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Bad Kitty From the creator of The New York Times bestseller Boing comes the riotous story of a cat gone berserk  four times over an in alphabetical order each time Kitty is not happy when she's told that her favorite foods are all gone and all that's left are Asparagus Beets Cauliflower Dilland 22 other eually unappealing vegetables So she Ate my homework Bit grandma Clawed the curtains Damaged the dishes and so on through Z Only when tastier things arrive An Assortment of Anchovies Buffalo Burritos Chicken Cheesecake does she Apologize to GrandmaNow Roaring Brook is proud to introduce a new edition so deliciously funny someone's already taken a bite out of it With two die cut ñbitesî on its side special endpapers and a brand new piece of artwork within this eye catching novelty edition of a proven best seller is sure to be devoured This was a fun story if a bit long IMO The copy I checked out from the library came complete with the kitty bite marks out of the cover fun I think this is a very creative ABC book but the antics seemed to go on a bit too long since we go through the alphabet three times four if you count what is inside the cover Still I can see some children will really delight in all the kitty's antics when it doesn't get its way; and then how cute it can be when it is happy When the food is not to Kitty's liking she becomes a very very bad bad BAD kitty From A Z sorting we learn of the foods Kitty doesn't like and the bad behaviors she performs When the narrator comes back from grocery shopping Kitty changes to a very very good good good kitty From A Z sorting we learn the foods Kitty likes and the good behaviors she performs This delightful book has imaginative pictures and alphabetical texts It was a fun read This picture book follows an exceptionally bad kitty that proceeds to punish its family for not coddling it as they should Basically this is a picture book for kids which sounds obvious but usually isn't I often pick up books for my kids because they appeal to me they're uaint beautiful or have a great message As an adult I found the illustrations in this one garish the cat ugly the text way too long and the meaning pretty much absent My kids love itThey find it hilarious and read it again and again so this guy gets five stars And hey the fugly cat is starting to grow on me When her family runs out of cat food and attempts to feed her healthy vegetables instead a good kitty goes bad Very very bad An A Z list of veggies is followed by an A Z list of bad behaviors the kitty gets up to until someone finally arrives with the proper food for our feline heroine Now determined to reform kitty engages in an A Z list of good behaviors until another turn of events the introduction of a new puppy companion leads to another possible change of heartAs a girl I simply loved Jack Gantos's Rotten Ralph books about one very badly behaved feline who was constantly up to no good so Nick Bruel's Bad Kitty felt like familiar territory to me I enjoyed this story of one kitty's vacillation between good and bad behavior and think it will make for a uniuely entertaining alphabet book The artwork is a little cartoon like in style than I care for it felt a little flat to me to be honest but it works well with the story Recommended to all young cat lovers and to anyone looking for alphabet books with a story attached to them Nick Bruel knows cats His illustrations of the cat are so fun as good kitty turns to bad kitty and back to good kitty as a result of not having food Along the way we get 4 turns through the alphabet Healthy food that kitty doesn't want to eat Dill Garlic Horseradish etc bad kitty deeds as a result of being hungry Bit grandma Clawed the curtains Devoured my new book etc foods kitty gets excited about Elephant Eggs Fried Flies Goose Goulash etc and good kitty deeds now that he's been fed Repaired the curtains Saved the day Tied my shoes etc This is one of 15 Bad Kitty books recommended for kids of all ages This was such an adorable read The A to Z format of the book would definitely capture the attention of young readers and Bad Kitty is such a funny character She reminds me so much of my bad kitty I truly enjoyed reading it My cat would and has torture me for running out of his favorite foods and only having the A Z nasty things to eat The difference is my cat wouldn't do the A Zs of apologizing for his bad behavior He'd figure I had gotten what I deserved This bad kitty does everything in the alphabet than once I laughed out loud It's irreverant and would be truly appreciated by any child who ever had to face life in a house with a maniacly moody cat If you have kitties instead of kids you will love this book even if you need to give it to some kid or family you know just to keep up appearances Bad Kitty as the name suggest is not just a bad kitty but a very bad bad bad kitty She has all the ideas in her mind when and how to turn from good to badBasicallythis has turn into THIS The thing I don't understand about the cats is that I can't really tell by looking at them if they are planning a murder or just want to have milk It can be because I haven't owned a cat yet The cats who roam in my home don't tell anything I guess I'm in their top enemy list because I always shoo cats off whenever I see one They might be planning against me who knows?Archit This is the book I want Sam Max and Gaia to read to usThank You for recommending such an amazing book to meI want to review it again after we read it together once D Oh come now what kitty is ever really bad? They're too cute to stay mad at for long anyway

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