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  • Hardcover
  • 623 pages
  • Edge of Crisis
  • Barbara H. Stein
  • English
  • 22 June 2015
  • 9780801890468

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  1. Doria Doria says:

    Long long long and meticulously researched economics tome on the period shortly before the peninsular war in Spain The last portion focused on the historical events leading up to the ejection of the Bourbons and the installation of a Bonaparte on the Spanish throne but what an interminable slog to get there

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Edge of Crisis This authoritative study of colonialism in the Spanish empire at the end of the eighteenth century examines how the Spanish metropole attempted to preserve the links to its richest colony in the western Atlantic New Spain Mexico in the face of international developments Continuing the approach in Silver Trade and War and Apogee of Empire Barbara and Stanley Stein detail Spain's ad hoc efforts to adjust metropolitan and colonial institutions structures and ideology to the pressures of increased competition in the Old and New worldsIn reviewing the attempts at reform the authors explore networks of individuals and groups some accepting and others rejecting the Spanish transatlantic trade system They provide accounts from both sides of the Atlantic to show how economic policy imperial goals and conseuent social divisions and factionalism in New Spain and Spain undermined the government's efforts at economic and political adjustments The Steins draw on a wide range of archival material in Mexico Spain and France to place the waning of the Spanish empire in an Atlantic perspective They also show how Spain came to the verge of collapse in a time of revolution and at the beginning of the transition from commercial to industrial capitalismComprehensive and carefully researched Edge of Crisis explains the broad array of factors that led up to the French invasion of Spain in early 1808