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Blackmailed Bride Innocent Wife Hard hearted magnate Dario Parisi will reclaim his stolen birthright even if it means forcing the granddaughter of his family's sworn enemy to marry himAlissa Scott is certainly not the biddable wife Dario wanted yet he's consumed by red hot desire for his unwilling bride So when she tries to change the rules he demands she honor all her vows Finally he has exactly the kind of wife he wanted a virgin bride I decided to give this a try even though I am not a fan of this author and I am so glad I did What an amazing story I adored Dario and Alissa Dario was an alpha hero all the way ruthless and harsh but still vulnerable They don't make them like this any He was cruel with Alissa at first but I liked how hurt and insecure he felt when she left him and how he renounced the birthrightcastle he desired so much Alissa was a survivor She suffered so much abuse she did everything to save her sister's life and with her goodness and gentle spirit she changed Dario's life I really felt that these two were soul mates and destined to be together forever Dario and Alissa have both suffered in their lives Dario lost all the family he ever had and vowed to get back his family's property which was swindled away from his family His complete focus was on becoming a powerful rich man who no one crossed living up to the Parisi name Alissa strived to be dependent to no man and to see that her younger sister was happy and well These personal vows lead them to be absolutely driven in their lives Their paths intersect through Alissa's grandfather who wrote in his will that the only way that Dario could get back his property was by marrying Alissa After years under the cruel yoke of her strict abusive Sicilian grandfather the last thing Alissa wanted was to marry another controlling Sicilian Dario sees Alissa as poison a drug abusing party girl who has suandered her inheritance and is standing in the way of his lifetime goal of getting his family's castle back So he has no problem being ruthless to get her right where he wants her He fouls up her chances of having a platonic marriage with her friend to meet the ualifications of her grandfather's will six months living as a man's wife and she inherits the castle which she can sell to get money to pay for treatment for her younger sister's life threatening illness When she goes to the courthouse to meet her friend she finds he has stood her up and Dario is there to take his place At this point she has no further options but to agree to the marriage even though they clearly hate and have no respect for each other The six months of living together promises to be miserable But there is a powerful attraction between the enemies turned spouses Dario believes the absolute worst about Alissa yet he still wants her badly Alissa counts herself as a fool to be attracted to the ruthless powerful man she married However passion doesn't listen to logic This was a very good story It was intense and angsty perhaps a little too angsty when I read it I wanted to see tender moments between Dario and Alissa It seemed like that didn't start until the book was halfway over We slowly see the walls come down between this couple and they both fight it fiercely I enjoyed this story and I did feel the chemistry between Dario and Alissa I would have liked it if there was a uicker development of their love relationship and a little less antagonism But if a reader wants a story where the couple really is enemies for most of the book this would be a good book to read As always Miss West has delivered an enthralling story full of passion So enthralling that I ended up sleep depriving myself the night before last to keep reading it I was happy to see these two lonely sad heartsore people find their happy end together Re read April 19 2019 Rating stays the same I enjoyed all the misunderstandings and angstAh a lovely old school vibe really made this an enjoyable read The Sicilian H forces the h to marry him after running off the gay friend she was going to marry in order to fulfill the terms of her abusive grandfather's will The H wants the castle in Sicily she will inherit it was his family's for generations until the grandfather stole it and she wants cash for her sister's liver treatment They agree to stay married for six months H thinks the h is a party girl with a drug conviction She took the fall for her sister Heroine thinks the hero is abusive like her grandfather They marry go to Sicily from Australia heroine befriends the servants and hero starts changing his mind about her He rescues her when she gets caught out in a kayak during a storm triggering his own memories of his tragic past view spoiler When the sister's medical needs are critical the h asks for the cash before the six months deadline He thinks the sister is trying to buy a farm for her husband the heroine thinks he knows this is life and death Hero offers the cash if she'll have sex with himHeroine says yes a good time is had by all until the next morning when the heroine asks the hero to call the bank Hero is angry and they have a cold war for awhile Until heroine asks about a man he supposedly ruined He tells her his family backstory which is actually compelling he was the only survivor from their family when the ferry sank and he ended up in an orphanage Heroine also opens up about her sister's medical needs Hero is full of guilt because of the way her forced her into sex When he tells the heroine he wants to stay married she doesn't think he loves her She leaves and comes back HEA hide spoiler Several tried and true tropes done well A stipulation in the will of Alissa's evil Sicilian grandfather means she will not inherit his estate in Sicily unless she married within a certain amount of time and remain married for six months The twist is she doesn't care about the estate After her grandfather's abuse she has no intention of putting herself under the power of a man Then her sister gets sick and needs money for treatment and Alissa will do anything to save her younger sis She has no choice but to wed Dario Pariso a ruthless arrogant tycoon whose family once owned the Sicilian estate she is to inherit and despises her family because granddad swindled the estate from them and had refused to sellThere are misunderstandings galore on Dario's side He believes Alissa is a gold digger a former drug addict and promiscuous Typically he's a real asshat However he's attracted to her despite these facts and decides the marriage in name only isn't going to work for him Alissa however wants to stick to the original plan 6 months of platonic marriage and then a divorce in which she will sell the unwanted estate to Dario and fund her sister's medical careDario ends up blackmailing Alissa into bed by denying her an advance on the divorce settlement She needs that money for her sister who cannot wait 6 months so she has to go along Dario is horrified at himself when he realizes Alissa was a virgin and learns the true reason behind her need of funds The rest is a nice look at two people getting to really know one another put aside their misconceptions and fall in love Of course there are insecurities and misunderstandings on both sides about the permanency of the marriage I read ALL my friend's reviews and then I read the following review i compare the reviews they are saying the EXACT same thing but I believe Alicia's analysis So this is going to be on avoid pile I really do love my sanity than anything else I really enjoyed reading this bookAnnie West is one of my favorite HP authors because she genuinely writes some spectacular female heroines Heroines who are ready and capable of taking on the world and their men This story is another forced marriage plot Yet the author makes it fresh exciting with unexpected twists and turns I also like that she leads you through their dance of getting to know each other and peels away the misconceptions Each page they draw one step closer to falling in love with one another I found myself cheering them on Though Dario is horribly macho and somewhat brutal in the beginning he truly evolves into a wonderful knight in shining armor Intense emotions fiery passions and ardent chemistry;virgin heroine dark alpha herothis one's surely a favouriteDario vowed to get back what was his even if that meant marrying his enemyHis family died because of the Mangano family and ever since revenge and hate was in his bloodAlissa vowed never to marry the man whom she thought was as controlling as her grandfatherAlissa's grandfather abused both her and her younger sister Donna; and ever since Alissa never expressed her feelings because she knew her grandfather revelled in seeing her in pain while Donna rebelled and became wild until her sister took all the blame for her casual lifestyle that meant including drugs; but conseuences followed and Donna fell very ill if not treated it could well be fatalAlissa again came to her rescue and was about to marry someone for the money which she would get when she would inherit the castle which originally belonged to Dario until Dario interruptsBut Alissa will do anything to save her sister even if it means marrying Dario the man she hatesKnowing her life will be hell her only option remaining is to stay married to Dario for six months nevertheless she agreesCan foe turn lover?Can sworn enemies put aside hatred and embrace reality?How can one be fuming with rage and yet lust for the same person they are mad at?Only these pages can tellEnjoyed this one but it really missed an epilogue The hero is a real oinker until Chapter 10 maybe 11 The typical cruel OTT monologuing about what worthless gold digging slut blah blah the h is I would consign it to the outer rims of Harleuin hell with a negative billion but for one thing When Signore Fathead wakes to the fact he’s married to Sister Teresa instead of Chesty La Rue he goes into one of the best hero declines everDario thinks Alissa is an insert vile adjective to describe a bad girl She’s a druggie she’s promiscuous she’s so spiteful she won’t marry a complete stranger because she wants to keep him from ye olde Sicilian castello that she never knew anything about When he finds out that she’s a virgin for starters his little ball of wax starts to meltThe hits keep coming when he finds out that he blackmailed this VIRGIN into having sex when all she wants to do is save her little sister from the un named life threatening disease that can only be cured in the States Then he finds out that her grandfather abused her then heIt’s ugly and awesome as the H feels shame remorse lust shame He gets pale loses weight gets uiet and works nineteen to twenty hour days Works nineteen to twenty hour days I love itThe h is in a lust filled cloud over the H and wants to stay He wants her too but in his H Sicilian tycoon stupidity he first asks her to stay because it’s logical to make it permanent then he throws out how the passion is out of this world next up in his roto are the luxuries and lifestyle he can offer then all cute little mini tycoons she can hold and cuddle All she wants to hear are those three little words Forget the pre nup No I kid She wants fathead to say I LOVE YOU He ends his less than romantic proposal with a seduction attempt then pouts Of course this is the same tycoon that didn’t hire the right PI to vet all the nuances of the h and her sister HP PI’s are THE worstThey finally both get a clue and HEAThere is than a hint of a Lynne Graham hero about Dario Like he said he’s a cruel and vile but when he turns it around it’s a 100%PSI’ve read this twice and ranted both times I liked this one the whole There was plenty of hard headed hero asshatery Plenty of the heroine keeping secrets A nice blackmailed into marriage plot Oh if only those old men wouldn't feud about possession of an old castlevineyardislandwhatever so that the young 'uns didn't have to marry up to get them back in the right familyThis might have been a 4 star read but I felt the misunderstandings a the end were a little too contrivedI am liking Annie West She seems the closest to the vintage harley writers of this new crop The story is allowed time to develop instead of hinging on only a few very log scenes

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