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The Family They Chose All Olivia Armstrong ever wanted was to be a wife and mother Her storybook marriage to Jamison Mallory gave her the love and happiness she cravedeverything except the one thing that could make them a true familyHer family's fertility institute was her last hope for the miracle that could reunite her with her husband and give them the baby they both wantedJamison knew how badly Olivia wanted a child He did too But he wanted and loved his wife even Somehow he had to help them find their way back to each other And just maybe they'd also find a way to make their most cherished dream come true

  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • The Family They Chose
  • Nancy Robards Thompson
  • English
  • 18 July 2014
  • 9780373655083

About the Author: Nancy Robards Thompson

Award winning author Nancy Robards Thompson lives and writes in northeastern Tennessee but her imagination transports her all over the world She's worked as a television show stand in a production and extras casting assistant for movies; and has had several jobs in public relations and the fashion industry She earned a degree in journalism only to realize reporting just the facts bored her s

10 thoughts on “The Family They Chose

  1. Maura Maura says:

    We met Paul’s sister Olivia in the last book of the series when she came in to beg her brother for help in conceiving a child with her husband Senator Jamison Mallory She was adamant that she wanted to carry the child so adoption was out and that she needed to get started right away but her circumstances were a bit of a mystery Turns out she and Jamison’s marriage is kinda on the rocks because of all the fertility issues they’ve had and Jamison’s work demands increasing so Olivia is certain that finally getting the child to complete their family will make everything in their marriage better Jamison isn’t uite on board about that believing they need to fix the marriage first before bringing a baby into it but the separation has been too hard for him so he agrees It’s a good thing because Olivia was already full steam ahead with or without Jamison’s participation Then Olivia discovers that her own eggs are no longer viableso if she still wants a baby she’ll need to go ahead with donor eggs She does so without telling Jamison In the meantime Olivia’s charity work has her working with two young boys who need a family and Olivia longs to take them in But now Olivia is pregnant and simply can’t But what will happen if Jamison ever finds out what she’s done in order to give them a family? Will it wreck their marriage?Honestly in my opinion if it takes an unborn child to save a marriage and holy hell that’s a lot of pressure to put on a baby then that marriage doesn’t deserve saving It’s not a child’s responsibility to keep a relationship strong The fact that Olivia isn’t seriously reprimanded for carrying that belief is disappointing Olivia just struck me as selfish across the board Jamison was a clueless work a holic husband and he was loaded with his own flaws and a psycho bitch mother who made Olivia miserable but at least he had his head on straightOlivia was so damn desperate to have a baby that she was unlikeable I mean I get it that she was under pressure and felt her time running out but she frickin used her husband’s sperm to create a child with another woman’s eggs without his permission That is a huge frickin’ deal in my book and not easily forgiven She was lying to Jamison every other sentence keeping him out of the loop and not communicating with himand she thinks a baby is going to save their marriage? I have enough trouble with stories involving women who are desperate for a babymy biological clock is completely broken so I struggle to relatebut for me it felt like Olivia was going too far Part of me wanted her to end up pregnant and alone so she could see how wrong she was about her marriage And I was so frickin disappointed at how easily Jamison just forgives Olivia for using donor eggs without his permissionthat feels like a violation to me that should have kept him seriously irate for months Instead it was a matter of days and Olivia didn’t have to do any penance for it On top of that you’ve got the two adoptable boys who I think should have had a stronger role in this book if they’re going to be on the cover and the general theme of the story Instead they’re kind of secondary and Olivia doesn’t spend that much time with themmaybe she should have fostered them or something But it killed me that they’re asking if she can be their new mommy and she’s thinking how it’s not possible because she’s going to pretty soon have a baby of her own But then view spoiler she miscarries hide spoiler

  2. Samantha Samantha says:

    I enjoyed this and it was a uick read I did think the ending was rather abrupt but that could just be because it is part of a series This is one of my auto read authors

  3. charmaine White charmaine White says:

    OkayAnd alright storyA little too unbelievable for meJust couldn't get into this oneHad too many twists and turns for me

  4. Cherry-Ann Cherry-Ann says:

    It was ok Author skimmed over infertility and autism Raised consciousness somewhat

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