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Joan Jett Rock and roll goddess Joan Jett holds a beloved place in the world of music She started her first band The Runaways at age fifteen and has blazed a trail that has inspired and thrilled her fans to this day AMMO Books is proud to release this authorized loving tribute conceived and authored by designer Todd Oldham The book chronicles all aspects of her career and passions through images—from forming The Runaways to her years of touring with her band Joan Jett and The Blackhearts JOAN JETT features many never before seen photos ephemera and excerpts from thirty years worth of interviews carefully curated with Joan herself covering the multi decade career of a real rock and roll icon A thoughtful introduction written by renown indie rocker and Riot Grrrl Kathleen Hanna brings context to this exciting titleJoan Jett is a revered songwriter musician and American icon In keeping with her pioneering spirit she went on to be the first woman to start her own independent rock label Blackheart Records  Joan Jett and The Blackhearts Greatest Hits compilation released in March 2010 and the film based on The Runaways starring Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett released on March 19 2010Now available in this popularly priced flexi cover edition Who knew that Joan Jett was such an awesome human being? Her personal stories about how she became a musician and formed the Runaways are very interesting because they are piece of rock and roll history and she is filled with wisdom power and energy as she retells them Joan tells of her personal experience of producing and networking with other bands and how nobody would sign her because the rock world didn't have a place for one of the pioneer's of women's rock so her and her producermanager started their own record label and sold records out of the back of their car trunk after each concert Joan shares her insight on making it in the music industry and the magic and the sensuality of performing rock and roll; especially in front of a live audience I recommend this book to anyone who has a dream of being a musician; especially if you are female or being recognized in the creative arts This book offers an intimate portrait of Joan and the captivating photography captures a side of Joan Jett that many of us have rarely seen I now have a new appreciate for Joan Jett the Rock Goddess Lots of great pictures here and interesting commentary from Joan her producer and Kathleen Hanna There are even some childhood photos included it's pretty weird to see Joan before she had black hair and a leather jacket The book is very well put together and artful lending it the same feel of integrity that all of Joan's projects have Having recently seen the Runaways biopic I found this book to be a good companion for that It sort of fills in the gap that I saw as a flaw in that movie which was too much Cherie and not enough Joan Am I the only one wishing that movies of this type would forget the fragile blonde girl and focus on the tougher interesting dark haired girl instead? For starters someone needs to go remake Grease as The Betty Rizzo Story Nothing against Olivia Newton John I do have much love for her but Stockard Channing's character is much complex interesting and in my opinion smokin' hot Similarly Joan Jett went on to blaze trails for women in rock yet the movie's main focus is Cherie Currie who or less falls off the map Admittedly the movie was originally based on Currie's autobiography but still it's called The Runaways not The Cherie Currie Story It seems logical that the movie's main focus would have been the member that went on to the greatest success So here's hoping that this book will inspire enough interest in Joan Jett's career that there will one day be a Runaways 2 The Joan Jett Story We know she loves rock 'n' roll but this beautiful book a combination photography collection and overview of Joan's life in her own words tells us a lot about the woman behind the myth Admittedly it's not hugely 'wordy' but the impression we get is that shed rather be on stage rocking out than talking about her own life unlike many musicians we could name If you're a Runaways or Blackhearts fan this is insdispensable even if you're just someone interested in iconic female musicians it's worth getting hold of Put another dime in the jukebox Joanie If I must come back as a human let me be Joan Jett I can't get enough of this book about the greatest female rocker out there bar none I can still remember seeing the video for Jett's cover of Crimson and Clover as a sexually confused preteen What a life changer And there's my idol on every page completely herself in every striking photograph and the scribbled reminiscence I'm amazed and grateful that she made it There's something so lovely about the fact that this book was conceived as a loving tribute from a gay icon Todd Oldham to a lesbian icon Jett Rock on brothers and sisters What A Badass Record label won’t sign her bc she’s in an all chic band? Too bad she starts her own label 🖕 She scraped money together took long drives to and from shows to save money sold cds out of her car she was deep in the scene and made it happen through sheer willpower The book is great bc it’s part photography and part storytelling so it was really engaging to sit down and go through i then listened to all her albums including with the Runaways just awesome raw energy at exactly the right time for America to hear it Okay I love Joan Jett Let’s just get that out there Her poster was on my wall when I was 17 and I thought she was just plain bad ass She still is This book has an amazing array of photo’s that redeem how little it actually contains about Joan’s life There are facts and a few interesting musical stories but Joan shares nothing personal or intimate So you finish feeling like you knew nothing than you did when you started The pics alone make it worth the 4 stars though Now I think I need to go put on the Yellow Album I should have read this back when I watched Runaways Joan Jett is just about everything I want to be I think I will have to rewatch Runaways What a life I recommend watching Runaways reading this and watching her Bad Reputation documentary After this it's going to be very hard to find a book to read while I fall asleep This filled my brain completely and left no room for stupid thoughts to keep me awake I was immersed in Jett's life and that kept my brain happily busy If you like the punk rock of late 70's or early 80's and fierce women rockers you'll enjoy going back in time with the history of Joan Jett and the Runaways It took me back and now my vinyl has been playing I give this a higher rating due to the awesome photos and of course the story was interesting as well

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