Desirable Property PDF Ò Paperback

Desirable Property The story begins with the H making a decision to cheat with a married woman Augusta and is busy kissing her when he meets h who is Augusta's school friend The h leaves H in the home that Augusta is wanting to sell Augusta continues to pursue H and H is now busy chasing h just because she scorns him and has a low opinion of him He even compounds it with breaking and entering into h's house at 130 in the night after a ball where the h was leaving with her boyfriend without so much as an invite of any kind from h What a prize This author's H have one thing in common they all have very fragile egos which cannot stand it if their ex lover or the current h is the one to call off the relationship It's ok for the Hs to jilt but they can't stand it the other way around And neither can they control their libido if the h tempts them by wearing anything that is even slightly different from their usual jeans and blames them for his own lack of control on his libido It wasn't really any of her businessVerity didn't approve of her married girlfriend Gussie's affair with Captain Benedict Dysart but she wasn't personally involved All she had to do was sell Gussie's Cotswold cottage and try to keep out of the lovers' wayIt was all rather sordid she thought What kind of man would play around with another man's wifeThen surprisingly she discovered Ben wasn't uite the cad she'd imagined after all

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