Great Books for Girls More Than 600 Books to Inspire

Great Books for Girls More Than 600 Books to Inspire Today's Girls and Tomorrow's Women The first reference of its kind Great Books for Girls is an invaluable list of than six hundred titles picture books novels mysteries biographies folktales sports books and that will encourage challenge and ultimately nurture in girls the strong ualities our culture so often suppresses  Kathleen Odean a librarian and former member of the prestigious Caldecott and Newbery Award committees has gathered and annotated a list of books starring bold confident heroines for children from toddlers to age fourteen  Here are old favorites such as Eloise Harriet the Spy Mrs  Basil E Frankweiler and Ramona the Pest; new inspirations such as Cinder Edna Sheila Rae the Brave Herculeah Jones and Princess Smartypants; and real life admirable women such as Eleanor of Auitaine Jane Goodall Toni Morrison Eleanor Roosevelt and Helen KellerIn these books girls and women are creative capable articulate and intelligent solving problems facing challenges resolving conflicts and going on uests  They are not sidekicks or tokens waiting to be rescued; they are doing the rescuing  Nor are they waiting for a male to provide a happy ending; they are fashioning their own stories and their own endings  Packed with expert guidanceGreat Books for Girls is an essential volume that will give girls of all ages the power of hope

  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Great Books for Girls More Than 600 Books to Inspire Today's Girls and Tomorrow's Women
  • Kathleen Odean
  • English
  • 20 May 2014
  • 9780345450210

10 thoughts on “Great Books for Girls More Than 600 Books to Inspire Today's Girls and Tomorrow's Women

  1. Kristin Kristin says:

    With both of Odean's books some recommendations she made were great and some baffling because there really wasn't anything to the story But I got less out of her book for girls and honestly got irritated because it's clear she is picking books that make or can be construed to make a statement rather than picking the best books for their writing and story uality

  2. Meagan Moremen Meagan Moremen says:

    Odean K 2002 Great Books for Girls New York Ballentine Books Citation created by Meagan MoremenCall Number REF 0281624Description This book has over 600 book descriptions recommended for girls between the ages of 3 14Contentscope This book is to be used as a guide for selecting books for girls between the ages of 3 14 Each entry contains the bibliographic information as well as a short description of the book The book is divided into 6 chapters organizing the books by recommended ages The criteria for books to be considered for this handbook are that the main character was a strong and brave female Some books portray the female character overcoming adversity AccuracyAuthority The author is currently a children’s librarian She has chaired and participated in many book award committees She has written several other books on the subject including a companion to this book for boys This book is in its 2nd edition ArrangementPresentation The book is divided into 6 chapters organizing the books by recommended ages The table of contents organizes books by genres or subject matter The book also includes 3 indexes to narrow searches as well as a resource section for parentsRelation to Similar Works Great Books for Boys by the same author TimelinessPermanence This book was originally published in 1996 but has been updated and a 2nd edition was printed in 2002 Though 10 years old now this book is still relevant because these books are still in print however a new edition is needed to include newly published books Cost 1495Rationale for Selection I selected this book because it’s a helpful resource for parents and teachers to make sure that their students are reading uality books This book can also be used to help reluctant readers select a book that would interest them specifically As a teacher this book would be very helpful in selecting books for guided reading groups Professional Review Reviewed by Booklist on March 1 1997 Viewed on Booklist Online on April 27 2012 at

  3. Erin Erin says:

    I'm always impressed by all of the books on children's library shelves until I start reading whatever selections I has made I feel like she's picked ever flashy celebrity book on the market did you know Treat Williams wrote books? Reading over the synopsis of these books however I feel like I have uite a few titles spread over many different reading levels that would be great reads to bring home

  4. Jodie Jodie says:

    This book is a good resource for anyone who cares about girls

  5. Coreycw Coreycw says:

    This is of a skimming book as it has tons of descriptions of books I put them all on a list at my library to check out one by one for Kenna

  6. Brent Brent says:

    Any updates or updated sites or references other parents or readers can recommend for reading between Fifth and Sixth Grade?

  7. Diana Diana says:

    I find the list of over 600 books to bring inspiration and hope to all young girls Middle graders will read about brave young women who rescue face challenges go on uests and resolve conflicts I will benefit greatly from this well organized resource tool for my granddaughter's love of books I especially love the ideas and tips mentioned in the section Empowering Your Daughter What a wonderful book

  8. Kari Kari says:

    Gak While I did get a few books to put on my to read list the premise of this book is very progressive feminist anti traditional values and I don't like that Very many books in here I won't be reading and could never think others should read either

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