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A Time to Die A Time to Die is the first book in the Protectors series that I have read but it definitely won't be the last I enjoyed this romantic suspense novel by Beverly Barton at least as much as I did her Cherokee Pointe trilogy This novel had a likeable sensitive heroine and a protective hero who was tortured by the knowledge of what his actions cost the heroine years ago I enjoyed the storyline and the book had great secondary characters as wellTen years ago Deke Bronson was a member of a bi government task force sent to assassinate a dangerous dictator The assassination takes place but innocents are caught in the crossfire When Deke realizes that he has most probably shot an American female reporter he defies his orders rescues her and sees her to safety Not able to escape his guilt he keeps tabs on her without her knowledge for the next five years When she recovers as much as possible and moves on with her life Deke stops following her life but can't get past the guilt Deke has settled into life as a bodyguardinvestigator for the Dundee Agency and he is stunned when his newest assignment turns out to be Lexie Murrough the reporter he inadvertently shot Deke decides that this could be his chance to redeem himself so he resolves to keep Lexie safe Lexie's life underwent dramatic change when she was shot ten years ago After she recovered from partial paralysis she began running a charitable organization mostly funded by a wealthy young woman Lexie has vague memories of being rescued by a grey eyed soldier and she has yearned for him ever since Lexie is shocked and dismayed when a bomb goes off in her office and then is even stunned to discover that the perpetrator is directing his violence at those close to her He begins to call and send Lexie messages letting her know that he harbors a deep hatred for her As bodies pile up and incidents continue to occur it is all Deke can do to keep Lexie safe Deke and Lexie are strongly attracted to one another but Deke refuses to act on their feelings As Lexie's tender feelings toward Deke continue to grow she is saddened that he doesn't seem to feel the same for her Deke cares deeply for Lexie and feels that it would be the ultimate betrayal for the man who shot her to become her lover Deke must not only keep Lexie safe and find the person who is after her but he must also decide if he will take the risk of telling her that he was the man who shot herThis was a very fast paced and interesting book The story behind the antagonist was not one that is common in romantic suspense novels I thought that the hero's devotion to the heroine was very touching and I enjoyed reading about their deepening feelings for one another I will be looking for books in the Protectors series A great plot turned into a good story then drowned in lusting female sexual hormones My first ever BB and I liked it I know it was dated but that's what you get when you read older books I had it all figured out with the who dunnit and then changed my mindagain and again Reading as many mysteries has I have this one still had me changing my mind a few times until the near end Shoddily written with perhaps the most egregious error being There was only one word to describeutter chaos That's too Repetitive writing poorly drawn characters amd harleuin romance worthy sex scenes I remember finding Beverley Barton’s books so romantic when I was younger but now they just seem overly syrupy to me now and very unbelievable Not to mention the fact that you are somehow supposed to like the main love interest even after he twice says that “he has accidentally shot innocent bystanders before but never an American” I’m sorry what the hell? Americans are somehow a bigger deal than all the other innocent people he has shot or killed? Yuck no thanks I sort of liked this book and read it through to the end to see what would happen The book was published by Harleuin so that in itself gave me a hint of what to expect But it is not normally my kind of thingI liked the concept of a former Black Ops Commando who was now a security officer protecting the life of a non profit organization executive whom he shot and crippled ten years earlier during a covert operation then later saved her from death Ten years later a terrorist with ties to the African nation where the shooting took place is out to scare her and then kill her It might sound confusing but that was the thrust of itThe guilt felt by Deke the ex commando over what he did to Lexie the executive was evident but his long buried feelings for her erupted later when he was unknowingly assigned to keep her safe She fell in love with him almost immediately but could not shake the feeling she knew He fell for her too and when he finally confessed his deed of the past she was crushed at first but still deeply in love Okay I never read Harleuins so maybe this is par for the courseThe book was full of sexual tension that seemed to go no where until about 50 pages shy of the end of the book Of course the steamy scenes are not my main interest when I read I often choose books in which some past incident or clue leads to a modern day story like this one didI think the terrorist was shown to the reader very early in the book as he plotted his next moves His name wasn't clear to me until the end but I sort of figured it outThe writing in this book seemed repetitive often There were a number of other secondary characters whose romantic desires played out during the course of the book There was a kind of unreuited love in one instance The relationships of these secondary characters interested me as much as the main couple The finale seemed like it happened too uickly It was almost a disappointment having read the first 25 chapters only to have everything wrapped in a few pages of Chapter 26There were some Goodreads reviews that panned this book and said Beverly Barton wrote many better books I do not plan to go looking for any of her other books but if one falls into my lap as this one did I might check it out Not bad not as good as the back page suggests though More of a love story than a thriller it’s the first in its protector series I have read I wouldn’t go out specially to buy Only read to the end because I always do A Time to Die While covering a big story in Africa journalist Lexie Murrough is caught in the crossfire between local soldiers and undercover British and American agents and is left paralysed Ten years later Lexie has worked hard to bring herself back from the brink But everything changes when she becomes the target of a psychopathic terrorist Full description A Time To DieGreat book Love her writing style Mixes legal drama with romance This is her first book that I have read I intend to read all of her books romance mystery blah

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