English prince is given orders to burn a Scottish church by the king He refuses to do it and leaves Edward's army heading north to ScotlandClaire has gone out with a small party and her falcon to hunt Claire adores her falcon Wee One She encounters Gavin and reluctantly she allows him shelter in the keep Despite the unspoken chemistry between them Claire keeps Gavin at a distanceThe war is over for now and Claire's father returns with his soldiers including a Frenchman Alain Claire was fostered at his manor in France and knows the ways of lady like behavior She expects Alain to ask for her hand Her father knows better he gives her until Beltane for Alain to come forwardGavin proves himself to Claire's father He's chosen between his divided loyalties and that choice is Scotland When Alain doesn't speak for Claire her father betroths her to GavinClaire has many misgivings about Gavin They do share a passion falcons but is it enough of a foundation to build a loving marriage on?Gifford's plot flows well and never lingers Her writing is sharp yet a bit terse as she uses uick short sentences They impart a sense of urgency and apprehension to the reader capturing the spirit of the timesGifford weaves in a falconhunting analogy into the story which is interesting Her use of dialogue brings a convincing authenticity to the story It's easy for the reader to picture the setting in their mindBoth Gavin and Claire are dynamic leads Gavin feels a duel nature within being half English and Scottish He doesn't necessarily fit in either world so it is admirable he makes a decision to embrace his Scottish heritage He suffers from an ill warranted reputation but wear the stain with courage and nobility Despite Claire's apprehension he is loyal to herClaire having been fostered in France has certain high minded ideals of what its like to be a lady and a knight Gavin meets none of her knightly expectation yet she can't deny that his attention excites her After having her ideals shattered by Alain's lack of action Claire has to learn to reconcile her upbringing to what reality isThe novel has several love scenes between Gavin and Claire that are sensual Overall His Border Bride is a passionate escape into the past

  5. Readitnweep Readitnweep says:

    Gavin Fitzjohn is the son of an English prince and a Scotswoman who decides to return to Scotland where he finds shelter as a knight at the home of Clare Carr They marry but Clare fights between what she believes to be proper for a lady and what she wants while Gavin has his own border to crossRating this book is difficult I was uickly interested in the story and in the characters but my interest did not last The initial story that Gavin is torn between two countries in the 14th century was very intriguing Motherless Clare who feels her father abandoned her is attached to her falcons Unfotunately the falcon becomes a very forced metaphor for the relationship between the two main characters which okay at first but grew increasingly annoyingThey are forced to marry when her father decides Gavin is the best choice for Clare after he beats out the man she had unreuited like for As the story progresses Clare is shown to be shallow and selfish in how she treats Gavin how she acts towards other characters and how she tries to cling things that don't exist such as her feelings for the Frenchman and her ladylike principles These same principles also become annoying later on Once she and Gavin grow together it made no sense to me why she pulled back from him again The conflict grew murky and the ending was placed there without being a part of the story Clare sends Gavin away and he goes even though he's promised to be master of the tower only for a simple talk from her father's paramour to convince Clare that she might have been wrong to turn him away Not much of a climaxThere were things I liked here some interesting description the emphasis that battle and knights were not the flag carrying romantic stuff Clare believed and the fact that her father did seem to care for her even though Clare didn't see it I appreciated that the author never resolved that part of their relationship but left it hangingBut all these things made me give the book a 2 star rating though parts of it were better and parts worse

  6. Gailie Gailie says:

    I wanted to like this book than I did I like the setting and the characters had a good foundation The time period was very interesting and I liked how the hero and heroine were flawed and damaged I thought the interaction between the hero and heroine was a little too combative They had so much in common I think they could have better bonded over losing their mothers I also thought the the falconry symbolism went a little to far it was interesting in the mews but not really the bedroom

  7. Melanie Rigney Melanie Rigney says:

    I'm a big Blythe Gifford fan but I think this was my all time favorite of her books The relationships were complex and somewhat dark just as some are in real life I loved the way they both conuered their demons and faced their fears as well as their genuine love and passion for each other

  8. Cathie Cathie says:

    Engaging fast paced Scottish romance I particularly liked the parallels of characters and falcons Mixing real historical characters with fictional ones Ms Gifford neatly weaves Scots English conflicts into this story Fab bed time reading

  9. Dawn Dawn says:

    An interesting tale from a historical perspective Not much physical action but alot of emotional turmoil Worth a read

  10. Aparna Aparna says:

    total pain in the a heroine or utterly dumb

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