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Naked Eye Ugh Well First of all I REALLY hope that the FBI in real life is far strict with its recruits than depicted in Naked Eye and its predecessors As usual Gaia spends the entirety of the novel doing and experiencing the same exact things she's been doing since oh I dunno the first book of the Fearless series It doesn't seem to matter how many times she breaks the same rules she never seems to face any REAL conseuences well there is the one I suppose but that would be a serious spoiler Nobody else in the book except maybe for Kim seems to have any common sense and the major storyline that I'd been interested in came to a disappointing and plot holey conclusionNaked Eye only got two stars from me because I like the way it ended True everything was pretty much left up in the air but at least it looked like Gaia was headed in the right direction Noooooo This series really throws you for a loop and did a really good job developing the characters buut anybody who read the original series knows that poor Gaia has an extremely rough depressing life Death after death and people just abandoning her I love how this book showed Gaia does in fact have a strong side But seriously you couldn't' have ended her tragedies just for the end I was really hoping Gaia was gonna be cut a break and finally given her well earned happily ever after But instead you end it just as depressing as the others with her alone and her love once again DEAD Plus you just hint at her going home to NYC to rekindle old fires But all you do is hint and BAM end Just leaving us hanging The original series was by far AMAZING But to know I wasted my time reading all of them to come to this kind of ending Extremely dissapointed And because of that 3 stars Can't believe she ended this series so abruptly Hello I need me some Gaia Ed moments This is a girl Gaia who's born without the gene fear She strong and independent She gets into a lot of trouble because she's not scared of anything and doesn't take caution of the aftermath She goes into the FBI Basically she gets herself into a whole turmoil because she goes by her instint and she doesn't really listen or take orders from anyone else It's like a mystery book because her roommate friend goes missing and the FBI doesnt do anything about it so she goes AWOL to search for her It turns out that her friend is not who she thought she was Sad ending kinda which is the reason why it's not a five star rating Ums I like Francine Pascal's books because I've read her series Fearless which was Gaia's life when she was still in school The book I'm currenly writing about is afterwards later in hre life It was a book recommended to me by my other friend so I hope who ever's reading this might like it if they decide to pick up this book dont read it there is too much swaring in the first three paes Plus its the fourth book not the first This book and both of the series stomped on my heart But you just fall so in love with the heroine that you keep coming back Maybe this time nobody she cares about will die Maybe not Someone dies 80% of the time You need nerves of steel to read this and no matter what you will ugly cry It was Pretty good until the end which was so sad i couldn't stop crying The greatest weapon against a serial killer A girl with no fearAn agent’s work is never doneHot shot recruit Gaia Moore has just managed to close one case—and find her way back into the FBI’s good graces—when the Lollipop Murderer strikes again Every minute that passes with the killer on the loose puts innocent women in dangerGaia and Kim are closing in on the killer But when all leads point to the same suspect Gaia is thrown off balance—and into conflict with her partner Because Kim’s theories incriminate the one person she desperately wants to trust pretty good one not so clean part but otherwise not a bad book F PAS ffbi bk 4

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