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Take Away the Pride She'd taken life as a joke till nowLying outrageously about her ualifications freewheeling Toby Anderson had wangled a position as Marcus du Mann's personal secretary But she was a secretarial disaster much to the disgust of MarcusThen a family emergency plunked an unwelcome baby nephew in his lap and Marcus reluctantly turned to Toby for help Toby found herself living with the infant and her insufferably overbearing bossSurprisingly Toby discovered she rather liked Marcus in his home element But her past lies kept her from revealing her feelings for Marcus despite the way his heart stopping kisses turned her glib world upside down

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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re Take Away the Pride Emma Richmond's HP debut is a tale of an h behaving badly and an H who can't seem to help but fall under her spellThe h needs a job she is a swimming instructor whose job offer was rescinded and now has no way to pay her rent to her roommate Because she had to leave school at 16 before getting any ualifications to help care for her injured and very ill father the h's job prospects are dismal Still the h has a fierce sense of duty to pay her fair share when her self employed father fell off a roof and was permanently injured her mother and the h both had to work full time to support them They were still very poor and there was a lack of food sometimes electricity would be cut off and the burden of 24 hour care for an angry and bitter helpless man So the h doesn't stop to think when the only job in the want ads is for an executive secretary she calls the number and lies about having several A and O levels and miraculously gets the highly paid jobThe H is the man who needs an executive assistant The h brought a bogus CV she made up to the interview and she was very charming and assertive in her self presentation Because the H has a major secret merger going on and his former secretary became seriously ill and had to resign he is up to his neck in work and needs a good assistant fast Based on the h's lie of being the top of her form and a whiz at all things business he hires her on the spot and decides to check her CV laterUnfortunately the h is charming and a bit arrogantly taunting towards the H there is a physical attraction there but she is hopeless at being an executive secretary Oddly the impression ER gives is that she is performing badly because she hates the job and being cooped up in an office the h whines a lot about the expectations that come with such a highly paid job but ER also gives hints that the h actually could do the job if she just applied herselfThen the H's sister's husband has a bad accident while overseas The h takes the call while the H is in a big board meeting She instantly makes all the arrangements to get the sister to the foreign country where her husband is hospitalized right down to having people to meet and guide the sister to the proper location and finding her a place to stay while the husband is hospitalized She lets the H know about the situation and also about her arrangements The H and h go to the sister's home which is a grand manor that actually belongs to the H but he had a bad childhood and hates it and the h is told she will have to help care for the sister's eight month old son The H is working flat out on the merger and the h is pretty hopeless at anything but swimming Still she makes a stab at baby care and supposedly tries to get her work for the H done as well but she keeps getting distracted and she is really keen to get paidThe H uickly realizes that the h had been doing some fibbing about her skills but this is a crisis and he has a big merger and he can't really take the time to check The h gets herself involved in a lot of aspects of the H's life like when his former fiance comes back to town and the h decides she has to prod the H not to take a woman back who left town to marry a richer man whilst she was engaged to the H Through proximity and sheer impetuous charm the h manages to entice the H enough to wind up in bed with him Then the H finds out that the h completely made up her whole CV and has been lying the whole time Unfortunately the H has a history of people lying to him about big things starting with his mother who cheated on his father constantly his father who hated the H apparently and lied about his mother and his ex fiancee who lied when she promised to marry him All of this is rather hazily explained the backstory was really skimmed over Then news of the H's top secret merger gets leaked The H thinks this is another retaliation by the h that she deliberated spilled the merger news to get even with the H finding out she lied to get a job or that she was being paid by the H's business rivals to scupper his dealThere is some very angry verbiage exchanged and the H is not wrong when he calls her selfish mercenary arrogant and narcissistic The h tries to defend herself and gets some serious verbal blows in back by accusing the H as being the one at fault and that is why everyone important to him in his life lied to him cause he has some hidden character fault that makes them do so She conveniently forgets her big deception because she needed the H's job to pay her rent never mind that she couldn't actually perform the job Interestingly she gets paid a few times over the course of the story and never seems to manage to pay the rent until she borrows it from her mother after she leaves the H Even interesting the h actually got an inheritance from her father's life insurance when he died and her mother gave her half the proceeds The h took off for Europe for two years and then took a succession of temporary low paying jobs in an effort to have a bit of fun which is why she is so casual about lying and loves to whine about actually doing the job she was hired for After the h accuses her of leaking the merger and causing it to fail she did not leak the news but no explanation is given as to who did the H and h have another big fight and the h leaves the next dayA month and a half later the h is sincerely sorry for her thoughtless and shoddy behavior and having a huge mopey moment cause she is in love with the H She returns to London after going to Scotland for a temporary swim instructor job and the H is there to meet her at the train station The H has been haunting her roommate's flat to confess his undying love and ER does a really good job of having the H plead his case for his love The reconciliation and the H's sincerity is several pages and at the end of it the H and h are racing towards his flat for a physical HEAThis one is rather uneven ER goes a bit overboard in the h's lying and her teasing and her willingness to meddle in things She also goes a bit overboard in the h's sense of entitlement and in her whining about her job I had a hard time with the casualness that the h exhibits when she either fails or just flat out doesn't want to do parts of her job and yet she still thinks she deserves special consideration and payment for her ineptitude Even when the h knows her lies are going to backfire big time she is still rather insouciant about the whole thing and yet ER shows the H working harder and becoming haggard in an effort to keep his business going ER tries to make it seem that the H is a bit of a slave driver but she doesn't pull it off and I found myself wholly on the H's side and thinking he could do a lot better The OW situation was really interesting because we never actually get a scene with the OW she is always off in the distance or spying from behind a hedgerow and any OWH incursions are pretty much solely in the h's imagination Tho the OW calls the H on the phone a few times the h always takes the calls so there is no real competition there and even less when the H lets the h know that he dumped the OW not vice versa and he has no intention of meeting her again Where ER really shines is in the intense emotional dramatic break up and the even intense and dramatic reconciliation It almost made me like the h cause she was certainly contrite and remorseful and definitely apologized for her bad behavior Tho I still uestioned the h's depth and veracity of her true love it seemed that the h was caught up in lust and a lucrative lifestyle option even at the end It was just really hard to believe in the h's sincerity which was a novelty cause it is usually the H's sincerity that is in uestionThe H is really what saves this story from being horrible he is really nice and his big declaration at the end is really well done Why he loves the h is never in doubt as his adoration and explanations are elouent and moving I just wished the h had been a bit better Overall this isn't a bad first time HP effort and so again this a be happy the H is happy for another unusual outing in HPlandia

  2. Naksed Naksed says:

    I know it's weird to object to lack of plausibility in a Harleuin because hello? It's a Harleuin and plausibility is not exactly the ingredient that the target readership is craving However I still need for the plot and characters to progress at least semi logically within the context of the story to be able to enjoy itHere the jump from employer employee in an office setting for a whole week to roommates and co babysitters for the 8 month old plot Muppet who apparently does NOTHING but sleep all night and day with 1 or maximum 2 uick nappy changing and feeding breaks btw what the hell are rubber pants??? and then to best buds and co conspirators thwarting a potential OW all seemed so artificial and contrived that I DNF before the fun even got startedSimply no chemistry there no romantic tension and way too much of a bickerfest Normally the pairing up of the flighty airheaded Mary Sue heroine who just flits through life like a dizzy butterfly paired up with the iron hard humorless business tycoon has potential for a lot of humor like it did in Charlotte Lamb's Sweet Compulsion and An Excellent Wife?but it did nothing for me here I did not find the heroine cute and a breath of fresh air Rather she was unlikable dishonest lazy entitled and very nosy Lying in your job application is bad but then not even making an effort to meet your duties just treating everything as a big joke was not at all endearing to me Hero wasn't any betterJust not for me

  3. Leona Leona says:

    mehit was okay Heroine was a little too batty for my tastes I didn't care for the fact that she lied and seemed cavalier about the conseuences and impact of her lies She also didn't make senseand I found myself stopping to reread paragraphs to figure out what was really happeningAs bad as the heroine was the hero was worse The things he said to her at the big showdown were horrible For her to walk into his arms without making him grovel and work for forgiveness showed just how batty she was

  4. Jan Jan says:

    I really like the heroine Toby is very carefree and joyful and has a refreshing take on life When she's in dire straits she fakes a CV and takes a job as the hero's secretary She sees it as a temporary situation and doesn't really thinks it trough One disaster follows another of course and she slowly realizes that her impulsive decision has a lot of big conseuenses for the life of the hero She starts to feel bad about her lies but can't really come clean and then her feelings start to get in the wayI loved this because neither the hero or heroine were perfect and ended up making each other better people she less chaotic and careless he less stuck up and feeling The situational humor of a disastrous secretary balanced out the sadder parts of the story wellYou know it's all going to blow up in Toby's face and by the time it happens it's very awful and you really hope that they can forgive and forget and just be happy together

  5. TheMadHatter TheMadHatter says:

    I was looking through boxes of books in my cupboard that I have been lugging around with me for the past 20 years trying to work out what to keep and what to get rid of the world of Kindle is helping me de clutter my books I came across this one and remembered first reading it when it was released in the mid 1990s when I was just out of school I remember loving it it had that very sweet Meg Ryan Tom Hanks feel to it It felt like a nice uick Friday night read What do you know? Couple of hours later it was finished reminded me why these books are so popular as uick FixesToby is a really likeable character a bit of a klutz on the surface but underneath an intelligent and athletic girl with a good sense of humor Fakes a few credentials to get a job to pay the bills and comes against Marcus the boss Lots of mishaps but then when they are taken out of the work environment to look after his nephew the reader gets to see a new side to herHowever I didn't really love it this time around Since I have been introduced to JR Ward's Brotherhood series these books all just feel a little too sweet and I think I have outgrown sweet This one I will now pass on to the second hand book store for some one else to read as a book stuck in a cupboard is not a book it is just stuff Hopefully someone else will come across this one and find the same magic I initially found 15 years ago

  6. Nicole Nicole says:

    Enjoyable Slightly dated as in Harleuins that are always obsessed with hyper aggressive men and slightly rape y scenes but after 20 years this was one of the books I still remembered from the myriads of harleuins I read when I was younger So much so I searched and re found this one The hero is hostileThe heroine is flightyBut both are unforgettable and their interactions are hilarious in the fact you are seeing them exclusively from the heroine's point of view So does he come off strange and overly hostile? YesThere's a screamy confrontation dialogue that is really satisfying and the ensuing reunion after time apart that I really enjoy

  7. Debby Wentink Debby Wentink says:

    I don’t like the womanLying to get a job is one thing I think many people embellish when they apply for a job But this woman flat out lied She didn’t have any of the reuired skills for a secretary She says she lied to get the job because she needed to pay the rent But what rent? She stayed at a friend’s house who said she didn’t have to pay her rent So I am confused about what rent she had to pay And why didn’t she apply for welfare from the government to pay the rent? Is it better to lie than to ask welfare? The man I could understand his point of view

  8. Kay Kay says:

    4 Stars At fifteen when Toby's father had an accident that left him paralyzed she was forced to leave school to be his caregiver by night and work during the day while her mother worked several jobs all night long Often they went hungry and without electricity and Toby watched her father become a bitter angry man and her mother lose all her beauty and youth Toby loved her father but she couldn't help feeling relief when he died finally freeing them She'd vowed never again to have to take life so seriously and never to love someone so completely as her mother had loved her father Having few skills Toby decides to train as a swimming instructor and within six months she's earned her certificates with flying colours Due to budget cuts the community job she'd been promised had been given to students and so Toby found herself coasting on her roommates resources Paying the rent is essential to Toby she needs a good paying job to help her get ahead but the papers have nothing she's ualified for so she calls an ad for a CEO's private secretary Learning what skills are reuired for the job she decides to plump up her CV to suit and when she has her interview she boldly lives up to her make believe credentials Marcus is all business and when he interviews Toby he's uite impressed with her CV and her outgoing nature A 30 day trial is agreed and from Toby's first day Marcus tries to be patient as she becomes accustomed to the office routine He uickly catches on that her short hand is not up to par and neither is her report writing After a few days Marcus begins to realize that Toby doesn't seem to be taking her job seriously and he's beyond frustrated But when his sister calls in a panic that her husband who is overseas has had a serious accident Toby jumps to action With airline tickets and emergency visa organized Toby and Marcus head out to help Wanda The only catch is a child minder for Wanda's eight month old son and Marcus immediately volunteers his new secretary Baby Peter is a mini Marcus and Toby immediately loses her heart Marcus insists that he's staying too to make sure Toby isn't as ditsy domestically as she is in the office I must say that I cringed when I read just how much Toby had exaggerated her credentials and that she really didn't think it was that big a deal She's such a likeable character though and I needed to read to see how she was going to get away with it Marcus has hardened his heart after watching his mother have her affairs and his father bury himself in his work Everything to him is black or white so it's rather amazing that he hadn't checked Toby's CV which was amazing to Toby as well I laughed out loud with some of Toby's back chat to Marcus and her audacious behaviour Though she thoroughly frustrates him in the office seeing her with baby Peter Marcus finds himself relaxing and wanting to join in Of course there's a big black moment when Marcus learns that Toby had lied and there are some horrible words slug by both making for some riveting reading Both learned some valuable lessons from the other I found Ms Richmond's debut a fun compelling read that I thoroughly enjoyed from the first pages

  9. Samantha Brady Samantha Brady says:

    I liked the character Toby If I had her problem and was not able to get a job that was worth it I would do the same thing she did Just to have a job would be worth all the trouble later But then to fall in love with the boss that would be an extra bonus Too bad I haven't got either one and am unable to But that is not for this story I did enjoy the story

  10. Roub Roub says:

    gud one actually cud have been better wid some angst i really loved how toby got on marcus nerves the book was full of hilarious moments and sometimes it even grew irritating

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