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The Carlotta Diamond Harleuin Presents The wedding night surpriseCharlotte Christie wore white on her wedding day and a priceless diamond necklace Little did she know that her new husband British billionaire Simon Farringdon didn't believe she was an innocent Nor did she realize that the Carlotta Diamond was his real motive for marriageBut the unexpected passion of their wedding night changed Simon's plans His new bride was a virgin and he wanted her

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  1. seton seton says:

    Genre Set in the UKSensuality PGGrade C Content warnings Other than blindness from looking at the shiny perfect HH? NoneThe backblurb is all wrongThe plot REALLY goes like this a grandfather on his deathbed asks his grandson Simon to find the descendant of his missing black sheep sister whom he hadn't kept in touch with since um 1947 The family had a priceless diamond that has always gone to the eldest daughter for the past 500 years and he wants to make it right before he diesThis conversation is overheard by Simon's scummy bro in law Rudy who finds the descendant Charlotte first and tries to seduce her Rudy wants to divorce his wife Simon's sister who is paralyzed did I mention he's scummy? and marry Charlotte who has both her legs AND a priceless diamond to boot So answering the call of his hysterical sister complaining that she is losing her scumbag hubby to Charlotte Simon seduces Charlotte away from Rudy and gets her to marry him insteadIf you like the typical heightened HP mel o drama in your books this aint for you despite the promising plotlineHowever if you like your HPs sedate where the hero is gorgeous and the heroine is gorgeous and they get their filthy rich Happily Ever After knock yourself out

  2. Chinablue_25 West Bostedor Chinablue_25 West Bostedor says:

    This book was absolutely ridiculous First of all the author did a HORRIBLE job making you relate to and like the male love interest The story starts out with an old man Sir Nigel speaking with his grandson Simon about a sister he had who got pregnant at the age of 17 and essentially was disowned by the family and left All he knows is that his sister had a baby girl With Sir Nigel given a very short amount of time to live he enlists his grandson to find either his sister if she is still alive or on of her decedents His goal is to give the Carlotta Diamond to the oldest living female decedent of his sister per tradition As the reader you know that Rudy Simon's brother in law Simon's sister Lucy husband is listening in at the door He decides to find the woman who is to inherit the priceless diamond first and seduce herThe story cuts to Rudy picking up Charlotte from her apartment and taking her out to a party There ends up being media people there taking pics to report on the party and Rudy gets upset and lies to Charlotte telling her that if his pic gets around that he will get in trouble with work cause he should be working So Charlotte lets him slip away to go hide When they were heading out to leave early Rudy lied to the host and said that Charlotte had a migraine Charlotte not liking to lie they began to argue on the way to the car Rudy in a foul mood now takes her home and for the first time she invites him up so that they can mend the fences so to speak He comes up thinking that she is finally going to sleep with him and gets MAD PISSED when he discovers that her roommate is home and going to have dinner with them He essentially ignores her the whole time and decides to charm the roommate He drinks a whole bottle of wine on his own and then when he goes to leave he doesn't even make a move to kiss Charlotte goodnight so she grabs him and kisses him in the doorway to the street She heads up and her roommate dishes that she noticed a silver car follow them out when he picked her up then again when they came back to the apartment and yet again just now when Rudy leftThe next day Charlotte is at work she owns a book store below her apartment and Simon comes in under the pretense of picking up some old rare books she had tracked down for Sir Nigel He asks her to dinner to discuss the books uninterrupted They end up having a wonderful evening out and she starts to have a hard time denying the strong attraction she has to him As he is dropping her off at home he pulls out a letter that Sir Nigel wrote to her asking her to come visit him at his home for the weekend Not wanting to deny a dying man Charlotte agrees and Simon tells her he will pick her up the next day at 10amOne thing leads to another and they end up stranded out in the middle of the woods near an empty cabin during a bad storm They end up naked and in bed together The next morning he insists that she marry him She is so head over heels for him she agrees Then he informs her that they would plan it for that week so that his grandfather could see them marry and he doesn't want to chance him slipping away before they do So they marry but not before Sir Nigel has her put on the Carlotta Diamond and tells her it is hers to keep no matter what happens The whole day Charlotte felt like Simon was being cold towards her They finally get to Rome for their honeymoon and Charlotte snaps at him about it and tells him not to touch her He seduces her and they have sex Afterwards she cries and tells him they didn't make love but had sex like she was some hooker He gets upset and leaves to shower When he comes out he apologizes to her and tells her she deserves better They end up going out to explore Rome over the next two days One afternoon when they get back to the villa a maid comes in upset saying that word got back from his home that his grandfather has taken a turn for the worst They hurry back home and are sitting with Sir Nigel when he starts to tell Charlotte the story of his sister By the end of the story Charlotte knows that Sir Nigel is in fact her great uncle and she leaves the room to have a talk with her new husband and second cousin She yells at him saying she had a right to know that they were cousins and he informs her that he really isn't In fact his mother was pregnant with him when his biological father died and she met and then married the man who raised him and he calls father So technically they are of no blood relation Sir Nigel dies and there is a funeral and then he tells her it is time that she meet his sister Lucy who is bed ridden from a bad car accident that she was in with her husband They go to see her and Lucy keeps giving her dirty looks She and Simon then tell her about Rudy and how Rudy has been stepping out on Lucy since the accident and that Lucy could see that Rudy was especially besotted with Charlotte so she asked Simon to step in Charlotte gets upset and runs out and Simon then has to prove to her that he does in fact love her He does and she stays with him and yadda yadda yadda happily ever afterHere are my problems with this one I dont like the relation part even if they really don't have blood relations is too weird for my comfort Second what women in her right mind would be ok with the fact that a man married her so that she wouldn't steal his sisters husband away? Oh and I always have a hard time with stories about two people getting married after knowing each other only a couple days This was an awful book

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