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Trust Me She touches your fingerprints She knows your thoughtsIt was Anthony who helped me understand what I can do—who showed me that I wasn’t crazyI was only trying to thank him to help him find what he’s been searching for his entire life But he thinks I’ve betrayed himHe doesn’t understand that the answers I found aren’t what either one of us expected—and the truth could hurt me as much as it hurts him

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  1. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Source I own a copy of this bookRae decides to try and find out about Anthony’s father and her own motherThis was another okay YA mystery story but I’m starting to get boredRae once again did odd and dangerous stuff in this book with little thought for her own safety and Anthony also made some seriously dubious choices and decisions I thought that he actually had learned and was sensible than he was in this bookThe storyline in this was pretty unbelievable in places Can a sports coach seriously arrange a scholarship with a click of his fingers to get a dyslexic student who happens to be good at football into a posh school? Can a doctor divulge confidential information just because someone asks for it? Is visiting a prison to try and get inside information on a murderer ever a good idea? Is becoming a burglar ever a good idea? I mean what is going on? Where is the realism?The ending to this was again a bit of a cliff hanger and I have to say that I’m getting a bit annoyed with some of the stupid decisions made in these books as well as the unrealistic eventsOverall; okay story but lacking realism6 out of 10

  2. Abbie Abbie says:

    Trust Me was an okay read but it wasn't as good as the second installment HauntedUnfortunately Rae went back to being really stupid She done something that put her in danger that was also done behind someones back view spoiler Then she couldn't understand WHY he was angry hide spoiler

  3. Brandi ;) Brandi ;) says:

    These books are starting to get better There will be spoilers in this review can't help it so stop now or forever hold your peace you've been warned I like Yana I so hope she is not one of the wacko that's after Rae Can't help but feel she is Rae never touches anything of Yana's wo her Mush on so we never hear any of Yana's thoughts This isn't much to base a theory on I know but it makes me suspisious of her Maybe this is what the author wants me to think I hope so cause like I said I like Yana and I'd hate to see her be the bad guyFinally we are given a little of the story about Rae's mom Just enough to keep me curious and wanting The robbery scene was stupid It didn't need to be in the book I found it ridiculous and well stupid Really Rae you've known this guy for hardly any time at all and you are gonna risk your life by going to a house he is burglarizing with other males you don't know? Really? Sure Anthony is a nice guy but what about the other ones? They are robbing houses StupidAnthony is going to the Prep school I see a love triangle coming Marcus is a toad but of course Rae is gonna go back and forth That's the fun of the triangle Well on to the next book I want to know about mom Really could care less about who wants to kill Rae at this point Maybe that will get interesting too as the books progress but as for now when I read one of the 'evil thoughts' toward Rae I just roll the eyes and trudge on looking for about mom

  4. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    This series just gets better and better The momentum from book one through book three is phenomenal just as one mystery is solved another rears it ugly head The writing is sublime and Melinda Metz knows just how to balance out the suspense with doses of everyday lifeThis book focuses on Rae's search for Anthony's father which brings about shocking results for both Rae and Anthony After learning that his father is in prison for a horrific crime Anthony resigns himself to the same fate giving up on all of the positive elements of life and plunging into reckless behavior Rae is also on a mission to learn about her mother and uncovers a number of clues which have her scrambling to pull together the loose ends This installment is emotionally charged as Anthony feels betrayed by Rae who has taken on the mission of finding his father without his consentThe mystery stalker has begun sending clues in the form of photos ashes and one very creepy phone call but we don't seem any closer to learning who she is Marcus Rae's ex boyfriend seems intent on winning her back and Anthony is still battling his growing feelings toward Rae Basically there's a ton of stuff happening in this book but it never feels weighed down or incomplete This is by far one of the best series I've ever read Moving on now to book four

  5. Marsha Marsha says:

    Trust Me is the third book in the Fingerprints series and it reveals so much about the parents of both Rae and Anthony Rae and Anthony are getting closer; so much so that both are always trying to find ways to help the other This time Anthony wants to repay Rae for getting him a try out on her school's football team as well as for assisting him with his reading problem Rae wants to repay Anthony for protecting her and for helping her get over her phobia of swimming This is when things go terribly wrong and they find that they must keep things secret from each other They also have so many insecurities that they must overcome In the end the tragic knowledge they uncover forces them to realize that they have in common than they have different I am truly enjoying this series However my sole complaint at this point is that I cannot get books 4 7th with an e reader I am a reading teacher and I bought the first three books so that my students could read them Just when the series is taking off they will not be able to continue reading it I'm going to write the author and the publisher to see what can be done

  6. Kelly Kelly says:

    I picked up this series secondhand and had a burst of reading through this seriesA great little paranormal mystery for YA's Rae's ability to hear things through touch has screwed up her life making her an outcast in school She finally agrees to attend a support group and things start to look up a little and then someone tries to kill herReally glad I had the others in the series to read after this as this was a uick fix for me Great suspense and action though and not too whiny a character

  7. Fairy Tale Junkie Fairy Tale Junkie says:

    This series has been keeping me late night after nightI seem to cant get enough of itIn this book we discover about Rae's mom and the person who's been wanting to kill RaeAlso some minor misunderstanding between Rae and Anthony due to their insecurities and non communication of their inner thoughtsThe slow build up in their relationship and the suspenseful reveal of information after information is making this series one of my favorites

  8. Denman G. Denman G. says:

    Characters are wearing even thinner and the plot has become too transparent to hold my interest much longer The writing is still catchy though and this series is good step above a lot of the romancemystery YA offerings out there eg babysitter's club nancy drew etc In my opinion authors such as Diane Duane and Garth Nix are worth the time and money

  9. Sarah Crawford Sarah Crawford says:

    Rae is the girl who can read fingerprints Anthony a friend has dyslexia He's great at football but is afraid to change schools and switch to a new team since he'd have to do some academic tests and he's sure he'd fail themSomeone is messing with Rae's mind though and leaves a strange violent photo in her locker She's also worried she's becoming ill like her mother

  10. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    I seriously love this series Even rereading it for possibly the 4th or 5th time It’s just so interesting and constantly throws new stuff at you keeping things interesting

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