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Eyes of Fire Myeahit was okay It was certainly a page turner Predictable shallow and Sam just kept saying the same thing over and over Damn you Damn it Damn Not very good argumentsWas hoping for a new fun author but I shall try elsewhere I gave up on this one a little early but if she couldn't grab me within 30 pages then I was out A little heavy on the physical descriptions If it's going to be erotic then go all in Otherwise I want something deep within meaning or something not deep with a relentless pace This just seemed a little standard for me but I'm probably not the standard reader Samantha Carlyle owns a dive resort on Seafire Isle and the last thing she wants to deal with is treasure hunts She has lost the 2 most important men in her life due to the lure of their love of the sea and she wants to be left alone in peace when unexplained events keep happening on her island And to add to all of this exhusband whom she thought she was over shows up unannounced on the tiny island when Samantha becomes the target of an attempted kidnapping And she's beginning to realize that none of the resort's guests are who they claim to be and she wonders who she can and trust I don’t mind a bit of fluff now and then but this was ludicrous All the women have flaxen flame or raven hair and perfect asses All the men have piercing smoldering eyes and rippling pectorals And I really despise when women characters not only act helpless but get all swoony and thankful when rescued And the fact that this drivel was written by a woman makes it even worse I only finished it so I could write this review Everybody was nonsensical Chalk this one up to early Graham before she settled into chilling storytelling Wonderful StoryI love all of Heather Graham's books especially The Krewe Of Hunters Series But I really love them all Great Reads lots of suspense While I never really expect deep reading from Heather Graham I do expect a well written storyline After all I've read some pretty great stories from her This book? Well it isn't as bad as some of her other books but it just isn't her bestEyes of Fire is set on a beautiful island paradise where Sam works as a dive instructor for intrepid vacationers Sam spends her time trying to forget her father's mysterious disappearance as well as forget the one man who set her body ablaze Her father had been searching for a sunken ship that supposedly carried various stolen riches when he'd disappeared Unfortunately for Sam she's not going to be able to forget the past Not only has an old flame reappeared but there are people who desperately want to find the sunken treasure and are willing to kill for itThe book started off well enough despite the amount of foolish pride that the main hero heroine displayed I liked their characters There was a nice buildup to the mystery but it is about halfway through the book that I just got a little irritated with the entire scenarioFirst off there's too many characters in the book as a result the whodunit is unnecessarily complicated It was a bit of a chore to keep up with everyone especially when Graham tried to do the nobody is what they seem bit so after a while I just didn't even bother Just because you can cram almost a dozen people into the plotline doesn't mean that you should Neither should you try to give each person their own distinct storyline it just caused the book to drag in the last half when Graham tried to explain everyone's past or motives or conclude their interactions in the storyThen there's the ending the grand finale with the villain I'm going to give a little bit of a spoiler but not ID anyone or their motivations say that Graham pulled a new ish already in the regular cast villain into the ending which to me just seemed a little overkill It just felt too unnecessarily complicatedI just wish that Graham had focused on 2 3 specific persons things rather than try to involve so many plot elements Done right a huge cast many plot developments can be a fun read This book just didn't mesh together rightDon't get me wrong this isn't a bad book I did enjoy it for the most part It'll make for a nice enough beach read for someone looking for a casual read I just wouldn't recommend it for a first time Graham reader Buried under the ocean deep within the Bermuda Triangle lies a treasure worth killing forHaving already lost two men in her life to the lure of the bounty beneath the sea Samantha Carlyle wants nothing to do with treasure hunts She wants to be left in peace to run her dive resort on Seafire IsleBut unexplained events continue to happen Adam O'Connor Samantha's ex lover arrives unannounced on the tiny island Samantha becomes the target of an attempted kidnapping And she's beginning to realize that none of the resort's guests are who they claim to beCaught in an undertow of lies and murder Samantha confronts the secrets that have for centuries been drawing men to their watery graves And she realizes that the little she knows about the lost treasure is than enough to get her killed Too many characters plot not that excitingSamantha returns from taking her guests out diving to see the mail boat arrive with an unannounced guest on board A guest that she knows and wishes he’d never returned Adam O’Connor remembers clearly what Sam had been like years before and his heart still stops when he sees her He introduces himself to some of her guests and to Sam like he’s never met her before which throws her off and has her fleeing from his presence in hasteOnce back in her cabin she decides to soak in the tub and debate with herself on what to do about Adam But she doesn’t get to debate long Someone has broken into her cabin dressed all in black with a black mask intent on drugging and kidnapping her right from her tub Who should come to her rescue but Adam Adam refuses to tell her why he’s suddenly showed up why he couldn’t come to her aid when her father had disappeared when her friend Hank Jennings disappearedThen he begins to point out that her guests aren’t who they say they are Suddenly Sam is suspicious of every single one of them But one thing is clear; one or of her guests are after something a treasure under the sea that caused the disappearance of two men she cared about the possible murder of same friends Who can Sam trust?Oh where do I begin? I usually really enjoy Graham’s novels but I found this one fell almost flat compared to the others I’ve read First Too many characters and too many disconnections It was getting hard to remember which character was which Thoughts never completed And while you get the story of the treasure aboard the Beldona it’s not as exciting as you’re made to thinkI did like the tension between Sam and Adam You find out what happened in the past between them and why it fell apart and you get a greater picture of how naive Sam was and sort of still is And while there are a couple of action scenes well worth reading the rest of the story seems to fall flat like there’s no substance to it A couple of little twists are a bit of a surprise but seem to feel downplayed I really believe that if there had been less characters in play and substance to the story the book would have been much better

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