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Deadly Promises THESE HEROES ARE 100 PERCENT RAW DANGEROUS AND UNDENIABLY SEXYNew York Times bestselling authors Sherrilyn Kenyon Dianna Love and Cindy Gerard and rising romance star Laura Griffin mix seduction and suspense in three irresistible romantic adventuresFrom sultry international jungles to the rugged terrain of the American southwest join the larger than life scorching hot alpha heroes of the Bureau of American Defense Black Ops Inc and the US Navy SEALs for the pulse pounding heart racing toe curling excitement They’re cool under pressure steamy under the sheets and when the enemy strikes there’s not a lethal mission these gorgeous men can’t handle Just Bad Enoughby Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love Leave No Traceby Cindy Gerard Unstoppableby Laura Griffin

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  1. Auntee Auntee says:

    This review is only for Cindy Gerard's Leave No TraceI don't know how she does it but with only 115 pages Cindy Gerard crafted one exciting smokin' hot suspenseful action packed romantic read My only complaint is that it left me wanting Technically I don't think this can be called one of her Black Ops books although both the hero CIA operative David Cav Cavanaugh and the heroine hospital administrator Carrie Granger are friends of Wyatt Savage Risk No Secrets Cav first appeared in Whisper No Lies to help Johnny Duane Reed and the BOIs in the rescue of Crystal Dembrowski in Jakarta Carrie was introduced in Risk No Secrets as the high school sweetheart of Wyatt Savage who still carried a torch for himThis book picks up a few months after Risk No Secrets and finds Carrie at loose ends in her life and making a humanitarian visit to remote Mandalay Myanmar with the hopes of starting a dialysis clinic there After a series of events where Carrie finds herself offering aid to the wrong person at the wrong time she finds herself arrested convicted and sentenced to 10 years of hard labor at a remote ruby mining camp After not hearing from Carrie upon her arrival in Myanmar her parents frantically call old friend Wyatt Savage for help Wyatt is unable to personally search for Carrie but he calls his old CIA buddy David Cavanaugh who's stationed in nearby Jakarta for his assistance Can he find out what happened to Carrie? Cav who's about at the end of his rope as a CIA agent fighting a battle with alcohol and looking for a fresh start in life agrees to help out He finds out that Carrie's been working in a remote prison camp run by the corrupt military for at least a week and along with Wyatt hatches a rescue plan It's going to be tough but he's determined to succeed What he doesn't plan on doing is falling for the willowy blonde courageous beautiful southern belle but Cav has never been one to resist a damsel in distress Can Cav and Carrie against all odds make it out alive without succumbing to the intense feelings they have for each other? Is this a romance novel or what? Loved it Cindy Gerard gives us a plausible storyline plenty of detail about some characters we're already somewhat familiar with if you've been reading her Black Ops series that is some sexual chemistry between two very likable characters a frightening situation treated no better than an animal in a labor camp and a daring harrowing shoot em up escape with some cameo appearances from some of the BOIs that you can imagine as a scene from an action movie Of course you get the hero with the she's too good for me and deserves better than me mindset the heroine who would love him to stay with her but is too proud to admit her feelings but it all works you just know they'll find their way back to each other when one of them gives in The only thing missing for me was a big juicy epilogue which I'm hoping we'll get in Luke Doc Holliday Colter's story coming up next This was one fast paced exciting and sexy short story Cindy Gerard continues to be on her game with this one 4 12 stars Cav

  2. Anita Anita says:

    This is an anthology of three novellas with characters from the series of different authors I have read and loved both Cindy Gerard and Laura Griffin Sherrilyn Kenyon is new to me Just Bad Enough by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love 3 StarsJeremy is nearing the end of a medical leave from BAD a covert government organization His beautiful secretive next door neighbor has intrigued him for weeks CeCe is the daughter of a crime family who wants nothing than to live a normal life During her current job as a statue at a festival a man hides a flash drive in her costume and the people after the drive are not nice peopleLeave No Trace by Cindy Gerard 5 StarsOMG I was so surprised and happy to find two of my favorite supporting characters CIA Agent David Cavanaugh and Wyatt Savage's high school sweetheart Carrie Granger find each other and get a novella HEACarrie is in Myanmar a very dangerous place to help a local hospital and have an adventure after Wyatt has gotten married She hasn't even checked onto her hotel and she gets in trouble and is disappeared by the government Cav is an old CIA buddy of Wyatt's and has been fighting burnout and a taste for alcohol When Wyatt contacts him because Carrie has disappeared without a trace he uses all his sources to find herUnstoppable by Laura Griffin 4 StarsForensic anthropologist Kelsey uinn goes to a remote Texas border region to dig up ancient bones but ends up unearthing a deadly secret When Kelsey’s discovery jeopardizes not just her dig but her life she turns to US Navy SEAL Gage Brewer who may be the only person brave enough—and lethal enough—to help

  3. Cheri Cheri says:

    I liked all 3 stories The story by Cindy Gerard was my fave since I have read all the other books from the Black Ops series #3 was good and I will probably look for that series to read #1 was okay but having not read any of that series I was somewhat out of the loop

  4. Dee Dee says:

    Review only for Cindy Gerard's 'Leave No Trace'We only got a glimpse of the BOI's as this story was mainly about Wyatt's 2 friends Cav Carrie Cav was the CIA agent who helped out the BOI's when they needed it Carrie is the girl that Wyatt was dating when they were teenagers and we was introduced to her at the beginning of his story so we already knew who she wasBeing part of an anthology this was obviously a shorter story than we are used to but none the less it was still brilliant My only wish would have been that we had a longer story and perhaps Cav be drafted into the BOI's with the rest of the guys I liked both Cav and Carrie and would have liked to see of them but I suppose it is not to be I can't believe that I have virtually read this whole series back to backnormally I can't do that no matter how much I like the author or am enjoying the serieswriting I tend to need a break after a few otherwise I get a bit antsy but with this series it has been plain sailing ☺I now only have Doc's story and will anxiously await Joe's story at the end of the month

  5. Shawna Shawna says:

    4 stars – Romantic Suspense Anthology “Just Bad Enough” by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love 3 35 stars “Leave No Trace” by Cindy Gerard 4 45 stars “Unstoppable” by Laura Griffin 4 starsDEADLY PROMISES 4 stars

  6. SheLove2Read SheLove2Read says:

    Just Bad Enough by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love who I honestly have never heard of This is part of her Bureau of American Defense series I was able to follow along easily as it seems to be somewhat of a self contained short story That being said for me it was just meh I wasn't crazy about either character He is portrayed as an alpha male but kinda seemed like a wannabe to me They never really said how old either character is but she felt young very young I didn't like her at all The writing itself had moments of cutesy which I had a hard time reconciling to SK so I'm going to lay that on Ms Love's input Overall grade C Leave No Trace by Cindy Gerard I can sum up in 4 words Damn that was good Ms Gerard proves once again why she's on my auto buy list The heroheroine in this story are side characters from her Black Ops Inc series Carrie was the woman Wyatt briefly dated way back when from his book and is a family friend David Cav Cavanaugh was a minor player in I believe Reed's book I've always been a sucker for rescue stories and this one is killer Their HEA gave me shivers and was awesome Overall grade AUnstoppable by Laura Griffin This was my first experience with Ms Griffin and it was a good one She brings to mind a kind of cross between Cindy Gerard Marliss Melton and Amy J Fetzer Solid story good character development and just the right amount of romance This particular story was pretty good albeit short I liked all the characters and I wish there had been of a resolution of the HEA but still there was one even if its open ended Overall grade A Due to my not caring for the 1st story I'm rating this book a 4 star review

  7. Heather Heather says:

    From sultry international jungles to the rugged terrain of the American southwest join the larger than life scorching hot alpha heroes of the Bureau of American Defense Black Ops Inc and the US Navy SEALs for the pulse pounding heart racing toe curling excitement They’re cool under pressure steamy under the sheets and when the enemy strikes there’s not a lethal mission these gorgeous men can’t handleJust Bad Enoughby Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna LoveLeave No Traceby Cindy GerardUnstoppableby Laura GriffinHeather's NotesI do not read any of these series but I liked the stories well enough even without the background My favorite was probably the first Just Bad Enough it worked the best for me The characters in Leave No Trace didn't work for me although it might have been because of the shortness of the story I will probably look into that series I also liked Unstoppable and will definitely be checking out in that series I did not like that it never really explained what happen in the helicopter I don't need graphic details but I would have liked a explanation

  8. Bookaholics Bookaholics says:

    Deadly Promises by Sherrilyn Kenyon Dianna Love Cindy Gerard and Laura Griffin Romantic Suspense Sept 28th 2010 4 stars This anthology includes 3 solid reads; my favorite is Laura Griffin’s Unstoppable In this book 2 of the stories are a part of an ongoing series Laura Griffin continues her Tracers series and Sherrilyn KenyonDianna Love continue their BAD series Unstoppable In Unstoppable Laura Griffin writes a story that is part of her exhilarating Tracers series This story starts out with action that immediately caught my attention Gage is a navy SEAL who has been injured While recovering he is asked by his commanding officer to guard his niece Dr Kelsey uinn Kelsey is working at an archeological dig where a woman has been shot nearby and there has been a break in But she believes in her work and knows she can take care of herself She resents the sexy uinn ‘babysitting’ her But when they find fresh new bones instead of old ones and a secret tunnel both realize that something dangerous is going on But can they solve the mystery before the killers find them? This was a thrilling suspense novel from start to finish It was also the most interesting of the 3 stories I was amazed the author was able to build such an exciting multi layered plot in such a short story It didn’t hurt that Gage is tough and way HOT Plus Kelsey is very feisty and a heroine after my own heart 4 ½ stars Leave No Trace In Leave No Trace Cindy Gerard demonstrates her mastery of the suspense thriller David Cavanaugh is tired of his undercover work for the CIA He desperately wants to retire but when a colleague asks Cav to find his missing friend Carrie Granger he reluctantly agrees Cav arrives in Myanmar where he discovers Carrie has been caught up in a bungled arrest To cover up their mistake the government has thrown her in their ruby mines where she labors as a virtual slave To free her Cav must pretend to work with the corrupt government in Myanmar Can Carrie learn to trust him or will this rescue mission end in tragedy for them both? This was an exhilarating read and one where I could feel the tension between the 2 characters and the storyline Cav was a dashing hero and Carrie was believable I really felt for both of them and they had a wonderful chemistry 4 ½ stars Just Bad Enough part of their BAD series In Just Bad Enough we meet undercover agent Jeremy Sunn Jeremy has the hots for CeCe But as part of his cover he has a rap sheet a mile long He acts the playboy with a series of women But since he met CeCe he wants a real relationship Unfortunately she seems to be putting him off CeCe has secrets of her own She has ties to criminals that she has been running away from When CeCe unknowingly hides an important memory disc she and Jeremy must fight a deadly killer who wants it But what will happen when gun shy CeCe finds out about Jeremy’s fake criminal history? Will their deception and lies destroy their budding relationship? This was a fast read and I really liked the hero He was definitely sexy and noble But I didn’t like how CeCe treated him Her excuses not to be with him did not seem realistic and her character was a little wimpy I really felt bad for Jeremy who I grew to care about Because of this I could only rate this story 3 12 stars Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

  9. Laura (Kyahgirl) Laura (Kyahgirl) says:

    355; 4 stars; BBAD Series story Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love 355I haven't read anything in this series before and enjoyed this short storyBlack Ops Inc; Cindy Gerard 455I'm glad I read this book because I have a bunch of Black Ops books in my TBR and since I haven't read any Cindy Gerard have just been letting them slide I liked her style and will move these books up my TBRUnstoppable Tracers series Laura Griffin 25I originally got this anthology out of the library because I wanted to keep up with the Tracer's series I would have enjoyed this story except for the fact that near the end the heroine did the stupidest thing imaginable and I almost stopped reading it I mean seriously what was the author thinking? view spoiler The last time Kelsey had been near that tunnel the bad guys were shooting at her and her partner and now she knows there is a FBI operation in progress to catch the Al aeda cell that is transporting bombs through the tunnel and still she wanders in there I don't know if she was lonely for her honey thinking she could help with the operation or just had a death wish but it was very hard to see and logical reason why this character would do what she did I had to put the book away for a few days before finishing the story hide spoiler

  10. Xenos Xenos says:

    Three stories four authors one book Just Bad Enough by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love This was my first story by these two #1 New York Times Best Selling Authors and I gotta tell you I'm really confounded With credentials like that and with Kenyon's name in red and larger than the other authors and even the title of the book I was expecting fabulousness Instead I got a story that seemed way too contrived and forced and uite frankly it was amateurishly written It felt like I was reading fanfic not something from two best selling authors Truly aptly named Two stars Leave No Trace by Cindy Gerard By far the best written of the three Gerard teams up Carrie Granger and David Cavanaugh two characters briefly introduce in her previous Black Ops Inc series in this nail biting story that's as suspenseful as it is romantic THIS is how it's done Ms Kenyon and Ms Love NOTE TO CINDY GERARD If I were you I'd demand top billing next timeYou deserve it Five stars Unstoppable by Laura Griffin This story is about a Navy SEAL ordered to protect an archaeologist whose mom and uncle are worried about her after a shooting death near her dig Though the premise is shaky and some of the scenes uestionable it is professionally written and held my attention Not great but good enough Three stars Bottom lineDefinitely read Leave No Trace If you have time try Unstoppable If you're bored and have nothing else to read pass the time with Just Bad Enough Overall rating 3333 stars

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