The Fundamental Techniues of Classic Pastry Arts eBook

The Fundamental Techniues of Classic Pastry Arts An indispensable addition to any serious home baker’s library The Fundamental Techniues of Classic Pastry Arts covers the many skills an aspiring pastry chef must master Based on the internationally lauded curriculum developed by master pâtissier Jacues Torres for New York’s French Culinary Institute the book presents chapters on every classic category of confection tarts cream puffs puff pastry creams and custards breads and pastries cakes and petits fours Each chapter begins with an overview of the reuired techniues followed by dozens of recipes—many the original creations of distinguished FCI graduates Each recipe even includes a checklist to help you evaluate your success as measured against professional standards of perfection Distilling ten years of trial and error in teaching students The Fundamental Techniues of Classic Pastry Arts is a comprehensive reference with hundreds of color photographs a wealth of insider tips and highly detailed information on tools and ingredients—uite simply the most valuable baking book you can own This book was so disappointing There were many typos and the few recipes that I actually tried were mediocre at best I love the concept of putting myself through pastry school with a classic textbook but this isn't the one Beautiful huge book chock full of info Why only four stars? Because it has nothing new in it if you have Bo Friberg's books you don't need this And I couldn't find any info on souffles which also lowered my rating Like all of the books by the French Culinary Institute the introduction to pastry arts is beautifully designed It outlines the theory and practice of each techniue which is then followed by a collection of recipes showing how the techniues are used A must have for any serious baker

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