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Italian Tycoon Secret Son Stranded after an avalanche Mandy Jenkins and Renzo Ruffini awaited rescue and found comfort in each other's arms A year on Mandy still longs for the carefree Italian she fell in love with but believed was lost forever—until nowDiscovering that Renzo has survived Mandy goes to him—for he has her heart and she has his son But Renzo has lost his memory How will he react when he finds out the truth Will he claim his English bride and his son

About the Author: Lucy Gordon

Christine Sparks was born in England UK She wanted to be a writer all her life and began by working on a British women's magazine As a features writer she gained a wide variety of experience She interviewed some of the world's most attractive and interesting men including Warren Beatty Richard Chamberlain Charlton Heston Sir Roger Moore Sir Alec GuinessSingle life was so enjoyable that

9 thoughts on “Italian Tycoon Secret Son

  1. Cheesecake Cheesecake says:

    Not really 5 stars but it just 'hit the spot' for me ; Renzo the happy go lucky debonair mountain climber and Mandy the alluring researcher I loved how the MCs were both adults and although there were miscommunications they were a part of their getting to know each other Renzo and Mandy meet in a rather 'pink panther' scenario Then later she finds that he is actually leading the mountain climbing excursion she has booked The story is in 2 parts;Before they are trapped on the mountainand afterwards 36% onwardsI don't want to spoil too much but as you can see in the blurb they are rescued separately and he is pronounced dead Two years later the truth comes out that he survived and the person who dies was falsely identified as him Meanwhile Mandy gave birth to their child and is raising him as she grieves When she reads in the paper two years after the accident that he is alive she leaves for Italy to see him againHe doesn't recognize her at first because he suffered amnesiaI really enjoyed this story about two adults who were tantalized by each other then formed a once in a lifetime bond during a time of strife After being pulled apart by nature and the actions of an idiot they come together again and rediscover their HEASo in a sense you get two HEA's in one book My only complaint is that his formidable physical injuries are kind of brushed to the side by the time they start to come together again Like the author felt they couldn't have a true HEA if he was still busy recovering from grievous injuries But I still really enjoyed itSafety is good view spoiler he was kinda a playboy as she finds out in their first meeting But it is meaningless to him She is not a virgin and likes sex but there's not much info given on either of their sexual histories I found them to be eual partners No serious OWOM stuff Just a wee bit of circumstantial stuff tossed in there to stir the pot hide spoiler

  2. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    Not really a true secret baby Fairly decent story Writing puts the reader at a bit of a distance You never seemed to be right down in the story There is telling than showing The author almost says 'dear reader The dialog was okay light and fluffy It wasn't realistic perhaps like an old witty movie from the 30s It wasn't bad but I wouldn't want to read a steady diet of books written this way The plot was fun Kind of amnesia lite He remembered her but as a sort of dream

  3. Natalija Natalija says:

    Original plot wonderful characters Usually I don't like to read about Italians because very often non italian authors tend to exaggerate with italianisms but Lucy did a great job Brava

  4. Debra Debra says:

    Italian Tycoon Secret SonThe first time she saw him he was running with another woman But later she saw him jump to get room getting away from the woman's husband They had a connection between them even then But when they were separated by nature two years pass Now she has found out that he is alive But with a memory loss Can they overcome the forces of nature to get to the truth? Will he accept that they belong together?

  5. Nightwitch Nightwitch says:

    The first half in which the hero and heroine fall in love while arguing and mountain climbing in Switzerland was great The second half in which the hero is a stereotypical asshole tycoon with intermittent amnesia and the heroine is a self sacrificing whiner is less so

  6. Kiela Joseph Kiela Joseph says:

    Enjoyable read but should've been detailed

  7. Ivanna Ivanna says:

    It was a good romantic read Regretfully this isn’t one of my Lucy Gordon’s favourite Yet I enjoyed some parts of it immensely First of all the premise is so hilarious and enticing that it gripped my attention right away The book starts with Mandy the heroine at a hotel restaurant where she stayed on her Alps holiday enjoying her meal and also taking interest in one particular couple The way she sees the things unfold in front of her eyes is amusing and extremely accurate as well The heroine gives precise realistic and also witty remarks about the man and the woman as a couple and the situation on the whole Later on she returns to her room hears a commotion and finds the man she has seen in a restaurant jumping from one balcony to another finally landing on hers I had a good laugh reading this part I’m not going to reveal here what was the matter with him and spoil the pleasure for other readers I can only add that two other characters appeared on the scene and the heroine dealt with this shocking but very realistic situation admirably making an indelible impression on the hero This scene gave me a good laugh tooOn meeting the hero next morning the heroine is definitely taken aback finding out that Renzo the hero is going to be a mountaineering instructor of the group she joined As it happens they immediately get attracted to each other and the relationship building starts Taking into consideration that both the hero and the heroine are spirited strong willed imaginative and intelligent people the relationship development is captivating as it is well written Their witty banters and mind meeting dialogues are smooth substantial and meaningful It was exciting to see two beautiful and bright people falling in love with each other Then inexorable fate intrudes and snatches everything they’ve reachedAlas The second half left me very disappointed and frustrated It was so sad to see something that could be beautiful fading into drab dull and superficial

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    i totally agree with other readers that this book wasnt titled properly it was an ok fluff read i suppose but lacked the depth that draws a reader in there was no real character development and the romantic scenes were incredibly shallow in such a way that when they progressed to i love you it was like ice water to the face not something i regret reading but not one ill read again

  9. Tia Tia says:

    Read in 2010 I really do hate when the authors don't title their novels properly There was nothing really 'secret' about this novel or the pregnancy involved I was actually disappointed that the author mislead me so

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