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Chocolate Goodies Coco Stanley can't believe the way her high end chocolate specialty shop has taken off But her own exotic appetite is aroused when the most mouthwatering confection she's ever seen walks through the door He's Ransom Winters self made millionaire and compassionate youth counselor to the troubled kids in their LA neighborhoodRansom's proud of his program for at risk teens And once he meets the owner of Coco's Chocolat the Grammy winning songwriter gets another brainstorm But jobs for his boys aren't the only thing Ransom wants from Coco Now if only he can get the relationship wary chocolatier to say yes to a lifetime of sweet blissstarting on Valentine's Day Because chocolate can be fleeting but love is forever A good read with very good lessons on judgement and acceptance Coco and Ransom helped each other overcome these obstacles I liked the fact that the man was practicing celibacy u hardly hear of that being the case Coco doesn't like the new record store that has opened across the street from her chocolate bar She doesn't like the rap music and the thugs that she sees Thinks it's bad for the neighborhood When her brother Michael encourages her to go across the street to meet the owner she has reservations She doesn't go over to meet him but he does come over to solicit business from her Coco then finds out that D Unit is not a record store but a day center for boys who have been suspended from school Ransom Winters believes in these young men and wants to help themIt's love at first sight and Coco and Ransom are totally attracted to each other Unbeknownst to the both of them at the time Ransom is related to Coco's best friend Elle and her family Ransom's mother was involved with Elle's father when Elle's father and mother were separated for a short while Coco and Ransom develop a friendship that blossoms into a romance When Elle and her sisters bump into Ransom on the way out of Coco's store one day they can't believe how much Ransom looks like their brother Laine They immediately begin uestioning it Everything happens for a reason and things fall into place for Ransom and his newfound family and for him and Coco as well She learns to accept what Ransom is doing for his boys even learns to love a few of them Looks can be deceiving and she also learns that judging a person by how they look can almost cause her to lose the man she lovesIn the end Ransom gets the family he always wanted and Coco gets her man Love is a wonderful thing Read Nov 2014 I picked this one to read around this time because of Valentine’s Day I really enjoyed it and would love to read a second book that continues on after the honeymoon This was a really fast read A cute christian romance novel I enjoyed it I thought this story was cute and uickIt could have been labeled christian romance due to the fact there was no sex until after marriage and then it was just a given not an actual descriptionbut I really enjoyed the flow of the story and Coco and Ransom's coming together Love mystery and christianity all in one story I enjoyed the way Ms Thomas went back to her roots of romance writing and connected it to christian fiction Gret story i loved it The story of Ransom and Coco has to be one of the best of the Kimani Romances that I have read Romantic sensual and endearing The fact that Coco was able to give Ransom the one thing he longed for was awesome She completed everything for him Their relationship seemed real and not as melodramtic as some other romances can be And Ransom sticking to his guns as a Christian man really showed what he was about Loved every moment of it

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