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Eye Candy Americas Next Top Model #2 Friendship Competition Romance Drama Fame anything is possibleThe five girls from Book One are back and this time there are boys involved The competition heats up and so do the crushes On top of that secrets are revealed including the fact that one of the competitors has already been kicked out of three different schools If she can't make it this time there won't be another chance but will her efforts to save the world get in the way Or can this free spirit settle down and do what needs to be done

10 thoughts on “Eye Candy Americas Next Top Model #2

  1. Sruthi Sruthi says:

    This book was really good Just like the first book

  2. Miste Miste says:

    From the middle school reading list where I work Seriously?? I guess it has it's girl appeal but it about made me want to gag I know the author was trying to make the girls real than actual contestants probably are but it was so stereotypical Since the author states herself that she hasn't missed an episode of America's Next Top Model that should tell you something right there about the caliber of this book Not great literature or storytelling by any stretch of the imagination

  3. Delaney Dowsley(dmd5) Delaney Dowsley(dmd5) says:

    The book is amazing and is a recommended teens book This book was all about drama I want to read the whole series and The five girls are amazing and mind blowing The setting was easy to understand it feels like you're actually there I hope the people that didn't read it will because it's something that will not leave your hands It took place in New York and the characters really took advantage of the city instead of staying in their apartments It was again glamorous and fashionable

  4. Yolanda Munoz Yolanda Munoz says:

    This book was really fun to read At first it was a bit confusing but then I got the hang of it When I chose this book it was pretty much based on the cover but then I started reading It was very cool reading about how it is in the modeling industry The way the characters Alexis Chloe Shiva Rose and Lindsy got along was very amusing If you are in the mood of reading a book of competition fame and various types of relationships this is the book for you As for Taryn Bell the author she is great and so are all the other books in her America's Next Top Model book series

  5. Asfa Asfa says:

    Taryn Bell's books would fall under my 'mealtime' books Usually light hearted light reads and usually of the chick lit calibre Her books and writing are fun Of course if you're looking for deep thought provoking books this isn't one But sometimes a girl reader needs a break and this is the book i'd pick I liked it it's entertaining No book that is written is without intelligence The Top Model series probably touched vaguely lightly and subtly about honor and friendship

  6. Alyssa-Lei Alyssa-Lei says:

    My opinion about this book it that its a good book and very interesting The book is about these five women who go to a top modeling prep in New York city But its not only about modeling its about like boy drama who sleeps with who and all that kind of stuff Well I would recommend this book for girls or young adult who like wearing make up or want to be a model when they grow up

  7. Lilianna Lilianna says:

    This book was full of fun i loved it

  8. M. M. says:

    It was a good read

  9. Rachael Rachael says:

    Roommates Alexis Lindsay Chloe and Shiva Rose have survived the first challenge at Top Model Prep without elimination but ten other model hopefuls were not so lucky There is little room for celebration among all the drama and the next challenge approaching Lindsay knows she’ll do well in the next challenge but for some reason she’s lost part of her backstabbing attitude; plus that gorgeous and off limits boy is throwing her a bit off balance Alexis isn’t too worried about this challenge either but the fact that her discreet nighttime activities are catching up to her is cause to fret Chloe looks good doing anything but a new love interest—who isn’t her boyfriend—may be too large of a distraction Shiva Rose is the only of the four freaking out for the next challenge and when offered inside help she doesn’t know whether to accept it or stick to her morals The competition is tougher than ever Do these girls have what it takes to make it to the next level?Eye Candy picks up almost immediately after where its preuel Face Value leaves off and the plot continues to be as drama filled as ever The America’s Next Top Model series was still a slightly education experience for me because Eye Candy focuses on commercial advertisement instead of just the runway or still shots I like how Bell switches things up here because the story might’ve seemed boring and repetitive otherwise Once again the story gets a little awkward when it comes to the characters Lindsay’s complete change of heart regarding the nasty treatment of all her rivals was completely unrealistic since there seemed to be no cause for it The revelation of the nature of Alexis’ relationship with her juvie incarcerated brother was confusing and not elaborated on Shiva Rose’s character was just poorly developed The only of the four girls that made sense as a person was Chloe who is believable and even experiences growth in this novel By the conclusion of Eye Candy it’s become apparent that Bell’s writing though generally sufficient is nothing grand I only hope there will be some improvement for this series’ next two installments Skin Deep and Strike a Pose Fashion conscious girls may be interested in the America’s Next Top Model series particularly those who enjoyed Violet on the Runway by Melissa Walker The Elite series by Jennifer Banash and The A List series by Zoey Deanreposted from

  10. Alonna Alonna says:

    I thought that this book was overall interesting There was always a problem happening in room 14C and it all connects to something else going on with the girls Like Alexis With her stealing problems just as she is advised to get help about it and has decided to stop her brother threatens her to steal for him again Or Lindsay Who lost her job in the acting industry and is determined to make her way back to the top no matter how sneaky and deceitful she has to be in order to win But when the ultimate test of whether she really will do anything to eliminate competition is thrown at her she has to decide whether to do the right thing or the wrong thing Chloe who misses her boyfriend back at home When he visits she realizes that he's not acting how he used to and uestions if he's the same guy she fell in love with Shiva Rose Starts dating one of the photographers he breaks one of the rules just to get her what she wants Will she go through with it or realize its wrong and do something about it Youll Just have to find out

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