We Can All Get Along 50 Steps You Can Take to Help End

We Can All Get Along 50 Steps You Can Take to Help End Racism A great introduction to anti racist work If you are just starting to think about how you can work against racism i highly recommend Ford's bookI would love to see We Can All Get Along updated Both the statistics and the ways that the internet is talked about or not talked about make the work highly dated in some ways Not that i think that updated stats will show that racism has been eliminated; far from it But it would be great to have updated figures recent works cited and an integration of the internet and social media into anti racist activismStill even being dated this book is worth a read It seems like recently I've heard a lot of otherwise kind people saying I'm not racist but To me that just doesn't fly I saw this book in a high school psychology classroom and read it to reaffirm my personal zero tolerance policy This is a good one a slim volume desiogned to get your creative juices flowing towards the important goal of ending racism Highly recommended This groundbreaking book shows how working individually or with others you can truly help to end racism in the world Clyde W Ford who has spent his life fighting for racial euality and harmony now brings you 50 steps that put the power to change the way things are into your hands address unresolved issues in your own life initiate family discussions and parental guidance lead church and fellowship groups teach about cultural diversity put together civic and community projects change a workplace or neighborhood and deal with national and worldwide issues

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