Home Before Daylight My Life on the Road with the Grateful

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Home Before Daylight My Life on the Road with the Grateful Dead The Long Strange TripThis book shows the murky side of a band I love I love the music but seeing the dark underbelly shows that no band can keep away from excess Good Easy ReadSteve gave good i sight into what it was like being in the crew He also offer glimpses as to the personalities of the band members with a lot of focus on Jerry The untold story of life on the road with the Grateful Dead written by an insider who lived it from the early days to todaySteve Parish was never one to walk the straight and narrow even during his childhood growing up in Flushing Meadow ueens Busted as a teenager for selling acid in the summer of 1968 Parish landed in Riker's Island The experience changed him and after getting out he did his best to stay out of trouble securing a job moving music euipment at the New York State Pavilion The first show he worked was a Grateful Dead concert in July of 1969 and Parish was captivated by the music A life seemingly headed nowhere had suddenly found its calling as he fell in uickly with a band of likeminded misfits who formed the nucleus of what would be the greatest road crew in rock 'n' roll historyParish traveled to California where his apprenticeship began Working for the band for free and learning his craft Parish got to know Jerry Bobby Phil Billy and Mickey and through the years their relationships forged an unbreakable bond He became very close with Garcia in particular acting as his personal roadie and later manager for his solo performances and Garcia Band shows He was there during times of trouble like when a pimp held Garcia hostage at gunpoint in a New York hotel room spending hours by his bedside when Garcia was in a coma in 1986 and performing the duties of best man at his wedding He was also the last friend to see Garcia alive Throughout the Dead's historic run there were parties of biblical proportion and celebrity run ins with everybody from Bob Dylan to Frank Sinatra but there was a dark side to life on the road and tragedy didn't just strike the musiciansBut Home Before Daylight is a story of friendship of music and redemption It is a piece of music history one that reflects the American spirit of adventure and brotherhood Seen through Steve Parish's eyes and experiences The Grateful Dead's wild ride has never been so revealing Beautifully writtenThe book was a wonderful insight into the life of working with the Grateful Dead I highly recommend this book of you are a fan of the music Really enjoyed the Parish detail on the scene the bands and Garcia Terribly sad portrayal of Garcia’s physical spiritual and musical descent into junkie hell and death SmoothGreat stories from someone who was actually there If you’re a fan of the big Steve hour on Grateful Dead radio then this book is for you Amazing He has an interesting world view but he should have dished WellRock Scully's book resonated to me Parish wrote with too much apologies I just wanted him to tell the story I read and re read this tome like Mormons do the Book and The Doctrine Steve does not give an F who you think you are He knows the secret We all the exact same Carried hisself as such too like a soldier like a lady like every gentleman ort Not cocky but self assured He knew he was just as important to the magic as Jerry Garcia Hell we all were Jerry didn't set out to create a rock star but magic art using light sound and us dance Steve just told the truth about it all First story I read with no punches all truth eidetic memory for all the good stuff Hard Same